How to Make a Duct Tape Zig Zag Bracelet | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Duct Tape Zig Zag Bracelet | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. I’ve got a duct tape project for you that takes me back to my childhood. When I was a kid we
used to take Starburst candy wrappers and we will make them into these Ziggy
Ziggy bracelets. Well, one of my viewers said, “Hey Sophie
can you make a Ziggy Zaggy bracelet out of duct tape?” And so right now I’m gonna
teach you how to make a Ziggy Zaggy bracelet out of duct tape. So you’re not gonna need anything really
for this project except duct tape, scissors and if you want an X-Acto knife. Remember if you are going to use
an X-Acto knife proceed with caution and make sure you
have adult supervision. OK, first thing first, you wanna make
this a bangle bracelet which means that it can come on your wrist and off your wrist
just like this. You’re gonna can slide it over your hand like a bangle. To do that it means its
gonna have to make its way over your thumb and the back up your
hand here so what you wanna do is just measure and for me that’s nine inches. So, for my bracelet I’m gonna want
nine plus four extra and that is 13. So I’m gonna need 13 each color that I
decide to put in my bracelet. Now I’m doing a two color bracelet So, total I’m gonna have 26 pieces. To do my pieces all I’m gonna do is take twelve-inch piece’s of tape and I need
two of each color that I’m using. So I’ve got two pieces of 12-inch tape
here and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to lay one piece of tape on the sticky side
down to the sticky side so that there’s a little tiny edge there
and then I’m gonna fold it over. All the way down. I’m gonna flip it over and I’m gonna fold that other sticky
side up so what I’ve done is I’ve basically just created a thin, thin piece of duct tape fabric. A strap you could call this. The reason that I did
it this way instead of doing it just two pieces together is I wanna have sealed edges and the reason
I wanna have sealed edges is because when I make my little pieces that are gonna go
together, when I make my little pieces that
go together I don’t want them to be sticky and if I leave those edges unsealed
it can get sticky. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna measure and make sure I’ve got twelve inches. I’ve got twelve inches here. I’m gonna trim
this edge here, using my X-Acto knife And now I’m gonna fold this strip in half. So I’m just gonna fold it over onto
itself and make a nice little crease. Wherever that center is I’m gonna
lay my ruler down and then I’m gonna use my X-Acto knife or a pair of scissors and I’m gonna cut straight on down. Now, out of each piece of 12-inch strap that I’ve made here I’m gonna be able to get six of my little
pieces. So there you go and now you can see here I fold these in half again. I fold that in half and I’m gonna cut this straight down so that I end up with four long strips. Now what I’m gonna do is take this and cut this into 4 inch pieces 1,2,3,4 And just snip like that. You can see I get six pieces out of each of these sides which means I’m gonna get twelve pieces out of one strip set. Now of course I need thirteen cuz I have a bigger wrist
than anybody else but your size you’ll probably be able to
get all the pieces that you need out of one strip. Then I would do
this with the other color as well so that I end up with 26 pieces that look like this all four
inches and all about a half an inch wide. Now what I’m gonna do is take my strip, my little 4-inch strip and I’m gonna fold it in half just like this to make the letter V then
I’m gonna take this edge the open edge and fold it down to the
middle and repeat the process on the other side So it kinda makes like a little set of bunny ears. See those little bunny ears? That’s my first piece, now I’m gonna set that off to the side, it’s gonna wanna open up which is OK. I’ll put my duct tape on top of it. and now I get my blue because I’m gonna do this in a pattern so I’m gonna start with one color then I’m gonna do the next color. Then I go to the color that I started with
then back to the next color so back and forth and back and forth
back forth once again fold it like a V, fold the top edge into the center, the other edge into the center to make a little pair of bunny ears. Now take your bunny ears here’s where you’re gonna see, see how in the bunny ears you have the openings there? You’re gonna take one set of bunny ears and slide them in to the other set of bunny ears, like that. and then push tha one end to the other end so that you get the letter V. Now it doesn’t matter if you go to
this side or this side just make sure that you make a letter V. Now the next color I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go green cuz I’m gonna
attach to this blue one right here so I can leave this now now that they’re
put together they’ll stay together. I’m gonna take my strip, fold it in half fold the top down, fold the other side down got my bunny ears okay now I have a smaller area in which I can put my bunny ears so you’re
gonna have to just be very gentle as you slide these through because what you don’t wanna do is pull your bunny ears apart and sometimes it takes a little wiggling
pull them through but now pull it all the way to the edge there now you can see you have like the
letter Z. And you’ve started your Ziggy Zag. You’ve gone from a V to a Z and see how I’m starting to get
teh Ziggy Zag. Next one you’re gonna do here next color it’s gonna be blue again once
again you fold it up fold it down, fold it down, make the bunny ears and you’re always coming through from the top to the bottom so one-sided and then the other side now you’re gonna do this and continue doing
this with all in my case 26 of these little pieces. Now I’ve got the letter M or W. You get the idea you keep going keep
going you keep going this is gonna grow grow grow grow grow grow grow grow grow until it ends up looking like this. What I have here is 25 of my pieces my 26th one is going to seal it for me. So I’m going to wrap this around and
if you see when I wrap this around the green naturally lines up with the
green so now this time instead of folding over and making it into bunny ears I’m gonna leave it an open V. I’m gonna take the blue end and
I’m gonna stick it through the top green one here, slide it down Get it going in there slide the next one down and then I bring this around so that
they meet. And see this open end? I’m sliding it
into the green bunny ear and the bottom green bunny ear and sliding these through. The only thing about
duct tape that’s different than paper is that it is a little stickier sometimes those edges that’s why you can imagine what it would be like if I
didn’t do that cutting of the overlap. Come through sir There’s one, sometimes you might want to take your
scissors open it up a teeny bit there sometimes they like to get caught on the edge. Pull it through. as you can see, that seals those two
together. Now to make sure that they stay in place
just fold this one up over the bottom and tuck it in the
top and flip it over, do the same thing on the
inside and that is going to lock your bracelet and keep it from coming apart. So now I can just slide it on and there I have it. My
beautiful bangle Its a duct tape Zig Zag. For more fun
ideas suggested by you come check us out at


  1. This video came at the right time for me. I have tons of candy wrappers I have been saving to do this, but I had forgotten the exact fold. I used to make tons of them when I was little. Thanks!!

  2. That is soooo cool I tried to make one but I couldn't bc the tape wasn't sticking I tried again bye using this video aaaaannnndddd………….

    It worked!!!!!!!👍

    Ur awsome!!!!!!❤️👍😘😍💋💖👌😃😃😃😃💄💄💄💅🎀💁

  3. Sophie
    my twin sister and I would gather all the silver gum wrappers from our family.
    one wintry weekend we sat around using this same method of folding and made a really long one,there was a are light fixture in our room….we were going to make a cover for it…..we couldnt figure out how it togather or how we were going to keep it up off the light bulb.We made roads and driveways for our barbie car. ☺

  4. I love your videos I have no videos but I have been doing duct tape since 5 and now I am 10 but I have been waching your videos and have come up with some crafts my self and all of my friends love them and right now I am working on making 3 for friends

  5. I can rem when I Was prob 9 or 10 & my dad taught me how to do this with gum wrappers. We would make really long chains that were 5 or 6 feet long. This video brought back those memories 🙂 Thanks For That

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