How to Make a Duct Tape Spike Bangle Bracelet | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Duct Tape Spike Bangle Bracelet | Sophie’s World

Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. You know people always ask me where do you get your ideas? Well I get a lot of them from you the
viewers. Case in point this fabulous bracelet
this came to me from Cassandra age 10 from Rhode Island. She gave me the suggestion after she had wanted to make our duct tape rose but didn’t have a pen to make it on
and she came up with this instead. So now I’m gonna show you my inspiration from her. What you’re gonna need is some duct tape and pair of scissors that’s it. Now you can make your duct tape bracelet as many colors as you want but
I’ve done two here and three here. I found that too to work
for me but you can make as many colors as you want. First thing you need to do is you’re gonna need to take some duct tape and you’re gonna rip it into a two inch
square or cut it and flip it over here and I’m gonna make
what I call a little house or a fish scale. So what I’m gonna do is take the corner and I’m gonna fold it in halfway and then I’m going to take the
other corner and folded in halfway and there I have a little house see can see the little
house shape. Now you’re gonna need to make a bunch of
these. I find that making thirty usually makes a big enough wristband for
anybody. You know most people anyway. So what I’m gonna do is take the number
of duct tapes and divide it by 30 so or 30 divided by the number of duct tapes I should say.
So if I wanna make two colors 30 divided by two 15 of each. If you do more if you do three colors then it’s gonna be ten of each. You
get- get your calculator. You get the idea. Okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use some that I’ve already made here and
first thing I’m gonna do is place down one of my houses and then I’m gonna
take my second house and I’m gonna line up my arrow points right there and I’m gonna leave about a quarter-inch in between each one and now I’m just gonna
alternate my colors going green and then blue and then another green just like that. And we’re gonna keep doing this until I’ve used of 30. I’m gonna skip ahead here I’ve got one done. Okay when it’s all done it looks like this. Almost kinda like uh an arrow. Now you can measure your wrist
here at this point for whoever it’s going to be for. And so see you can see it’s this one’s
going to be nice and loose which is what I like so they
can slide over my hand. Now to make it into a bangle what I’m gonna do is flip this over I’m gonna take my sticky edge and I’m gonna fold it I’m gonna imagine that
there is a middle line going right down the middle from my from my arrow point all the way here. And I’m
just gonna fold this end up and in just like this. Now this is not a bad time to grab an extra pair hands if you want
just to help keep it from sliding and sticking because when you’re folding things like this sometimes it
can be a little tricky. Okay so they can see that’s one side
folded in and it’s gonna stick very nicely upon itself and then I’m gonna fold in the other side same way and those ends are gonna meet right in the middle. Now we want them to
meet in the middle because we’re gonna put a thin piece of tape right down the middle to make it nice and solid. Okay there you go see how that’s nice and
together? Okay now I’m gonna take a piece of my
duct tape and I’m gonna measure against my bracelet here. Now I only need a tiny thin piece so I’m gonna actually rip about a quarter inch
piece here and I’m just gonna lay this right along
that seam. Right there and I’m gonna seal that seam up. Now I’m gonna leave this little edge up for right
this moment. You’ll see why in just a second. Okay. Now got this nice and sealed. Now what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna fold this in and I’m gonna slip this part into this green tabby part right here. Now to do that what I’m gonna do is actually trim
this because I wanna make it a little thinner. So I’m gonna trim this on the sides there. It also doesn’t need to be this long
this piece ended up being long so I’m gonna cut it right there. See how I’ve
got a little teeny bit of a tab there? That tab- remember I told you to save that
little piece there?- this tab is gonna slide right in there. like that. Can you see that? How that slid right in there? And now I just use that extra little bit and
seal it off. And there you have it. A bangle bracelet. For more ideas inspired by viewers just like you come and check me out at Sophie dash world dot com.

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