How to Make a Perfect Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

Hi I’m George Peirson and this video is part of a series of videos I have here on YouTube on creating text inside of Photoshop. Be sure to look at the description for links to the rest of the videos. Okay, let’s go ahead and get into the new video. This video is by request and I’m doing this in Photoshop cs6 this is going to be a fast take on doing gold lettering. Now I have a much longer video which goes into great detail on how to do the gold lettering effect. This is just a real fast look at how to do this and be real quick and real easy. OK, first off we want to have a medium thin typeface with serifs on there it just adds to the metallic look and everything else comes later alright let’s go ahead and we’ll start a new file here so file new now I have this one set for 20 100 by 1500 at 300 resolution pixels per inch so as that printing resolution choose okay there we go so far so good background we want to have a gradient in here I want to go from black at the top to a dark grey at the bottom in this go ahead and put that in so blacks at the top that’s fine let’s change the gray down here if it pulls down to a dark grey down here somewhere somewhere in the 3s 300s down here the one I actually use on my demo was three a three nine three nine three nine three nine there we go but down in the 3s which is down around here should work out fine choose okay so a black to a dark gray let’s go to our gradient tool and set this for foreground to background which is right there so make sure that reverse is unchecked I’ll be pulling on a straight line to pull straight line down hold the shift key down and pull we’ll give you a straight gradient there we go just drops that in easy enough okay we now need to bring in our text I’m just going to put those back to their default colors just out of habit doing that go to the type tool now the typeface I chose is one here called copperplate gothic light and as you can see it’s a a medium thin typeface with real slight little serifs on the ends kind of a chiseled looking typeface works at war for the metallic look so that’s one I use anything that will is similar to this will work out just fine you know this work out fine down here that works out fine Times New Roman works out fine Trajan works fine but I’m using this one for this one cover plate gothic light the size for this page is a hundred ten points and we’re giving it a orange coloring sievert down here right in the mid range on our oranges and you are going to clear the top that’s fine I’m not quite up at the top here and the actual number here is f7 six D zero 70 if you want to match that exactly but anywhere in the mid range of your oranges and up here so it’s pretty bright choose okay we want to put our text right in the middle of the page so let’s pull down a guideline whittled snaps on the center and it’s not snapping so let’s check our view here make sure that Snap is on there we go okay that’s good pull that down till it snaps there it is snaps on the center and I let’s click in here and type in gold I’ll do it all caps and let’s just bring this down and kind of drop it on to that center line there we go we’ll be putting a reflection down here below it that just kind of puts it positioned nicely on the page that’s just a visual position okay this one we no longer need that guideline if we just want to hide that there we go now we need a bevel and emboss on this so let’s go up here to our layer layer Styles bevel and emboss you want inner bevel smooth your depth you want to have this at 2:46 so if I just scroll up it’s about a third of the way up there it is 246 and size we want this at 24 there we go looks pretty good that gives us the nice highlights and shadows on there now to make this look like gold here’s the trick an understated gloss contours and we want to have the one says ring just right there there we go so choose that ring contour these contours give you all kinds of different looks when that gives you the best Metallica is this ring look okay there it is that takes care of that bit that’s pretty good we’re almost there but not quite we’re going to copy this layer so grab it bring it down to the new layer button there we go copy of the layer let’s now screen this layer on Lister this give us the real gold color so we’ll just come in here and scroll down to screen there we go there’s that gold color now absolutely perfect last thing we need is to have our reflection on our surface down here I’m just going to take either one of these it is mental take the bottom one let’s make this again a new layer drag it down new layer button there we go put it up on top I want to flip this so edit transform flip vertical make it upside down now drag that down there we go now it is still it has since I chose the bottom one it has kind of a copper you look and that’s perfect for this I want to be a little bit darker and the position is pretty good we now want to fade this out and I’ll do that with a layer mask so let’s make a layer mask click on the layer mask button Israel air mask here’s our colors let’s go to our gradient tool and foreground a background white shows black hides so let’s pull it up this way and all just play around with this until I find just the right setting on this it’s kind of a visual thing that’s pretty good you kind of pull it up right from in here somewhere pulled it up maybe a little bit further down might be better there we go just a touch if it’s too much you can always bring down your opacity at this point and it gives you that reflection effect and there we go of course you can pick it a lot further you can put you know surface detail in here different lighting effects outside if you want to spotlights that kind of fun stuff but again this is a fast demonstration and the important part there is that goal look as you can see this is just about absolutely perfect on that gold look and the real trick is the bevel and emboss notice the bevel and emboss is just coming just to where the bevel meets at the top there and that ring gloss and doing the two layers with a second layer screen on top of the first layer giving us that nice gold tone so there we go fast technique on how to make gold lettering thank you for watching this special Photoshop photography project video don’t forget to subscribe so that you will get first notice of new project videos in the future just click on this link right here where it says subscribe here you can get all twelve project videos in this series along with 26 special videos demonstrating the tools and techniques that I used in these projects by clicking on this link right down here and then thank you again for watching this training video

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