How to Make a Watermelon Cuff Bracelet – Simple Cross Stitch Needlepoint Design

How to Make a Watermelon Cuff Bracelet – Simple Cross Stitch Needlepoint Design

Hey I’m Sarah Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to make this watermelon summer cuff bracelet. You will need a stitchable cuff bracelet. It has pre-punched holes in it where you
can make a cross stitch design. I’m using scissors and a blunt tip plastic canvas
needle. I’m also using some craft cord. You can use embroidery floss too. First
start with the dark green. To measure how much thread you will need I use five
times the length of the bracelet. I will also have this chart pattern on my
website We’ll be making little X’s. Start at the upper
right and make a diagonal or half stitch. Keep about an inch and a half of the
tail end in the back. Try to sew over it to secure it. Then insert into the lower
corner. Top stitch… Bottom stitch… And another stitch. Continue this across the row. Now it’s
time to complete the X. Start at the upper right then work to the lower left. Keep completing the X’s across the row. Once you have finished with the dark
green, weave in the end under about six stitches. And cut it. Next use the lighter
green and make a row. Then use the white and make a row. With the hot pink or red
make one row. With this next row we’re going to leave spaces open for the black
seeds. Start with five diagonal stitches. Then skip one diagonal stitch, and make
five more diagonal stitches. Skip one diagonal stitch. And make five more diagonal stitches.
Continue this across the row. On the way back, form your X’s and groups of five. With this next row we want the black
seeds to be on the third stitch. Start with two diagonal stitches and skip the
third one. Then work in groups of five again for the next row. Make it like the
first seed row. And the row after that make it like the
second seed row. For the last row just work every stitch. It’s time for the
black thread. Weave it in a few stitches on the back to secure it. With these I
would suggest making the complete X all at once. Make X’s for each seed until
it looks like this. I hope this video has helped you. Please like and comment on
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  2. Hi Sarah! What a cute cuff! Thank you for sharing. Always look forward to your tutorials. Have a great day and God's Blessings.

  3. Nice maybe you can write people’s names do you know I have a hard time finding my name spelled right with things like this in stores

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