How to make Adorable Silk Bow Ankle Bracelet for your Foot | Easy DIY Tutorial | No Tools

How to make Adorable Silk Bow Ankle Bracelet for your Foot | Easy DIY Tutorial | No Tools

Hi guys, I’m Christina and today we are making the cutest and simplest ankle bracelet I’ve ever seen all you’ll need is some thick chain and some ribbons. No special tools needed, no special skills needed Just dare to be creative and see what comes out. Don’t forget to watch this video until the end cause there are some behind the scenes shots for you and lets go make it! so basically we take the thick chain and we cut it to fit our own ankle so we want it to be from this point to this point, we don’t want it to close the whole ankle just want to leave this back end open and then we take the ribbon and we pass the ribbon inside the chain like that, from the one end and we do exactly the same thing on the other end we pass the ribbon through the last hole of the chain and we have this thing here. So you wear the anklet like that and you make a simple bow right here and your anklet is ready. I have used 18cm of thick chain and 50cm of ribbon but this depends on the size of your ankle. So try and see what fits you best. If you want you can burn the tips with a lighter just to make sure you don’t have frayed ends Basically what we do is, we take the lighter and and we burn just a bit the tip of the ribbon to make sure we don’t have frayed ends, it’s very simple thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did remember to subscribe for more DIY projects and press the little bell so you get notifed every time I upload a new video. Thank you very much, see you at the next video. Bye-Bye.


  1. Βρήκα το κανάλι σου.
    Και θέλω να σε ρωτήσω γιατί στο ένα κανάλι μιλασ ελληνικά και στο άλλο αγγλικα

  2. Χριστινα μολις γυρισεις απο τις διακοπες θελουμε και αλλα diy videos!!!!!

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