How To Make a Zipper Rainbow Loom Bracelet

How To Make a Zipper Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Hey everyone. Welcome to Band Designs. Today, we are going to be
making a zipper bracelet. This is one of our basic series
videos that we are doing. It is something simple and easy,
but doesn’t look that simple, and it’s a lot of fun to make. [MUSIC PLAYING] For this bracelet, you would
need one hook, one loom, one c-clip, 25 rubber bands for
the outside of your bracelet, and 20 bands for whatever
you want on the inside. I’m choosing blue and orange. So I have 10 of each. You can choose the
same color, or you can choose multiple
colors if you would like. And then you need
one more extra band that matches your outside
bands for the end. All right. Let’s get started putting
a rubber bands on. We are going to start
at the very bottom. Make sure your arrow is
facing out away from you. And put your first in on
the middle peg on the bottom and on the bottom left peg. Now, we’re going to go straight
up on our left side, getting every single peg,
except for the last two. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now, we’re done on
the left, and we’re going to back and put the
ends over on the right side, starting from the bottom
middle peg over to the right. And now, we’ll go straight up
except for the last two pegs again. [MUSIC PLAYING] So now, your looms
should look like this. You have bands going all
the way on the outside, except for the very end. Now, we’re going to start
working on our colors on the middle. And we are going to
alternate our colors. I’m going to start putting
a blue on my first two pegs in the middle and then
and orange on top of it. Next, I’m going to put
an orange down first. Make sure you’re pushing
the rubber bands down, but do not get them twisted
and then a blue on top. And I’m going to
do this with all of my blue and orange bands. So blue is on top, now I need
to put a blue on the bottom and then orange. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next, we’re going to
use our pink band. And we’re going to
double up this next one with both pink bands. And then our last band
goes at the very end. So this is what your
loom looks like now. Now, it is time to flip our
loom around, and start hooking. We are going to
start on the second from the bottom
hook in the center. And we want our top pink
rubber band that is on there, and we’re going to hook
it over to the top left. And then we’re going to take
the last pink rubber band that’s on there, and hook
it over to the right. Next, we’re going to start on
that left peg on the bottom, and get the bottom the rubber
band, and hook it directly up. And then go to the right
and do the same thing. Get that bottom band and
hook it directly up as well. Next, we’re going to go to
the center peg right here. And I need to grab
my blue rubber band, which is the
second from the bottom. And I’m going to bring it
over, up and over to the left. Now, I’m going to go back down. Make sure you’re going through
the center of your peg. And I’m going to grab
that orange one that’s on the very bottom, and go
up and over to the right. So your loom should
look like this. Now, we’re going to do this
same pattern all the way down our loom. [MUSIC PLAYING] And this is what
you should have. To finish off this
bracelet, we are going to be working on this
top pegs on the top left peg, you want to dig in there and
go get that bottom band that’s in there, minus pink. And we’re going to pull that
up and out of the center very carefully, and hook it
on our last peg in the center. And then get the one on
the top right as well and hook it on the center. Now, we need to make a silk
knot with our last rubber band. I’m going to stick my hook all
the way down into the center, and hook this rubber
band, and pull it through. It’s a little bit easier if
you can twist your hook in to make silk knot. And then we can start
pulling our rubber bands off. [MUSIC PLAYING] Give it a little stretch. And here it is. Let’s put our c-clip on it. [MUSIC PLAYING] And there you go. Here is your zipper bracelet. If you made this bracelet,
we would like to see it, so please go over to Instagram
and tag #banddesigns, so we can see your
creation as well. This video was part of our basic
series of Rubber Band Designs. You can go and click
on the next video to see how to do a
starburst bracelet, or you can also go back and
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