How To Make a Basic Rainbow Loom Bracelet

How To Make a Basic Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Hey everyone, Rubber
Band Designs here. This is the first video
in a nine-part series of basic bracelets. And today, I’m going to show
you the most basic rubber band bracelet you can make. And we are going to get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] What you’re going to need
to make the basic bracelet is one loom, one hook,
and 25 rubber bands of whatever colors
that you want to use. Every time you get
started, you want to make sure that the
arrow is pointing up, and then we will start. First, you want to
take your first color and put it down in the
very bottom middle, and wrap it to the right. And then take your next
one, start on the peg that you just left off on
with your first rubber band and loop it to the
one in the middle. We are only going to be using
the right and the middle pegs. We will not be touching
the left row of pegs. And what you’ll be doing is
just continuing your pattern back and forth on the
right middle pegs. So here are my first four. And I’m going to continue
this pattern all the way down. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now that you are finished
putting all your rubber bands all the way up, we are
going to turn our loom around. One tip I want to share
though before we start weaving is, as you put your
rubber bands on, you want to go ahead and
try to push them down as far as you can on the pegs. That way when we
start weaving, it’ll be a little bit easier to
grab your rubber bands. Now with the arrows
pointing down towards you, you can barely see them,
because they’re clear right now. But you have your loom
turned the opposite way. We are going to start
on our second rubber band, which is my
pink one right here. I’m going to go inside
of my green rubber band. I don’t want to
grab the green one. I only want to
grab the pink one. We’re going to take the pink
one off of this peg right here, and we’re going to put it on
the peg that it’s attached to. And then now, we’re
going to dig in here and get our purple
rubber band that is next, and take it off of that peg and
onto the peg that it came from. And then so forth with
the blue one now, and then with the green. We’re going to do this all the
way down to the whole loom. [MUSIC PLAYING] Once you use your
last rubber band, we are going to get our
c-clip that you also need and attach it onto that
very last rubber band. And then you can go ahead
and start pulling it off. Make sure your c-clip club
is secure on your last rubber band. Tack it in a little bit more. And then go ahead and start
pulling off the rubber bands. It’s a little bit easier,
if you can go back and forth in your motion to get it off. And then last but
not least, just go ahead and hook up your
other loops in your c-clip. And there you have
it. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you made this bracelet,
I would love to see it. So please tag us on
Instagram at #banddesigns. This is the first video
in a nine-part series of Basic Rubber Band Designs. Click to go to video number
two with a basic bracelet with beads, where
I’ll show you how to make the same bracelet
with a little added touch. Also, make sure to subscribe
for new Rubber Band Design video every Friday. And we will see you next week.


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