How to Make a Mother’s Bracelet

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi this is Andrea from In this
video I’m going to show you hoe to make a Mother’s Bracelet. A Mother’s Bracelet is perfect for
a Mother’s Day gift. But also it’s just a great bracelet to make for any mother for any occasion. And what it is basically is the name of the
mother’s children and however many children you have is however many strands you have. Also their corresponding birthstone Swarovski Crystals in the bracelet for each child. SO I have sapphire and garnet colored Swarovski Crystal
bacons. We have a very handy list on our website to reference what birthstone
would have a matching Swarovski color. So I have two names picked out here my
niece and nephew Hanna and Jonah. I have the alphabet beads ready. I have
all of my silver plated elements ready. Now I’m making this bracelet in silver plated but almost every single
one of these beads come in sterling silver as well. So just have fun picking out what kinds of spacer beads you like and roundÉ Kind of keep them in the five and four millimeter range. In here I have soft touch beading wire. It’s in the medium weight. I’m going to cut pieces of it using my
flush cutters about one foot tall each. I’m going to take both ends of my strands. Maybe about three inches away on the very ends. Going to insert them into my bead stopper. I’m going to put them a few rings from away from each other so I have room to string on my beads. Now that they are
secure on there, you can go ahead and start stringing. What I’m going to do for the Mother’s Bracelet is I’m going to start inside out. So I’m going to start with the letters
and then bead outward. That way I’ll know that they’re going to be semetrical and
the same length. So each letter bead has a bicones between. So I have
amethyst for Hanna and I’ve got peridot for Jonah. So I will string alternating Swarovski Crystal bicones with my letter beads. I’m going to put something out real quickly.
Hanna and Jonah have the same amount of letters their name. If you have longer names, you’re going
to have to compensate at the ends of your bracelet by either adding a couple more spacers or deleting some beads form
the end of the wire so the strands are exactly the same length. I don’t worry about that here. So I’m going to finish stringing my left half
of each strand. And I have two really pretty spacers here. One is a little more feminine one more a little
more masculine. So I’m going to use the feminine one for Hanna and the masculine one Jonah. I’m just going to string the rest of the strand with alternating Swarovski bicones and
spacer beads until I get to the end. Okay now that I have the left side of my bracelet strung I’m going to my beads down and remove the bead stopper from this end and put it on the other end. I’m going to go ahead and bead the right half of
my bracelet as a mirrored image of my left half. Now that I have my strands strung I’m going to crimp both of these strands to a closed jump ring and I have here a five millimeter closed jump ring. Silver plated. So what I want to do is I want to thread the crimp tube on to both strands. One at the time I’m going to thread the end through the closed jump ring. I’m going to move my beads up the strand. I’m going to thread it through the crimp tube. If I can, this just make for a more secure
bracelet. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to this time. I like to thread through
the next consecutive bead. At least one or two in a row. It’s a little tight but I can do it. I’m going to pull my wire. Leave a little wiggle room for this jump ring. I’m going to take my crimping pliers and I’m going to crimp this tube. I can trim off that little tail there. I’m doing the next strand. Thread the wire through
the closed jump ring. Through the crimp tube and through that first bead. Pull snug with a little wiggle room and I’m going to crimp that bead. And I’m going to trim off excess wire. I’m going to go ahead and do that to the opposite end.
Now that I’ve got both ends of both strands attached to these closed jump rings
all I have to do is attach my clasp. There’s a number of clasp to chose from. Actually very
very many clasp to chose from. I’m using this really cute quilted looking heart clasp. To attach that I’m
going to use an oval jump ring. I feel like it’s a little more secure for a bracelet. I’m going to
open the jump ring by twisting two pliers away from each other. I’m just going to attach it to that closed jump ring. I’m going to do the same to on the other end. And I am done. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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