How To Make A Beaded Bracelet | Adjustable Wooden Beaded Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

How To Make A Beaded Bracelet | Adjustable Wooden Beaded Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

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patreon hey what’s going on Weaver’s Tim here again in this episode we’re
learning how to make a wooden beaded adjustable paracord bracelet so the look
of this bracelet is meant to emulate that of a prayer bead or mala bracelet
although it’s not exactly the same it will look similar I think this one
turned out really nice and I think you guys will love it so that being said
let’s get into the tutorial so to start out I’m using these inexpensive wooden
beads that I got at a local craft store and I’m not exactly sure what wood they
are because it didn’t say on the package but they’re probably some type of
cheaper word like beech or something like that and and they came without any
sort of finish on them so we’re gonna change that up and make them look a lot
more exciting now these beads came pre-drilled with holes in them however
they weren’t very clean and I think they needed to be a little bit wider to fit
the 550 paracord through so I took the reamer tool on my Victorinox pioneer and
I just reamed out the holes on both sides on each and every bead that I plan
to use and for my particular case I used 17 beads so after cleaning up those
beads I put the bead on my Knotter’s tool and it’s decided to try painting each of
these beads individually now the paint I used was just a simple acrylic paint I
actually do some you know painting on canvas and I had some of this paint
lying around so I figured why not all I did was I mixed a bit of brown with red
color and it gave me the color I desired I also watered it down a little bit to
make it thin and it decided to apply the color in several different layers now
you definitely don’t have to use acrylic paint you could definitely use any type
of wood stain and I think that would be much better but acrylic paint is just
what I had on hand and that’s what I decided to use but I would actually
definitely suggest using a much nicer type of wood stain or something like
that and to speed things along I did just
take a hairdryer to each bead and it being acrylic paint it would dry the
bead pretty much immediately so after the monotony of painting a couple of
beads one at a time I decided to set up my beads on a bit of thinner string this
is just some micro cord and I put it on my jig and now I have all my beads kind
of lined up and I could just kind of paint them all a lot more quickly
because I don’t have to paint each individually and I can paint one
bead and move them on and let them dry on the string so definitely a much
better option to paint this way but of course you can do this however you want
but I did find using this method did speed up the process a lot and also I
did want one red accent bead so I did paint that separately I only needed one
so I didn’t put it on with the rest of the brown beads so now with all of my
beads painted I did have this bit of gloss gel medium it’s meant to make
paintings look a bit have a bit of a sheen to them so I decided to use a bit
of this to kind of give the beads a bit of a shine and I’m sure there’s you can
use wood varnish or anything like that if you want to if you’re using stain and
that’s definitely a much better option but again I’m just working with what I
have and I decided to use the acrylic paint and the gloss gel medium and I
just ended up giving all of the beads a nice coat of the gloss gel medium I
think I did a couple of coats I didn’t really keep track of that but I put
enough on there just to give it a bit of a shine and of course I did find it
faster just to paint all of them at once over all the beads came out really
nicely actually and for a bit of acrylic paint in gel medium I think it
turned out great so now working with my strand of
paracord I’m going to feed all of my wooden beads on to the 550 paracord and
I did melt the end of the paracord to a bit of an end there now one thing I
didn’t really show is that the insides of the beads were a little rough and
they were catching on the paracord just a little bit it wasn’t you know terrible
so I did actually take a really thin small file and I just kind of smoothed
out the insides of those beads so I wanted my red accent bead in the middle
of my bracelet so I put on seven of the brown beads and then I put in the one
red one and then after that I continued to put on the rest of the brown beads now with all the beads onto the paracord
we’re going to join both ends to form our bracelet now I want this to be an
adjustable bracelet so I’m working with a bit of 275 paracord and all I’m going
to do now is tie a small section of Cobra knots so placing the middle of the
piece of 275 paracord behind the two strands of 550 I’m gonna take the Strand
on the right I’m gonna cross that over the two strands and then with the cork
strand on the left I’m gonna bring it over that behind the two strands and out
the other side through that loop you made and pull tight all right so now
with these Cobra knots you don’t want to pull too tight because you want to be
able to slide the entire thing so you’re just going to continue tying those Cobra
knots to make a small section alright so with the same lead cord take that
cord and put it over the two strands another cord on top of that behind and
through the other side all right so always make sure you’re
working with the right lead strand which I think correctly strand so I’ve tied my
section there and as you can see I didn’t pull it so tight that I can’t
move it anymore so I’ve given it just enough tension so I can still slide it
back and forth and with that done I’m going to clip off
the excess amounts of paracord and after clipping off the paracord with some
scissors I’m just going to give it a melt and press down on it with my knotter’s
tool I’m gonna do that for both sides now with that done we’re just going to
deal with the last two terminal strands and now I’m gonna feed a bead onto each
of those end strands you don’t have to do this you can finish this however you
want but this is the look I’m kind of going for so I put one bead on there and
now I’m gonna tie a scaffold knot I apologize for the strands being so short
I didn’t give myself enough paracord but with the measurements that I have in the
video you should have more than enough but I just tied the two loops and then I
passed the end through that I know that’s a little bit unclear I will show
you with the other strand I’m not gonna put a bead on it but you’ll be able to
see better the scaffold knot I’ve tied the scaffold knot and many other
tutorials but I will show you a bit more clearly with the second strand so again
here is that scaffold on without the bead on there so I just wrapped it twice
around my finger kind of away from me and then with that same working strand
pass it through those two loops that you just made and then pull it through
and tight and that’s how you make the scaffold ah but now I’m just gonna redo
it with a bead on there so it was a lot easier to see so yeah I’m just gonna get
the second bead on and then I’m again I’m gonna tie that same scaffold knot and with those scaffold knots tied up
and firm I’m just going to clip off the ends there because they were a little
pointy I’m just gonna melt them down press down on it with my knotter’s tool
alright and there we have it, there is our adjustable wooden beaded paracord
bracelet this one turned out wonderfully and I really love wearing it I think it
looks really nice and yeah I hope you guys will try making one of these too so
again a huge thank you to all my Patreon supporters if you guys aren’t aware I do
run a Patreon page to support this channel you can get access to exclusive
videos and I can definitely support the channel at the same time
also remember if you’re looking forward to get paracord and all the tools and
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thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on the next video bye



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  2. Gracias Tim fantástica pulsera me sorprendió la forma en que diste terminación a las piezas que conforman el brazalete.

  3. Can you guys do a tutorial on the paracord facemask or gun holster? I seen them on google search but nothing showing how to make them.

  4. I feel wear and tear on that bracelet will leave that color stained on your wrist .. If u would have wood stained I don't think that would be a wooden problem……

  5. Thanks for this idea. I made one using micro cord. This closure is much easier than the horizontal adjustable closure.

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