How To Make A Vertical Bar Necklace: Jewelry Making Tutorial

To make the pendant, we’ve got a rose charm. This Rose charm is gold and it’s 12 millimeters in diameter and then, we’ve got some rondelle beads. These are crystal rondelles. We have eight in marine blue. They are two millimeters through the hole and they’re three millimeters wide. and then we have a matching Rondo here two of them that are the same size two millimeters by three millimeters but these are very pretty light blue crystal Randall We’re gonna put the pennant together using an eye pin and eye pin is like a head pin but it has a loop at the end and it’s gold to match the Rose charm this is our gold chain necklace that we’re going to put the pendant on and then for tools we’re going to use wire cutters and round nose pliers To make the pennant the first thing we want to do is put the Rose charm on the bottom of our eye pin and to do that we need to open up the loop at the bottom of the eye pin and I’m going to use the round nose pliers to do that and I’m just going to take the Open side this is the end of the pin and it comes around like this and then continues on I’m taking that open side and I’m just gonna sort of open it like a gate upwards towards the ceiling That way I still have a round shape But I also have a little opening on the side that I can use to slide on the Rose charm So that I’m just gonna slide the Rose charm into that opening And then I’m going to close it back the same way using the round nose pliers I’m going to bend it back so it meets back up with where it started and that’s how we’re gonna put the Rose charm on that’s on there already looks nice and Now we’re gonna make the beaded bar part of the pendant and to do that I’m gonna feed on all these tiny beautiful little Ron dolls and we chose two colors of These rondelle’s to feed onto the eye pin this beautiful marine blue we thought, we would do a pattern That’s sort of more beads that match at the bottom so five matching blue beads at the bottom and Then we thought it’d be nice to kind of interrupt that with one of these light blue crystals so I’ve got five on there and Then there’s that light blue one that kind of interrupts it You could do it all the same would look wonderful I’m sure and this Also would look pretty with other beads like pearls. Maybe there’s another of the dark one and we’ll put another light one On there and then two more the last two rondelle’s When you pick out your roundels it’s a good Idea to test with your eye pin to make sure your eye pin fits through your beads some beads are very small The holes in them are too small for a head for a head pin on a pin she just might check that So there’s the bar and that makes the pendant hang nice So now what we need to do is just put a loop at the top of that so, I’m just gonna press the beads towards the end and I’m gonna use my round nose pliers to make a wrapped loop at the top of this and To make that wrapped loop I want it to be in the same plane as my bottom loop So I want to turn that I pin a little so now the eye pin is going to be in the same plane I mean the Loop on the eye can will be in the same plane as the loop we’re gonna make to make this loop I’m gonna make a 90 degree bend in The wire by pushing the wire down 90 degrees and then I’m gonna reposition my pliers to the top of that 90 degree Bend where I position this loop where I position this on the players going to determine how big my loop is if I start making the loop here it will only be as big as the end of the place which is very tiny I could, also make the loop up here and the loop will be as big as the pliers up here, which is a little too big But we do need it big enough to go around our chain so I’m gonna go right here in the center make sort of a medium-size loop and Then to make that loop I’m gonna pull the wire up and over the pliers like that I can’t go all the way around so I’m gonna put the bottom jaw in and then I’m gonna bend the wire down and around like that and I have a little bit of a gap there so I’m just gonna rotate the loop a little bit to close that gap and then I’m gonna straighten the loop up so it’s right at the top and then I’m just gonna trim the end I called this a wrap loop but as I was doing it I could see that I don’t Have enough of a tail to make a wrap so I’m just gonna do a simple loop instead So, I’m gonna trim the end here with my wire cutters and that I pin wires a little harder than some of the wire we work with so you have to manipulate it a little bit and I’m just gonna make that loop complete like that and now I can feed my chain in here’s our necklace that we’re going to put it on if you buy some chain and you don’t have a clasp on it already you can put a clasp on it and this one has a jump ring on the end But the jump ring is bigger than the loop I have here so I’m just gonna remove the jump ring by opening it the same way we did the bottom of the I pin and I’m going to drop that chain in and Then I’m gonna put that jump ring right back on just like that But you could buy your own chain they sell chain by the foot at the jewellery supply store and you could put your own clasp on it and I’m just going to close that jump ring the same way and it back like that and That is our beautiful long charm pendant

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