How to Make a Resin Bangle Bracelet Using a Block Mold

How to Make a Resin Bangle Bracelet Using a Block Mold

Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Hi this is Juile for and
today I want to show you how to use a mold which we made using
Easy Mold Silicone Rubber. In a previous video we went ahead and we
actually created this mold from this plastic bangle. Now I want to reproduce this bangle but I’d
like to do this in a different color. I want to do it using Ice Resin. So to begin with we’re going to need to mix up
some resin. I’m going to estimate
that I need about two ounces for this. So I’ve got my mixing cup here with
measurements along the side. So I’m going to pour one ounce of part A. When you’re using Ice Resin you need to mix
equal parts of part A and part B. So I’m going to pour one ounce of part B which is
the hardener. I’m going to mix these together for a full two minutes until they’re fully
blended together. My resins fully mixed and now I want to add
some color. You can mix colors so I’ve got two
transparent colors right here. I have a green and yellow. I’m going to do two drops of green. My yellow for some reason has lost its
topper. I’m just going to do a drop of yellow. I’ve got more than a drop in there. It should be
ok there. I can already tell that I want a little bit
more green. I’ll add another drop of green. I think I’ll do two. You notice I’ve put down some protective
sheeting over my table. You always to do that when you’re working with resin and
pigments. I’m scraping the sides of my container as I go. I want to make sure this is
fully blended. When all striations are gone and all the colors
are completely blended, I’m going to let it sit for about five minutes. you have to work pretty quickly with the
resin. Don’t let it sit for too long but I do want to let some of those bubbles come to the
surface and pop on their own especially since I’m going to be pouring it into this mold. We’ve been patient. We waited for five
minutes. Some of the bubbles are gone. Not all of them are. I’ve actually don a glove because I feel
this will get a little bit messy. Now if you’ve seen my other resin videos
you know what I usually recommend is that you take the resin onto the stir stick and you dribble it into
the mold. It’s a little bit hard in a case like
this so we’re actually going to pour the resin and it is going to get onto that top area as well. That’s
ok we’re going to be able to peel that away later. So what I want to do right now is I want to
remove my stick. I’m going to pull back the edge of my mold. See how flexible
this is. This mold does not require any mold
release. I’m going to push the side to make a
little spout. I’m going to pour my resin into my mold/ I’m pausing. It might be hard to see in the video
but what the resin is doing now is it is seeking along the edges and filling
in the cracks. I’m going to help it along a little bit. Pour some more. What I’m doing is I want it to go up to the
edge. I want to go over too much. It’s okay if it goes over the edge. I’ll just crackle off
when you try to pull this out. I want to make sure it it’s filled fully. I know when I made this particular
mold I had a little bit of a clay rim around it to adhere the bangle itself to the container which I
made the mold in and so that actually gave it a little bit of a lip to my bangle bracelet when I poured it and so
I know I’m going to sand that down anyways. So I’m up to the top. I know I’m
totally fine for the actual shape of the bangle. So I’m going to let that cure fully for
three days. Normally you can go ahead and start working with some
resin after about twenty four hours it’s harden
but because of the nature of this mold the fact that I’m going to really have
to pry the bangle out, it’s going to come out but I’m guessing on past experience it’s going to
give me a little bit of a challenge getting the bangle itself out of the mald just because of the rounded shape to it
where it comes to a tapered point up at the top. So I want to wait three full days before
I attempt to pull this one out. Just to make sure it’s fully cured and I don’t do any damage
to the bangle itself and then I know I can apply some good forced to it. So we’re going to be patient and wait and then we’re going to comeback in three days. we’ve waited three days and now it’s time to
release to bangle from the mold. To do so first off any type of resin
that you have which spilled over the sides should just be able to be picked and cracked off. You might have a little you might have a lot. Just
to try to remove as much as you can Now we’re gonna loosen the sides
of the mold. To do that just depress on the edge and work your way all the way around. We’re going to do that on the inside as well. See if we
could pull it away. We’re just allowing air to get in there. That’s
going to help us to be able to pull the bangle out of the mold itself. The mold we made is completely reusable so don’t
worry about it. you’re not going to stretch it too
much. It’s rubber it goes back into place. Now we’re going to try to grab it out. To do so I’m going to pull down the side. I’m going to
try to get my fingers under it. I’m going to work my way around the edge trying to pull it out. It’s going to be a little easier if you have a ring.
Bangles are a little bit more challenging because it does have so much of the mold in the middle that you’re trying to
release it from. And there we go. Now I’ll show you real quick you are
gonna have the smooth edge which is where the bangle was put down into the mold as
such because of course that was molded perfectly with the original object. And you’re going to have a rough edge. What you’re going to want to do with this
rough edge is take a file and sand it down. I would suggest wearing a mask when you do this.
you don’t want any of the resin to get into your lungs. You don’t want to breath that in. You’re going to carfully go along the
edge and remove the rough edge. It took me about fifteen to twenty minutes
of sanding but I was finally able to get that rough edge all smooth down. As you can see
it’s now flush. So we have the complete bangle. It’s really nice and smooth. I
made sure that I actually sanded within the interior edge as well so that when
you put the bangle onto your wrist. It’s smooth. There are no sharp edges. As you can see we now have an exact duplicate of our original bangle bracelet which we molded out of resin. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!


