How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet with Pastella Beads

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with and today I show you how to make a memory wire bracelet using czech glass
Pastella beads. I thought I’d take this opportunity to show you the
lovely colors in these Pastella beads I just love the different hues that are
available. To me they have a very vintage retro look which I adore. If you see my other videos you’d know that and here’s eight millimeter size and
then it also comes in a six and a four So 8, 6 and 4 and for this particular
project I wanna go ahead and use 8 because
they take up a lot of nice space when you’re doing a memory wire bracelet and there’s a lot of different color
combos you can do I’m going to do these three colors right
here but it would have been equally as pretty
with that color combo there or I could have even done this one. It’s fun
to play with the colors right now though I wanna work with
these three colors and what you’re going to need is your memory wire. I actually have a half of a 12 coil memory wire piece right here, so
6 coils. I’m actually not going to use all of this that’s what’s great about memory wire.
Sometimes you can get two or three bracelets out of a larger coil. I have my beads and I need a pair round nose pliers, memory wire
cutters. You’re not going to want to use your regular flush cutters, this is super
strong, it will hurt them but you’d can easily cut with memory
wire cutters and then I’m not going to use tape but I’ll show you a little trick you can
do with tape. Now I’m going to finish the end by
creating a simple wire loop you can also use memory wire end caps
which we have another video on but I wanted to really show you how to make a memory wire bracelet really needing to buy a lot of extra
stuff. So I’m just gonna take my round nose pliers. I’m going to grip that end of the memory wire between the two
noses and I’m just going to rotate around. You
can see I’m creating a little loop right there and I going to finish it. You can either
leave it like that or if you want it to be a little bit straighter you can just bend
it back like so. That is gonna stop my beads and that’s all I really need to do so I’m going to go ahead. I am going to cut open my beads. I’m going to start these beads here take them off the strand. I did forget to show you the little tip with the tape. So if I had not already done this. So I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do a stripe of this, stripe of this, stripe of that but perhaps you’re creating a project
where you don’t really know what order of the beads you on a string on your memory wire. You could start by making a little simple wire loop and then what would happen is you would string on some beads if you don’t like them, you would take them all off and then restring them on repeat that process until you’re happy
with your design but what I like to do if I’m not sure is take the end, now let’s pretend I don’t have
that there and this was what was going to be my end and just put a little piece of tape over it as a stopper so now what would happen is let’s say I’ve strung my beads and I’ve got maybe 3 or 4 coils but I don’t really like the first couple
beads that I strung but instead of having to unwind all your beads and take
them all off to get to these end ones, you just take
your piece a tape of and then slip them off this end and then
replace whatever you want to replace them with it’s a lot easier and a nice time saver but
in this instance I do know what I’m going to do so I’m just going to pull my beads off of string that they came on. Again
these are czech glass Pastella beads. They’ve got a wonderful shine to them very uniform in shape. I thought they’d
be perfect for this type of project memory wire sometimes like you can see I kinda unwound it
right there but it will always go back to it’s shape which is wonderful and I’m just going to
place the beads onto the memory wire and what I like to do is after I’ve got a couple on here I like to make sure they scoot down to
the bottom, so I just hold my memory wire and I kinda twirl them down and then that loop we made in the beginning asks as it should it stops the beads and I’m just gonna
continue stringing my beads that color is done It’s actually pretty fun to do that go and I’m ready to start my next color cut this strand and I’m going to get this one ready. Now just follow the exact same process okay I have strung all my beads and slip them down to the end so now to finish it you’re going to make
sure that your beads are tight. That there’s no big gaps in there, you’re gonna wanna go
ahead and cut your memory wire about an 1/4th of an inch maybe a tad bit more from your last bead Do the same technique we did before. We’re going to grab that end and we’re gonna twist it just making a simple wire loop and kink it back
like I did with the other one here we go we are set. Now you could add a
decorative dangle you could have left maybe one of these
beads off on each end put it onto a head pin and made a simple wire loop hung one from each. That’s definitely an
option or you could finish it like this and to put a memory wire
bracelet on just going to slip it onto your wrist You’ve got a really fun fashionable
bracelet that did not take very much time required very few tools and very few
ingredients and again this how to make memory wire
bracelet using Pastella beads which you can
find at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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