HOW TO MAKE A KEYRING || Friendship Bracelets

HOW TO MAKE A KEYRING || Friendship Bracelets

Hello everyone, my name is Masha Knots
and today I’m going to teach you a couple of different ways to make your
friendship bracelets into keyrings. So there are a few different ways that you
can attach your strings to a keyring. I’m going to show you two options today, but
there are probably more out there. So this first option involves inserting the
keyring directly into the bracelet while you’re making it. So I’m going to
demonstrate it using an alpha pattern and I’ll leave the pattern linked in the
description if you want to try this bracelet out for yourself. So I’ve
arranged my base strings and I also have my leading string for my alpha bracelet.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about – I have a tutorial on how to make
alpha bracelets and I’ll link that in the card and in the description. I’ve
just taped down my strings to my table. There’s some string left that’s out of
frame, I’m gonna be using that to sort of tie the ends of the bracelet at the end.
But here is the string that I’m working with right now. So this is the pattern
that I’m going to be using, I want to make this cute little dog. So to make
sure that your bracelet is going to be upright once you’ve finished with it, you
have to start knotting the bracelet upside down. I’m going to start knotting
it upside down going from the paws up, that way when I finish and I attach my
keyring, it’s going to be the right side up. So I’m not gonna really go into
detail of how I’m actually making the bracelet since that’s not really
relevant here, but here’s a little clip of me actually making the bracelet. So I’ve done a couple of background rows
and I’m now going to get into actually making the pattern. By the way, if you’re
wondering what yarn I’m using – this is the Alize yarn and I have a whole
video where I did an overview on this yarn as well. You can check that out
later if you want. So I’ll get back to you once I’ve actually done the pattern. So as you can see, I finished the first half of my bracelet and I’ve also done a
couple of extra background rows. So this is the point at which I want to
insert my keyring. I’ve got this keyring, I just bought it on Amazon,
there’s nothing special about it really. And I’m gonna insert it right into the
bracelet. I’m basically gonna weave it in. So I want to leave a couple of strings
out to the side and I want to put a couple of strings through. I think I’m
gonna leave maybe four on each side and see how that works. So I’ve separated four on each side and gonna just put these through the keyring. Just like so. I think that is enough on each side. So basically I’m now just
gonna do a normal background row. Of course, when I get to the keyring I’m
just going to be very careful to weave in the keyring. Alright, so this is the
knot that is gonna secure the keyring in place. I’m just going to separate the
next string. I’m just very carefully I’m going to
extend this knot up. There we go. That doesn’t look very pretty but after we do
a couple more knots it should even itself out. So I’m now going to do a row
of knots in the middle and then do the same thing on the other side. All right.
So we’ve now reached the second side of the keyring. Again, we’re just going to do
a forward knot here but just being very careful And now I’m just gonna finish the row. And there we go, the keyring is secured
in the bracelet. Now we just have to do a couple extra background rows to sort of
even all the rows out and I can start making the second half of my bracelet. So I’ve now finished knotting. I’ve got to the end of the pattern. I just tied three
little knots on each side and I’ve cut off the excess string. So now I can fold
it in half and that way I have the design here at the right way up and also
here, since we did it upside down when it was unfolded. Now once we fold it down
it’s gonna be the right way up. Also by the way, can we just appreciate this
amazingly cute pattern? I originally saw this pattern I thought it was really
really cute and I wanted to make a keyring out of it, but I didn’t have a
pattern for the other side. So I did a shout on my Instagram story and
@artsy.sketches.k responded and made this beautiful pattern for me to use.
I’ll leave both of the patterns linked in the description for you if you want
to try them for yourself. Thank you very much, this was amazing. I’m really happy
with how this turned out. I think it looks really really awesome with the dog
on one side and the doggy butt on the other side. But back to the tutorial. So
basically now it’s folded, but of course it’s not connected in any way. I’m just
gonna sew it together. Now I have a needle here with some string. Just for
your information, I don’t know how to sew. I’ve never sewn really in my life
before. I am terrible at doing this. So take this part of the tutorial with a
grain of salt. You should probably do a better job of sewing it than I’ll be
doing now. But you basically just sew it together up this side and down this side
as well, just connecting the two pieces. So in the end, after many failed attempts
on my part, I got my husband to do it for me. So thank you to him! But here you can
see that he stitched on this side, down at the bottom as well and on this side
as well. It would be better if you find an actual thread that matches very well
with the background, because for me it does sort of stand out. And also if you
do a better job stitching, that would be even better. But that’s the basic
technique. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. I think it’s really cute. I love that
it’s the same dog, but on different sides. And yeah, the keyring moves. You can see
it’s not limited in any way. It’s sort of in there. And you can clip it on to
whatever you want. That’s one way to attach a keyring to your bracelet. Now
another way of attaching string to a keyring would be by doing the larks head
knot. And if you’ve seen my basic knots tutorial, you would have already seen me
make a knot like this. So you can attach your strings in the order that they
appear on the pattern by making this knot. So all you do is you fold your
string in half, take the top loop. put it into the keyring. and then through the
loop that’s on the string you put the end of the string into that loop and you just
tighten it there you go that’s the larks head knot and you’ve just attached
two strings onto your keyring. Now this method will only work if you’ve got an
even number of string per color. So here since we’re doing a loop, the string is
doubled. So I’ve got two white strings now. If you only need one string in the
pattern – it won’t work since you’re doubling the strings. Unless you sort of
cut it off at the very beginning maybe that would work.
I personally don’t particularly like this method because it only really works
for thin bracelets and I tend to do much thicker bracelets. Because the more
strings you add, obviously because of the curve of the keyring, the top of the bracelet
is going to become curved since if you add more and more here, the top of the
bracelet will follow the shape of the keyring, resulting in a curved top. And I
don’t particularly like that. However, I’ve seen other people do it so
I thought I might share this with you as well. And there you have it.
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video! I want to give a special shout out to my
patrons and especially my top supporters who are Jane, Zoe, Tia, Izzy, Madz and
Lisa. It is with their support that I’m able to run this channel. Their support
really does help me in all of these things. And if you also want to become a
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and sometimes I also post bonus videos so keep your eyes out for that and I’ll
see you next time, bye!


  1. i just got key rings and i was going to search it up how to make bracelets on there so when I saw the Notification i was so happy 😁

  2. This is great! You could also use a D ring to knot onto then attach a round split ring to it to make it a keychain. Or maybe use a carabiner and knot onto the flat side that doesn’t open.

  3. You could also knot the ending strings from each side to each other which would attach the 2 sides without needing to sew them 👍🏻

  4. I find that when I do the style of adding the strings directly on to the keyring I can't spin it around and can't add a key

  5. What's your go-to length of string for bracelets? (keychains or choker necklaces too) I keep guessing/estimating what is the right length, especially for my small wrists.

  6. I good tip is when you sew it up use an embroidery needle that was you can use the thread you did the pattern with!!❤️

  7. I’m wondering how do you start your alpha bracelets to get the top of the bracelet straight like if you where making a keychain ??? I’ve tried to get the top of my alpha bracelets straight but they end up really really bumpy and end up coming apart

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