How to Make a Bracelet from Balloon Pieces | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Bracelet from Balloon Pieces | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well it’s summertime here in Sophie’s world and we do a lot of water balloon
games now what that means is we end up with a lot of water balloon pieces on
the ground now we always do this game where we say okay you’ve got 30 seconds
to see who can pick up the most water balloon pieces which means that I end up
with thousands literally of these little tiny stumpy little ends and I thought
this is crazy we got to find something fun to do with them and so we’ve turned
them into a bracelet and I’m going to show you how to make a water balloon
piece into a cute little bracelet right now for this project you’re going to
need used water balloons about a hundred one long balloon animal balloon or
elastic paper towel and scissors so the first thing you’re going to do is you
can take all those crazy water balloons that you’ve used up like I said we
always play this game where it’s like pick up as many as you can in 30 seconds
so then you’re going to pat them dry and you might just want to let them sit out
on a paper towel for you know an overnight just get all that water and
then all you need is this little end that’s rolled over on top of itself the
roll over ends so we’re just going to take that and snip it off and that’s
going to be our bead piece basically so you just take those and snip them and don’t get worried about you know if
you have like little ragged edges there that’s okay actually adds to the beauty
of them and then the rest of these guys you can get rid of these little pieces
so I’ve got a whole bunch here I’ve cut out and you can see as they’re dried
they’re not quite as what’s the word they may be kind of crumbly they don’t squish
in as much when they’re nice and dry so that’s why you want to let them sit
overnight on a paper towel okay so now take your balloon animal balloon these
work great because they have some some thickness to them which makes it easy
for these to slip on to and keep their shape but you can use an elastic or a
piece of yarn or piece of thread whatever you normally make a bracelet on
so as you can see I’ve put my fingers inside loop them inside there open it up
and just release it right on to the balloon kind of fun now you can start
making your pattern whatever pattern you want so we’re about to the point where I
think we can stop and tie this off we basically just want to put it around
your wrist you know make sure that it’s about the right length so figure out how
big you need to make this again remember it stretches which is nice so kind of
mark it with your finger there and slip it off and just tie it off and you just
want to use a basic knot tie it off tie it really nice and tight make sure that’s good and tight and then
you can snip off the extra and then just slide those balloons over top of it to
hide the knot and there you’ve got your cute little bracelet and that’s all
there is to taking what would normally be thrown away or put in the landfill
into a cute little accessory for the summer now if you like this video give
us a thumbs up or make sure you write a comment down below and if you want more
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  1. 1st comment on this video. Can you please respond to this Sophie. You inspire me to bring out my creative side. And even though I'm fifteen years old I love your Videos.

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