How to Make a Party Bead Multi Strand Bracelet

How to Make a Party Bead Multi Strand Bracelet

Hi! This is Megan with and today I’m going to show you how to make this party bead multi-strand bracelet using these really pretty and fun new czech
glass party beads what you’re going to need is the party beads you can also use any other round bead that would fit on the beading
wire I’m using the six millimeter size czech
glass party beads some of the brighter neon colors and you can pick what size that you like best together, you can also do them
all one color or just a couple of colors I was just going for that kind of rainbow bright effects you also need some beading wire. I’m using soft flex in
medium and just the regular color, it doesn’t
show much and then I’m using a five strand tube clasp pulls apart just that, this is just silver
plated and I have silver plated wire and thread protectors some silver plated crimp tubes so I’m gonna show you how to do one
strand and then all five strands are done just
the same way so I started with a ten inch length of beading wire give myself some extra because I’d rather have too much then not enough and have to do it over
again you will need for sure couple of inches on each end to fold back one thing to keep in mind is that the clasp and the thread and wire
protectors and the crimps are going to add about an inch so the length of the beads that you string you’re gonna want that to be just about
an inch shorter than your desired finish
bracelet length so mine was about six inches of beads and then about an inch to make a
seven-inch bracelet for that I have a ten-inch piece of wire,
if you want to do one that’s much bigger or smaller you should adjust your wire
length to and if you’re going a lot bigger you
might actually need more than one strand of the beads each there are some left for a seven inch bracelet, you could
be able to go up maybe as much as an inch before you need more beads go ahead and take your beads off of the
strand and I know with these particular beads I want twenty six beads that’s just because I’ve already figured
that out so if you’re doing a different length or using different beads then you wanna measure but for my
purposes I know I want twenty six of these for about six inches so the first thing we’re going to do
is attach our strand to our clasp and one tip I will give you is for
stringing these I keep the clasp closed it helps to avoid ending up with
your class the wrong way and having your work twist and it also helps if you keep the wire
bent if you do it straight and you do it too tight, they
won’t bend I find it easier to just keep this close
and work that way the first thing to do is put the crimp tube onto the beading wire put the wire into the wire protector back through the other end you want about an inch sticking out past the end of your protector here and then you’ll just put the free end through one of the rings in your clasp and then slide the crimp tube down over both ends and your wire protector also you
can kind of squish it just gently with your fingers to make the ends meet and push that crimp tube just right up next to that and then use crimping pliers to
crimp your tube down you have the two spaces on your crimping pliers your gonna use the first space that has the little bend at the top turn it side ways and use the second one
if you’re not familiar the second one will round it off make it nice and smooth take flush cutters and trim the excess of the wire just right next
to the tube and string your beads you shouldn’t need any kind of needle or
anything though beading wire is sturdy if you are going to use a different bead
you do need to make sure that it’s going to have a large enough hole for the beading wire there are different sizes if you need to
use a fine instead of a medium but just check the measurements of the
item description and make sure that it’s going to fit or if you already have the beads then you can just test it and make sure check and make sure that I’ve got about six inches worth of beads, I want a seven inch bracelet and make sure that you keep your strands even too. So you don’t
want to have longer or shorter strands unless you don’t
want them to be even. If you want them to be different lengths you can play with that make sure you’re using the same number of beads if you’re using the same time slide another crimp tube right onto the other end then put the end through the other end of the wire protector down through the other side don’t pull it all the way down yet now you’re going to just loop right
around put that through the loop next to the one you used before,
you want to keep it nice and straight for this project put the tail end through the crimp close up your protector there and gently pull this you don’t wanna pull super tight. You
don’t want to create friction between the beads so it’s already rounded that’s helping so just make sure that it moves pretty
freely and then go ahead and crimp that crimp tube as well you’ll finish the first strand just trim off the tail end of the wire that’s all there is to it. All you’re going
to do is you repeat the exact same process with your other four strands of beads and you’ll end up with a bracelet just like this one. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


  1. I love your videos, but i'm italian and i don't now English very well, so sorry for my language. I hope you hunderstend What i Said ! 🙂

  2. You could, with a few adjustments, definitely. It's hard sometimes to get that many strands to sit across the back of the neck properly when they sit side by side. Often, multi strand necklaces are more bunched at the back, or else, the multiple strands begin at the front instead of going all the way around. You might want to consider using like a 4 strand reducer or clasp and putting two strands into each loop.

  3. Then, you'll probably want to graduate the strand lengths so that the bottom ones are longer and the top ones are shorter, again so that they hang nicely.

  4. These are cute bracelets. How would you recommend I make them for a 9 and 13 yr old? Could they be extended as the child grows?

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