How to Make an Embedded Object Resin Bangle Bracelet

How to Make an Embedded Object Resin Bangle Bracelet

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Thank you for joining us here Today we have
a very fun instructional video. We are going to make a resin bangle bracelet with embedded
objects in it. Just to add a little bit more fun I’m going to add some glitter as well. So I have my two part resin all ready mixed and what I’m going to do is I’m going to take some
glitter and just sprinkle some into the actual resin itself and stir it up. You can add as much glitter as you like or
as little or if you don’t want any at all. Totally up to you. Once that’s fairly stirred up, I’m going to take my stir stick out. Now I’m using a little plastic cup you can actually go to
a restaurant and just get a little to go container for salad dressing or salsa. That will work great as well. I’m going to pinch the corner. What I’m doing is creating a pour spout. Now I have my bangle bracelet mold and I actually
already used some mold release on it so it’s conditioned. It’s real important to be able to get your bangle out once it’s poured and cured. I’m just going to carefully drip some resin into the mold. I don’t wanna fill it all the way up. I wanna fill it to about a third. I’m going to tap a little bit. Let it even out. Then I’m going to take my object which I want to embed. I have some lovely little cabochons. I’m going to drop it right into the mold Now for this particular bangle you actually want
to have my cabochon staggered in height and that’s why I only filled with the mold about a third full because I’ll go back and do another layer once this has dried. It’s been twenty-four hours and I’m going
to now go ahead and make the second layer of my embeded object bangle bracelet. I want to show you what this looks like at this
point. This is solid. It’s not going to anywhere. I filled it up about a third full and what my goal
is I want to go ahead and insert another object. And by having laid that first layer already,
my second object is gonna be at a little bit of a higher level than my first object. It’ll just
add a little bit interest. So I’ve already blown on my mold to try to get out any dust
that might have settled in the last twenty four hours. I’ve also gone ahead and pre-mixed my part a and part b resin and now I’m going to add a little bit of glitter just like we did before. I’m going to try to eye ball it. I get hopefully about the
same amount of glitter as before. I’ve already crimped my corner. I did that before hand because I knew I was going to
have a lot of resin here. I’m going to try to just delicately pour into my mold. When you come almost to the top. Not quiet
about a third of an inch to the top. I’m going to pull back. Grab my tweezers or your fingers whichever
you’re more comfortable with. Drop in my object. I’m just going to help them go down a little bit. When you’re happy with their placement take your resin cup again and resume filling your bracelet. You’ll probably noticed that I got a little bit of a glob
on the edge there. I can go ahead and sand that off later with a
diamond file. Now that I’m happy with the level of my resin
I’m going to let this cure for a full three days before I try to pop it out of the mold and stand
it. Welcome back it’s been several days and now
we’re ready to see what we’ve created. I’m sure you’re quite anxious. I know I’m always chomping at the bit after few days of waiting for
my resin to fully cure. As you can see it’s hard and dry within the
mold. Now we want to pop it out of the mold. This could be a
difficult tasks so be patient and just keep working at it. To begin with gently pull at the sides and in the middle as well and I wanna show you why
I’m doing this. It’s a little bit hard to tell but you’re trying to get some air into the mold. Trying to just loosen it up. Get that resin
to pull away from the edges. So with most molds what you are going to want to do is
go ahead and push on the bottom while holding the top of the mold flat and that will release it. Unfortunately with
the bangle it’s a little bit more difficult. So we’re just gonna try to not hurt the mold at all gently pry it away. This is going to be some pushing. I know it’s really hard to see on camera
but we’re actually creating it where a little bit of air is getting down in there and
there’s a line right now about right here where our mold is pulled away from the resin piece and that’s
what we’re gonna try to do. Just keep working our way around until we get it so that we can
pop it out. Once you start to get to where you have a lip
which is coming out of the mold you can actually start to grab it at this point. If you’re not familiar with working with resin molds, trust me they’re usually not
this difficult to get out tut bangle is really one of the hardest pieces to release from the mold just because of
the shape and how you have so much area which is sunken down into that mold of the resin. There we go. After all that hard work you now have a bangle
bracelet. Now before we sign off I want to show you
one quick thing. We now have this a little bit of an edge.
Most of the time you’re not going to get it so perfectly where you can avoid having
a little bit of a rough edge. To take care that we’re lust going to sand it
down with a diamond file. What you want to do first off you want to make
sure you have a mask on because you don’t want to breathe in any of the resin dust. You’re just going to carefully go along the edge. Depending on how much of a lip you have depends on how much have to sand but it will just take it right off. You can actually see it flaking right there. Make sure you do wear a mask. Youu don’t really want
to breathe any of this in. Have fun wearing your new embedded object resin
bangle bracelet. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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