How to Make a Bicycle Chain Rainbow Loom Bracelet

How to Make a Bicycle Chain Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Hey, How’s it going, This is Rob from Justin’s Toys and today I’m gonna show you how to make the
bicycle chain this design was made by Jacob banner who goes under the Instagram handle buffalimp and also
could be found on YouTube as Jake banner now the first time I saw this
bracelet I thought wow, it looks really different
, It kind of looks like the ecliptica bracelet but if you look at the other side
clearly, it is not it is reversible in the sense that you see this side and you’ll see silver
links with pink centers and you flip it and its pink links with silver centers but it has an extremely different technique looping and you’ll see what I mean in
the video so without wasting your time any
further let’s get started … to set your loom for
the bicycle chain you are just going to me a standard aligned set up of the line, so all theed and at this point you can pause the
video and match this exact setup K and we are only gonna be using two pegs its with the pool this so you can get in the right here be using these three pegs
for this video which means that you can use a monster
tail a fork, and the mini loom for this tutorial we will be making this
bracelet right here and I would highly recommend choosing
three different colors because this bracelet consists of three
parts: the first part is the center as you can see the center is black on
this bracelet and then the other two parts are the
links this side has silver links the other
side has pink links. You need about 20 bands for
each link color and about seventeen bands for the
center color. So, the first band you’ll be
grabbing is a center color band mine is going to be black and you’re going
to connect these two pegs with a single black but it’s not going
straight across you gonna turn it into an 8 just like that you gonna push down and then grab your
first colors of a ring on one side and you’re going to cap it (double loop) just like that on top of this peg K push down slightly and now you’re going to grab your hard hook and you’re gonna get in front that cap
band and grab that bottom black from inside get around these corners, bring it up and over onto the other peg and you’re going to push down and then grab your first link color on the other side which is silver for me and then again capp it on the right peg this time, Allright, now you’re going to grab your hook get in front of just the silver and
grab both these blacks and pull it out use that edge to get in between swing it around and bring both these blacks back onto this peg, just like that and then you gonna grab your hook and bring these two bottom pinks up and over this black that we just brought over K now we can push down and then we are
grabbing another pink, so just remember whatever color you chose to be the links
on this side which was pink, were always putting capped pinks on this one always putting capped silvers on this one so now that we bought that pink over, put another
capped pink over here, just like that now grab your hook get in front of both the pinks and grab
both ends at those blacks again maybe hold on to this if you see that
it’s getting caught hold on to the pinks use that corner get in between that loops, swing this
around and bring it up and over and grab these two silvers and bring it up and over just like that, push down and now put a silver capped band on top over here and then again use your hook, get in front of both
these silvers and bring this black up and over to this side okay now you wanna do your homework and bring up those bottom two pinks just
like that and then push down and now it switches up a little bit because what you’re going to notice is that this black band right here is going to start to get extremely tense and the only way to loosen up the
tension is to extend it so the center of this bicycle chain is
basically a classic single and in order to extend
it you have to grab another black band, hold
it slightly near this end, get inside , as you can see my hooks facing forward and then grab that black end and bring
it up and hold on to it with my thumb so as you can see at two ends right
there at the same exact, then I’m going to go
inside that looked just like that and while I’m holding on
to this I’m going to hold the center of this band
right here really tight so that it doesn’t fall off, and I’m going to pull this black band that’s on that peg off, and now I’m gonna replace it with
these two ends, so you can use your hands to help as you can see I’m going to open up that loop and bring up and over this peg, so now that center band has been extended and as you can see, this black band is connected to this, we can push down and resume where we left off. Now we’re
going to put a capped pink right over here then we’re going to go and front of that pink bring both ends of these blacks bring it up, and over to the other peg then were going to bring this silver up and
over normally push down, and then put another capped silver on top and again, get in front grab both ends of that black, get around
