How To Make A Patterned Silver Bracelet

How To Make A Patterned Silver Bracelet


  1. This looks like it starts off as a flat piece of silver but it also looks like it turns into a ridge shape through the centre….did I miss something?

  2. Nice video.  Could you please tell me what gauge wire this is that you're using in the video?  And is it triangle wire?

  3. Very confusing video – you start with a flat bracelet and then, through some miracle,,get a ridge bracelet. Huh?? You definitely missed a step. Or I did.

  4. Great tutorial, very useful information/techniques, but unfortunately the resolution is so bad I can't see any of the detail work you've done. Some of the comments below help to clarify obvious questions, but still, wish I could better see the results you are getting as you go along. Especially that ridge you describe…can't really get a look at it here!

  5. I would really like to have been able to see the detail…it was like looking through coke bottle lenses…surely this could be cleaned up to be visually perfect.

  6. Hi i have a old "FINE SILVER" bracelet i made in class a couple of years ago i was wondering if i can cut it and make rings out of it and if so how do i go about it? It also turned colors from not being worn. Love your teaching!

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