How To Make a Rainbow Loom Bracelet with Beads

How To Make a Rainbow Loom Bracelet with Beads

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Rubber Band Design. This is video number two
in a nine-part series of basic rubber bands bracelets. Today, we are making the basic
bracelet design with beads. So let’s get started. For this bracelet, you will
need one loom, one hook, one c-clip, 21
white rubber bands or whatever color you
need, and 10 pony beans. First, we will put our
first rubber band– after you make sure your loom is
pointing with the arrow facing away from you or up– put
your first rubber band on the middle bottom peg
and the right bottom peg. Then, you’re going to
take your next rubber band and thread a pony
bead onto it, like so. And we’re going to stretch
it from that bottom right to the next center. And then we’re only
going to be putting our pony beads on every other. So the next one is just a band. And then the next, put another
pony bead on your fourth band. We’re going to continue going
all the way through until we use all 21 of our rubber bands. And this is what
your loom should look like when you are done. Your first and last rubber
bands do not have a bead on it and then every other
does from there. Go ahead and turn
your loom around to where the arrows
are facing towards you. And we are not going to
loop the first rubber band. But we will start
with the second one. Make sure you get
in between, and only loop that second rubber band
that has the bead on it. Mine has a purple bead on it. We’re going to take
it off that peg and onto the peg that that
rubber band came from. Now, I need to go ahead
and get my hook down, and make sure I hook the rubber
band that is on the bottom and bring it up an off
the peg and onto the peg that it came from as well. And again, with
the next one, you want to reach all the way down
and grab the rubber band that is on the bottom, and
pull it up from the center and around the next peg,
and continue doing this all the way through the loom. This is what your
loom should look like when you’re done weaving. Now, take your c-clip. We are going to clip it on
to that last rubber band that has been doubled up, and
then go ahead and start taking your bracelet
off of the loom. And then, I always like to
stretch mine out and make sure that the rubber
bands aren’t twisted. And then go ahead and clip
on the first rubber band that we had onto the
other side of the c-clip. And there you have it. There is your basic rubber
band bracelet with beads. If you made this bracelet,
I would love to see it, so please go over to Instagram
and tag #banddesigns, so we can see your
creation as well. This is our second video
in a nine-part video series of Basic
Rubber Band Designs. So go ahead and click
on video number three, where you can learn how
to do a fishtail bracelet, or go back and watch video
number one, which is just the basic rubber band bracelet. Make sure to subscribe for
a new rubber band design every Friday, and we
will see you next week.


  1. Lol who else found rainbow looms in there basement and thought they would get back into it just me okπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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