How To Make A FunLoom Single Rubber Band Bracelet

How To Make A FunLoom Single Rubber Band Bracelet

Hi guys, today were going to be making a single
multicolored FunLoom bracelet just like this except were going to do it with 3 colors.
What you’re going to need is your 3 colors, your C clips, your hook, your loom and a pair
of scissors. And you’re going to start with your loom with the U side facing up. So I’m
going to take this first color, I’m going to do blue, put it on diagonally on the first
and second peg. And then I’m going to choose white and go to the second and the third peg
diagonally. And then you take your pink and go on the next peg and then back to the blue.
You just want to keep on doing this all the way down.
Ok, now that you’ve gone all the way down you want to take your loom and flip it over
so the U’s are shaping down. And you want to take your hook and you skip over the first
rubber band on the first peg. And go to the second peg and you take the blue which is
the second color, you take it out and pull it around the third peg. And you do the same
with the next color, the pink, from here take it off that peg and put it on the next peg.
Then you go into the pink one, take the white and put it on the next peg. Go into the white
one, grab the blue and put it onto the next peg. and you just keep doing this all the
way down. Ok. And when you get to your last one, you
want to grab your C clip and put it on your blue so it’s on, so it’s on both blues. And
you take it off the peg. And then you kind of zigzag back and forth to get it off. So,
when you’ve got it off you’re going to connect the other side of the C clip. Now some people
will connect it to the last band but I like to go to the second to last, it will look
a bit tighter, and a little cleaner. Then I just cut off the very last one. And you
put it on. And there you have your bracelet.


  1. U should get rainbow loom, it's the original loom set. Then fun loom copied them but fun loom is better cause u can take it apart for better storage and packing.

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