  1. @craftmomma3 The filing does remove the shine. Here is what I would try to return the shine – first buff the area as best as possible to remove any resin dust and make the piece very smooth. Then try painting a very thin coat of gloss sealant over the area. You can also use clear nail polish – both of these will bring back some of the shine. Try this on a test piece first since this is not a guaranteed solution. Hope this gives you some ideas!

  2. @corettamill You can get the Easy Mold on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath the video.

  3. @Beadaholique

    is it normally use the rtv 585 silicone rubber mold for epoxy resin?I've used both of these but when i demold it became sticky.My curing time is 1 day,is it required to cure fir 3 days?What would you think my mistake,is it the silicone mold or my curing time?I hope you can give me some advice.Thanks!

  4. @michaelification1 Hi! Unfortunately since we do not sell the RTV 585 silicone rubber mold, I can not speak to what resins will work in it. However, what you are describing sounds more like a problem with the resin then the mold. If your resin is old, this could prevent it from setting up properly and always remaining sticky. The other issue could be if it was measured wrong. You need exactly equal parts of part A and part B. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  5. @Beadaholique Hi! thank you the reply.May be the problem is resin because it's old and almost 1 year.Any way thank you very much!

  6. Very nice tutorial on creating your own resin bangle bracelet Ms. Bean. Out of curiosity, do you wear the bangle that you've made yourself? I have several bangles that I would love to do with your products and methods of making resin bangle bracelets because I decorate them for my lady friends and that would help me create more bangles for my type of decorating bangle bracelet projects when I have spare time, Ms. Bean.

  7. @jccaudell82 Thank you for the compliment! I do wear my own bangles and my own jewelry. I try to actually only wear my own jewelry, that way when people say "oh, I love that!" I can proudly say, "thanks! I made it" – lol

  8. @Beadaholique hi! i saw you use ice resin from your video,i bought some easy cast clear casting epoxy resin but i don't know if it is usable with that kind of silicone mold?Is that silicone mold is for ice resin only?I hope you can help me.Thanks

  9. @Beadaholique hi maam,is it possible to use easy cast clear casting epoxy resin to the easy cast silicone rubber mold?

  10. @Beadaholique hi! can i use easy cast clear casting epoxy resin in easy mold silicone rubber?i saw your video using that kind of mold rubber,i have that one but i don't know if easy cast clear casting epoxy resin is compatible to use?

  11. Its has been 3 days since i set my resin in a bracelet mold and the bracelet is really flexible… what did i due wrong?

  12. @Snoepie97 You can get the supplies in this video on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath the video.

  13. @ThePrettyLime The two most common reasons for resin remaining soft after 3 days are: somehow the mixing ratio was off and it was not exactly equal parts (you need to make sure that part A and part B are exactly a 1 to 1 ration), and the second cause could be that your resin is getting old. How long have you had it?

  14. is it okay to use easy cast clear casting epoxy resin to that silicone rubber mold?I saw your demo use ice resin how about for epoxy resin?

  15. @Snoepie97 Hi! I am sorry but I do not know how to make a silicone bracelet. You can try to google "how to make a silicone bracelet" and see what shows up.

  16. If you want to add things to resin, just sit them down inside your mold before you pour the resin. A feather is going to be really tricky though because it will move around when the liquid is poured over it. You will need to experiment to see what works and what does not. What type of lettering are you wanting to add? A premade silicone mold is actually going to be easier to do this with then a block mold because you will be able to see through it.

  17. Great video. For a university project i was thinking of making resin and silicone bracelets. I was wondering, is it possible to make a silicone mould and then instead of using resin inside, use silicone? is it possible to buy transparent silicone? or a softer resin?
    kind regards

  18. You can use Easy Cast resin for this project, but in the video I used Ice Resin. Your result should be the same though.

  19. I am afraid you will need to find a bracelet to cast which is the right size. I do not know of a way of taking a too small bracelet and casting it so that it expands in size.

  20. Hmmm… I have received several requests like this and we do not sell such a product so I can not say if it will work (since I have not tested it). Try googling the terms and see what you can find. I am sorry that I can not be of better assistance. Good Luck!

