How to Make a Knotted Round Braid Anchor Bracelet

How to Make a Knotted Round Braid Anchor Bracelet

Hi! I’m Megan with and today I’m going to show you how to make round braid knotted anchor bracelet so you can see I have this one here that
I did and I used this one TierraCast anchor and there are two sizes, this is the larger one and I have a round braid made with faux suede cord
and I have another video showing how to do the round braid so if you don’t know how to do that go
ahead and check out first what you’ll need is two round braids and these little end caps it’s kinda tricky to find something that’s
not round for that what we’re gonna do is just bend it down so that it fits nicely in there and then you need an anchor charm, so like I said there’s two sizes and I’m going to use the smaller one for this one make it a little bit more dainty and then you’re gonna need a smaller cord for this one here I used a one millimeter wax cotton and for the next one I’m gonna do to get a
color that matches I’m actually going to use griffin silk size six I switched to that already it won’t start losing fit once it stretches you’re gonna need some E6000 some scissors some flush cutters and some chain nose pliers so I already did my round braids and I used tape on the ends and I taped it to the length but I want from tape to tape what you’re going to do for length is each one should be a little longer then
the finished length that you want because it uses up a lot of space in the knot so if you want an seven inch bracelet. I’m
working with about eight inches from here here on each braid the clasp is also going to add more space but less for the smaller anchor what you’re going to do is use the flush cutters to cut through your cords and you don’t wanna leave a lot of the tape on there but you do want to leave enough on there so it doesn’t start unraveling as
soon as you work with it so get your cord ends ready you need two just don’t try to crimp the end with the hole because it’s not gonna do a nice neat looking shape for you. Just take the open-end and squish it down a little bit it bends pretty easily, so be gentle you don’t wanna completely flatten it you kind of take your pliers and go in here and that’s going to
make that a more gradual turn instead of being pointed at the ends do the same thing for the other one going to go ahead and take one of your braids make sure the tape is stuck on really well so that it doesn’t fall off when you trim it you can see here you have just as much
space to work with and you also have to fit a knot in for the cord so that you want to go ahead and trim it
down to just about an eighth of an inch below the tape and be careful ’cause your cord ends will go flying so you can see here we need to make a loop on one cord end and we need to attach the anchor on the other cord end. I’m going to start with the anchor end just cut a piece a few inches long of your smaller cord so if you’re going to use Griffin Silk and you’re having a hard time getting the cord ends of your cord through the cord end hole you can try gluing the ends of your string so that they don’t unravel if you have gum arabic glue that’s what that’s made for and it would
be perfect but if you don’t you can try to some E6000 which you’re already going to need for this project put a small amount on there use your fingers to smooth it down give that a couple of minutes out both ends of the cord through the cord end and we’re going to tie a lark’s head knot you can tie the knot before or after as long as you give yourself a few inches of string it should be fine tie on you’re anchor move the cord end down close to knot and now you don’t this to pull out
and just a good being it just pulling it might not hold very securely if you need your knot to be as close to the other
side of the cord end as possible just tie a regular knot pull thoughs as tight as you can and then hold on to the ends of the cord and use a pair of pliers to tighten that knot down you can just kind of push right on it move it down make sure that it only has a little bit of give left after that. It’s fine if it’s not right up against it but it shouldn’t go out half an inch. So once your knot is
nice and tight and you can go ahead and leave that for right now the ends there we’re going to fold one of the braids in half fit it in right next to that right in there it does fit it looks like a tight fit but it just keeps it looking neat and secure take some E6000 hold your cord ends together and just get some glue on the ends don’t over saturate them with glue. You want
enough so that it is going to go down under the sides a little bit but not so much that its going to spill out everywhere hold the cord ends from the anchor to the side, keep them out of the way you don’t want to put a lot of glue on
the sides here otherwise it’s gonna get everywhere when you try these in, so push the ends of your braid in and you’re gonna
have to use your fingers to tuck them in if you get glue on yourself just wipe it off if the glue seeps out to the side swipe it off and push that in there all the way and you’re going to want to give that a good solid drying time before you touch it again it’s only gonna be secure if you really let it dry before you start pulling on it just use a pair of flush cutters to get right up against the cord end snip the edges of the strings take your second braid and you’re gonna trim the cord end just
like you did on the other one to about a generous eighth of an inch then we’re going to take this loop of the new braid and put it underneath the loop of the other braid pull the ends up and together bring them through that loop and when you’re doing this you wanna let this dry, if it’s not all the way dry don’t ever pull on this part pull on this part pull on the braid now are gonna attach this other cord
end and we need to have a loop in there to attached to the anchor so again if we need to put some glue on the end of your cord to keep it from fraying while you put it through the cord ends use E6000 so once your cords are dry or if you’re using a wax cotton you can just go right ahead put both ends through the top of the cord end just
like you did with the other side we want to just have a loop but we need to tie a knot on this end too go ahead and put a scrap piece of string, cord or wire anything you like pull the loop down that cord is just to keep it from falling through and then just tie an overhand knot on the ends here you want a slightly longer piece than I gave myself have a few inches more would be plenty okay your loop is going to be as long as from the top
here to the knot so keep that in mind your loop just needs to be long enough
to fit over the prongs of the anchor here have I have an half an inch and that’s enough even for the big one because it just needs to be enough to fit this side of the anchor through so with a smaller one it doesn’t even
need to be that long I’ll probably still go with just about half an inch.
It’s does definitely going to be long enough and pull it really tight because this is
gonna take up a room inside the cap here when you pull it back out take out your spare piece of string and now we’re going to glue in the other cord ends give yourself some fresh glue take your cord ends together get some glue on the ends if you use a little bit more glue and it comes out you can always clean it off you want to make sure that you’re using
enough that it’s going to be secure just not so much that’s going to come out all over the place so kind of take the back here where I have the other ones that I clipped off put them on the same side just gonna push them in use your finger to tuck the tape down get them all the way in very gently so you don’t pull it off. Clip the ends if you want to wait until it’s
more dry you can pull that tighter you get that a little bit closer that’s the basics of how you do it. The good
thing about this too is that knot and that texture of the braid will actually
adjust to a certain extent the size here if you pull it tighter you get a bigger
bracelet with a smaller knot and looser is going to be a smaller bracelet with a
bigger knot and then are you do you for the clasp hook that loop around the edges of the anchor and your cord will relax a little bit that is how you make a round braid knotted anchor bracelet. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


