How to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet

How to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet

How to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet. With some string and a few simple knots, you
can make a pal for life — or at least as long as it takes for a bracelet to wear through. You will need Four or more pieces of embroidery
thread, each about two ft. long and masking tape or a safety pin. Step 1. Line up your thread so that the ends are even. Tie a knot about two inches from the top of
the bundle. To make a thicker bracelet, use more than
four strands of thread. Step 2. Secure the knot to a flat surface with masking
tape, or pin the knot to your clothing, like on the knee of your pants. Step 3. Spread your threads out, and starting on the
left, count them one through four. Hold strand two tight as you take thread one
and loop it around. Pull the end of thread one up and through
to make a small, tight knot. Then make a second knot directly under the
first. Step 4. Go down the line, and double-knot strand one
around strands three and four. Step 5. Use strand two to make double knots around
the other threads. Step 6. Continue double-knotting with strands three
and four, and repeat the entire process until the bracelet is long enough to fit around
a wrist or an ankle. Experiment making stripes of different widths
by knotting one strand more times and another strand fewer times. Step 7. Using all your thread, make a knot at the
end of your bracelet, trim the ends, and present your homemade gift to a friend. Did you know Tradition states that friendship
bracelets shouldn’t be removed; instead, they should be worn until they fall off.


  1. As this is supposed to be a video for kids, the obscenity is not necessary. I DO agree that it is a little harder to make a good bracelet than it looks.

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