that corner swing it around and over bring the pinks up push down put a capped pink on top and then get in front of that pink, grab both ends of that black get around that corner bring it over and bring this silver up, and again we are going to extend that black, so I’m going to hold this black right by this side, get in front of both of those blacks, grab that one of the black just like this hold on to it with your hand then go through both ends, there’s one and there’s two have both ends of that band and I’m going to pull this off while I am
pushing down in the center this is a very hard part, pull it off and now put both ends of this loop over, just like that, allright, so you’re extending
this every three, so once I bring it over,
that’s one 2, 3, when the blacks on this side after 3 capped bands were placed on top then you extend the black again. All right
now we can resume put the caped silver on top. Remember to go in front the capped bands, grab both ends at this
black bring it up and over K now bring this pink on the bottom up normally, push down and put a capped pink on top again get in front of that capped pink grab both of those blacks get around that corner bring it over to this peg and bring the silver up push down, place another capped silver on top get in front of the silvers grab both of those blacks get around that corner bring it over this peg and bring those pinks up and since that was the third time now we
have to extend that black so, grab this single black get in front of these two blacks grab it and bring it down hold on to it then get inside one end of the loop and then the second end as you can see and now Im going to hold down the center poll this off gently and then place this end onto that peg and then push down Allright ,so that’s basically the sequence just remember to keep track of every
three bands that you’re putting on top and that’s all it is in front of those pinks, bring these blacks to other side, bring this silver up push down cap silver on top get and front of the capped silver, grab those two blacks, around that corner, bring it over, bring the pink on top push down, capped pink get in front of the capped pink, grab those two blacks swing it around, place it on top and since that was 3, bring this
silver up and extend this black get in front, grab onto one end of this black, pull it out, hold on to it, get inside this loop there’s 1 and there’s 2 hold on to the center pull this black off of this peg and place this end on push down and then resume, silver caped get in front, bring that black out and over to the other side push down and bring this pink up,push down pink capped get in front, grab the blacks, swing it around, bring it up and over, bring the silver up push down, silver capped, get in front of the silvers grab the blacks, bring it up and over onto this peg, bring the pinks up and then since this is the third you’re going to extend the black ok hold onto the center bring this over and that’s basically it, so I’m just going to
continue this at a faster pace without commentary maybe for another two steps before I
fade to the and and I show you how to clip, alright so in front of the two pinks okay, so I’m almost to the point where I’m satisfied with the length and again get in front of this black, then grab that get inside these two loops there’s 1, 2 pull this off place it on top push down, then capped silver get in front of the capped, grab those two blacks, bring it up and over bring this pink up put a capped pink on top get in front of the capped pink, grab those two blacks bring it up and over bring this silver up just like that push down, and this is going to be the
last band I’m placing on top so I’m getting in front of that
silver bring this up and over and bringing this pink up, just like that push down and now I’m gonna bring this
silver on the right up and over to this peg I’m gonna end it where normally I
would have extended this black at this point right so I’m just gonna grab these to
right silvers get in with the hook facing down, face
it away from the tension hold down on the center of this bracelet and bring this up and over this peg so that now you have four bands on this peg or four ends, and then you can grab a C-Clip get in just like this just push down until you know you have all four ends, as you can see, I have all four ends, and then I can pull it off, tug on it slightly ok straighten it out and then clip the other, I like to click right
here this silver in the center ok just like that so there you have it that is the finished bicycle chain designed by Jake Banner, so follow him
on these networks right here and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial this is Rob from Justin’s toys, happy


  1. Hi could you sow as how to do it duble please.allsow tell you that your bracelets are great!! Thankyou very much foyour tutorials

  2. The colors you're using seem to be different from normal Rainbow Loom bands because of the thickness and the roundness. Where do you get those and what brand are they.
    Also, very helpful tutorial. Like+!

  3. Very well explained, I made this and came out just fine. Unfortunately my bands aren´t as pretty as yours, so my bracelet doesn´t look so splendid 🙁

  4. where did you find the pink bands please please let me know i LOVE the color
    Love this bracelet!!! but i need the pink to make it look as awesome as yours lol!

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