How to Make a Double Wrap Leather Bracelet | Making Jewelry

How to Make a Double Wrap Leather Bracelet | Making Jewelry

Hi I’m Tam. And now were going to make a, just another
easy leather knotting bracelet. And so basically this is just determined by
the beads you choose. So I chose these cool sort of skulls. This is carved out of an agate. This is a porcelain skull. These are porcelain. And these are carved wood, I just kind of
chose them based on the color. And this is going to be my closure button. And I thought would look nice with this metallic
silver leather. So basically this is 2 yards of leather. And I’m going to make a double wrap bracelet. Because those are very popular. So I’m going to put my closure on first. I’m going to use, actually this color because
I think this looks the best. These colors. So I’m going to put this on to the center
of the cord. And basically I’m, I’m going to just make
a button closure like we did in the other project. I’m going to make sure it’s centered. And then I’m just going to make a knot. These are just fun because you can do, you
know, any, basically anything that has a hole in it that will fit on to the string. So it can be like found objects, a lot of
time you can also find shells, especially on the east coast, with those little holes
already on them. So that’s always, like really fun. I’m going to make a double wrap, so usually
that’s like 14, 15 inches depending on your wrist size but you can make it longer and
wear, you know, like as a necklace and then you can wrap it multiple times. I’m just going to sort of put them in order,
any order that I like. Especially not this. It’s kind of interesting. So your going to put on your first bead. And this is a very sort of organic project. Meaning there’s no right or wrong. So basically I’m just going to do something
like that, and it’s only, and then I’m going to make a knot, here. I like this to be kinetic, which means moveable. If you don’t like that ,you can always just
knot very close to the bead. I sort of like everything to be sort of moving. It just makes it a little bit interesting. You know, for like example here I could, I
could make a knot and make the skull not moveable. And then I sort of like to do on opposite
sides. So like say this was on this side I would
put it on this side of the loop ,on this type of project. At our store we sell a lot of cool, you know,
beads like this. Like the skulls, we have them in metal with,
with crystals in them, for more, with crystal eyes. Or for guys just more like in black, you know,
the skulls carved out of black agate. Which is always kind of fun. Or I think we even have them, we did have
them in metal as well which is very popular. So you can, you can do something like simple
as like one bead on a whole string or a bunch of the same beads or like here where we mix
them. So I just kind of eye balled that. It doesn’t have to be any exact size. These are a little small, I’m just going to
make the spacing, less, [inaudible 0:04:03] little bead. You know, you could do this with, mix it or
you could even do with things that dangle like shells and stuff that hang down. You could also do metal beads. This is sort of more like and organic thing
so you don’t want anything to matchy. That’s it. So I make the end here. And I want to make everything kind of tight. So basically it’s going to look something
like this. I’m going to just figure out where my closure
is going to be. Which it’s going to be about here. So I will make a knot here, you could always,
if you, if it’s too long and you don’t like it like that you can just, let me just move
this knot little bit because it was, it’s too jammed up in that one spot. I don’t want it to be to dangley so I’m just
going to make a knot here. And when you make a knot you want to just
hold the leather parallel so then you get a really nicer and neater knot. That’s a little too short. Just going to move this down a little bit,
so you the hold the string like, the leather parallel like this, once you make the knot,
like so and then you just close it, there. So you have something like that.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I don't know why everyone is so hard on her. She is trying to help. 
    Tam, what size cord is that? Is 2mm?

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