How To Make A Bead Mosaic Heart Pendant: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

How To Make A Bead Mosaic Heart Pendant: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

To make this bead mosaic, the first thing
we have is a bezel This is from the craft store and it’s basically like a
frame. It has a little bit of an edge all the way around for you to put things
inside of. Sometimes people put photos and stuff inside them. So we got that
little heart bezel to start with and then we have a selection of beads. We
have some silver seed beads. We have some bugle beads. And we have some bicones,
little crystal bicones here. And what we’re going to do is put some glue
inside of our bezel. This is e6000. This is a nice craft glue. And I don’t want to
put glue over the whole inside yet because it might set up too quickly. So
I’m going to do a little glue at a time, do a section at a time. And that way we’re not
rushing, also, which is nice. So we’ve got our glue in there and then what we want
to do to start with, I’m going to make a little flower out of these beads. And I’m
going to spread the glue a little bit flatter here. This will be our flower
section in the center. And you can pick these beads up with your fingers to make
your mosaic and drop them in like this, but you might get glue on your fingers. I
think it’s easier to use some tweezers. This is really our bead scoop and it
happens to have these nice tweezers on the end and so I’m going to use the
tweezers to set the beads in. And I just put a green one in the center there and
I’m gonna put these bicones around to the side with, that one jumped, and they
don’t even really need to be arranged in any direction. They’ll just look like a
little flower here when we’re done. So let’s spread them out a little bit
evenly. And there’s our little center. Already looks like something. That’s cute.
And now we can add a little bit more glue and do the beads around the outside
edge. I think it would be nice to do the bugle beads as a kind of border,
so I’m just gonna put a little bit more of our glue in there and spread it
around like I did before with the toothpick. I just spread a little bit. You don’t want to be too skimpy with the glue because the glue is going to hold
these beads in and the glue is clear anyway so it doesn’t matter if you have
a lot of it in there. And then like I said I like using these tweezers and I’m
gonna set some of these bugle beads in as a little border frame. I can push it
into place there. These are kind of long so they’re not going to turn this corner
that well, so I have some shorter bugle beads that were in the mix, and I’m just
gonna spread those around. Those can be in the curved part of here. And already
that’s looking like a nice little frame. Those there. Think I’ll do a double frame and
as long as I still have glue here I’ll go ahead and do the second part of this
border. Because I still have a little bit of glue showing. Another one of these blue
ones in here. These are glass bugle beads. They’re kind of, they have a silvering to
them. They’re very pretty. So now I’m going to do the same thing again. I’m
going to put some glue down here. You can see if you put glue over the whole thing
and then try to lay in your whole mosaic, you’d feel rushed. You don’t need to feel
rushed. Especially if you’re going to do a design that’s a more complicated. This
one’s not very complicated, but you could do a very nice mosaic in here and
arrange each bead carefully, and then you would want time to set your beads down.
This has a little glue string. I’m twisting that toothpick as I pulled that
glue string up and it shortens the glue string it makes it break off more
quickly. A little tip. So now I can put another bead in here and just push that
into place. Having the glue wet like this helps gives you room to move things
around rather than if it was starting to set up.
Now I’m just gonna do the same thing on the other side here. A little glue up
here at the top. And I’m really doing about a pea-sized, not even a pea, a small
kernel corn size drop of glue there. Not much. And spread it around a little bit.
Want to come all the way over to here. And we can repeat what we did in this
top corner by putting a couple of these smaller bugle beads up here. We almost
have room for one here but I didn’t put any glue there. I’m just going to steal a
touch of glue from here. I’m going to smear it over here so we can put
another bead over here. And that toothpick is very handy for
moving the glue around. And then I’ll just drop that one in there. That
looks great. So you want to definitely get a selection of sizes for these bugle
beads. If you do a border like this, especially if you have a curve, your
bezel, maybe you’ll get a bezel that’s a circle or a heart shape like this. You’ll
want to have these smaller ones to turn corners. Or you could get a bezel that is
from just a square frame and that would be really fun to make a mosaic inside of.
Now as I’m running out of room it’s going to be harder to squeeze the glue
in, so instead I’m gonna take a clean toothpick and I’m going to put some glue
right on the toothpick. And then I can use that to apply the glue inside of
this bezel. Make sure I get the glue where I need it. And like I said it dries
clear so don’t worry about it showing. But that gives me room now
with glue to put a little bit more border here.
And we have room for one more piece here. And I’m not worrying too much about which
colors I pick up. If there’s two next to each other it doesn’t matter. They just
all look good together. So our board is all done and now what we’re going to do is
fill in the center with these silver seed beads. And so I’m going to apply the
glue just like I did before with the toothpick. I’m gonna put some glue in
there, squeeze out a drop there, and I’m gonna put some over in the other side
too. If I can get it to let go. The spin technique is helping. And we just need a
tiny bit at the bottom. And for this part I am going to go ahead and put all the
glue down that I think I need because I’m not going to hand arrange all these
seed beads. The seed beads are really hard to set down in here. It’s easier to
kind of dump them in and then just manipulate them into place. I just want
to make sure I have glue everywhere that I want the beads to stick. So now I
can use this scoop part of my bead tweezers and I’m just gonna drop these
in. And then once I have them in the mosaic I’m gonna push them into place. So
I don’t want them on top of my flower so I’m going to move them out of the way of
the flower. And I’m just gonna press them down into the glue. Just look again and
see if there’s any spots you’re missing. We need a bead here and everything’s
still a little bit wet so I can just move these around a little bit. If I need
to push that one down, make them all the same height, push them down a little bit.
So if you wanted to you could turn all these seed beads over, but I like the
texture of the circles where they show. They give it a little added shine. And
now all we need to do is let this cure and our bead mosaic
is finished!


  1. IDK, I guess Iā€™m like a bull in a china shop, but (both of you) your manual dexterity is amazing to me. This is sooo cute. āœØšŸ’–āœØ

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