  1. great tutorial, like the bracelet idea but…. I would NEVER touch E6000~! it is a total carcinogen, but nothing works as well as E6000

  2. hi , good tutorial . i been watching your tutorial video , you are a good teacher. i am just a beginner and i like the way u teach. very precise . thanks.

  3. Hi. Love your videos. At 4:24, you mention using what sounded like "gum arabic glue' and if you don't have it, then use 6000." Maybe I didn't hear right, but I tried to find it on your website and could not find it.

  4. Great job! You are handling any media so nicely, including textile. Could you, please, do the tutorial for soutaches if possible? This one is not covered in English, and the topic becomes so hot…I trust your expertise, and hope you would do that some time soon. Thank you for all great tutorials.

  5. Unfortunately, as we don't carry soutache braid, I won't be able to do a video on it. If we ever carry it, I will be sure to show you how to use it!

  6. You'll want to use about 18 inch lengths of cord for each foot of braid. That's not including a knot or doubling at the top, just the actual cord to be braided. It gets reduced by about a third when braided. So if you wanted 8 inch lengths for this bracelet, you could start with about a foot in each strand. You could definitely do it with one spool of each color. Full project instructions with materials will be up on our website soon too.

  7. You can get the anchor on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  8. Thank you for the videos!! I learn better watching than reading instructions. Love this!! When will the white and blue be back in stock?

  9. We are so glad to hear you are enjoying the videos! We expect to restock both cords within the next 2 weeks or so. Thanks so much for your interest!

    Best Regards,
    Beadaholique Customer Care

  10. hello, how could i buy this bracelet from you??
    i want to buy 20 different models of anchor bracelets from you. Im from Ukraine, i can pay you with paypal payment sistem

  11. The glue that was mentioned is called E6000 and we sell several different sizes on our website. You can find it in the Adhesives section.

  12. Our project and video tutorials are meant to inspire you and teach you new techniques so that you can make your design ideas come to life. We absolutely do encourage you to use techniques that you have learned from us to create original designs for fun and profit.

  13. You can get them on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  14. You can get Anchor Charms on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  15. It will vary with the exact cord you're using and with your tension, but I've found that I lose about half my length in this braid. So to start with, try a little more than double your finished length.

  16. I would like to make this using kumihimo. Has anyone tried it? Any suggestions for type of string to use with it that would leave similar appearance?

  17. I asked Julie, who's done a lot more kumihimo than I have, and she recommends using size 18 Super Lon cord and a standard 8 warp round kumihimo braid for a similar braid size.

  18. That video is called How to Make a Four Strand Round Braid. We added a link to it in the video description underneath this video.

  19. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  20. This is beautiful… and easy enough, I think I can do it! Definately going to give it a try. Thank you for a great tutorial! 🙂

  21. здравствуйте я из России где можно купить такие якори плетеные ткани, где примерно можно купить в каких магазинах. спасибо

  22. Really Cool video – my only question is: How about the glue? It can be used daily without falling apart? Whats your experience with it?

  23. @Wolfgang Rohrbacher Hi, the glue should hold up fine to wear. My only caution would be if you do a lot of swimming with it on and it's exposed to chemicals, getting wet, drying, etc. repeatedly. Our team has had great experience with this glue overall.

  24. the link to learn the round braid sends you to a place to buy the anchor clasp, NOT the video showing how to make the round braid

  25. This is so cool, since buying your bead loom I've made so many great bracelets, what I need are the clasps and other finding to give it a more professional finish before selling them- I love your videos!! 🙂

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