  21. When making the mold, if you would put a large cylindrical object in the middle of the bracelet you'd save a lot of mold material and make it a lot easier to remove the item.

  22. It actually comes out of the mold shiny. I know some people sand the resin down and then to return the shine, they use a gloss varnish or even a clear nail polish.

  23. love that, thanks for the tutorial………do you suggest mixing food coloring or paint with resin? I've seen tut's on it and I tried food coloring and the red didn't cure so well, their still floppy buttons….any sugggestions?

  24. I do not suggest mixing food coloring or paint with the resin. I have never had success with this and it is such a risk because you do not know how the chemical makeup of the additive will affect the chemical reaction of the resin – especially since there are so many different types of paints out there. I would stick with the pigments and dyes made specifically for resin.

  25. Hi! Welcome to the jewelry making world! I just wrote a blog post on tips and advice for working with resin. Here is a link: beadersblog . com/2012/06/mastering-2-part-resin-tips-and-advice I would suggest figuring out what type of jewelry you want to make first, then look up tutorials on that technique. We also have free jewelry making projects on our website: beadaholique . com/t-ba-inspiration

  26. The biggest thing is to just have fun, let your creativity flow, and feel free to try new things and experiment. There are also links to those pages in the video description underneath the video.

  27. You can get the supplies featured in this video on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath the video.

  28. HI can you answer please, this bangle has a midle bit which could be used to add some things like charms or cabs, how would i go about, if i wanted to make similar using a silicone mold – do i have to add half resin wait to set and add the items and than the rest of the resin or can i add everything in one go.

  29. It really depends upon the look that you want. If you are not concerned about the objects being at staggered heights, then you can add the objects and the resin all at once (this means that they will be at the base of your mold). If however, you want them to be placed at various heights, you will need to do several layers of resin.

  30. With colouring resin, it's probably best to colour your part B in a different cup and then measure out your A or add your A (whichever is user preference). It's just something I've seen and read 🙂 gives you less worry on the pot time of your resin and lessens your mixing (or bubbles perhaps).

    At least I hope so lol
    Awesome tutorial btw, I'll have to try this for my doll stuff!

  31. I am always one for experimenting. I would try a very small batch with the makeup although I do hesitate that it will actually color the resin a bit and make it cloudy. If you are wanting the look of fine glitter, I would just go with the fine glitter, however, if you do the experiment, you could come out with a very unique and cool result. It's all a matter of how much you are wanting to experiment.

  32. Yes, you could make a key as long as you don't mind one side of the key being flat and not detailed. If you are trying to make it work in a lock, I can not guarantee that it will work, but you can definitely make a decorative key.

  33. I have never used a straw but my best guess is that they are trying to use the heat of their breath to remove the bubbles. Blowing cold air on it will do nothing. I would actually think breathing heavily close to mixed resin would be better then the straw which might allow the heat of your breath to cool down before it reaches the resin. Still wait the 5 minutes, it does help a lot, and then you can try the hot breath – the more you can do to remove bubbles, the better.

  34. Hi! You can use a shiny (high gloss) clear spray sealant on the piece and that will return its shine. I would suggest doing a test piece first.

  35. We used Ice Resin in this video. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  36. Hello, I do not have any desire to make jewelry, however I came across this video, and the previous one, and while your bangle mold is quite different from what i will be making I wanted you to know that thru your demonstration you solved several problems I was having when figuring how to make eye pieces for a mask I am working on. Thank you, I plan on watching more of your vids.

  37. Hi! I know the bracelets that are speaking of but unfortunately I do not know how to make them. I am sorry.

  38. Hi there, thank you for your videos!! Do you have a how to video on creating the mold to use for colored resin flowers? I adore them but I'm not really sure how to create my first one, and I don't feel comfortable using someone else's resin flower to make a mold from that.

  39. Hi! Do you mean sculpting the actual object that you want to mold? We don't have a video for this but I do know a lot of people who have sculpted their base objects (which they then mold) out of polymer clay.

  40. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  41. There is not a way to save mixed resin so it is best to have several projects handy and ready to be filled with resin before you start.

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  43. What kind of paint drops are you using? Are there different types of resin to make more opaque bangles? I'm new at this.

  44. Nice, but 1 suggestion; drop a soup can in the center of the bangle. This would reduce the amount of silicone rubber needed. It would also make it easier to remove from the mold because a "donut" shaped mold would have no interior to fight against.

  45. in your opinion what is the best putty to use for ice resin ?
    I will be making only clear casts and want them to look like glass
    i have watched a video where the amazing putty frosts the cast
    i haven't seen this brand you are using here is it better for my usage ?

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