How To Make An Endless Beaded Necklace: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

How To Make An Endless Beaded Necklace: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

To make this beaded necklace we’re going to use FireLine and FireLine is kind of a thread that’s made specifically for bead stringing. It’s extra strong this one. It actually will hold… has a six pound rating. And you don’t want use regular thread. It’s a lot of work to string all these beads and regular thread is going to break. So you definitely want to invest in true jewelry-making thread. And this is FireLine , that we like to use, the color of this is smoke. Kind of a black color. And then we’ve got beads. We have lots of beads. You could do this necklace with all the same beads. Any beads you have. We raided our stash. We always collect beads at the end of a project. If there’s a couple beads left over we keep them in a jar. And so we just dumped out some of our favorite colorful mixed beads here. And then we have a Bead Bug. This is optional. You could use masking tape or you can use a Bead Bug. It’s going to hold our beads onto the FireLine. We have a beading needle. And a beading needle is important because the FireLine is like thread. It’s a little stiff at the end. It could go through some of the beads, but it’s much easier to use a needle to go through all these beads. This is size twelve beading needle. And we just got that with the FireLine at the jewelry center at the craft store. We have scissors to cut our FireLine. And we’re going to secure our knots when we’re done with G-S Hypo. This necklace has no clasp. This is going to be an endless, continuous necklace. So we’re going to use the Hypo, G-S Hypo jeweler’s glue to fix the knots. To make this endless necklace, we’re gonna cut a 40 inch piece of FireLine. I already cut this piece and a 40 inch piece of FireLine would give us about a 30 inch necklace when we’re done. And that way we can have it big enough that it’s a necklace that you can slip over your head to put it on. You don’t need a clasp. So I’m going to start by putting the needle on one end of the FireLine. The FireLine’s a little bit stiff. You could feed some of the beads on without a needle. The whole project will go faster if you use a needle. So I’m just gonna thread my needle and not too hard to thread because that FireLine as I said is stiff. So I only need to feed a couple of inches in through there. We’re not going to double the whole thread. We’re going to use a single of the thread. And I’m gonna go to the other end here and I’m gonna put my Bead Bug on the other end. This is a springy little device that clamps onto your FireLine or any of your bead stringing wire when you’re beading and it keeps the beads from sliding off the end. You could also use a piece of masking tape for this. And then for the design of this necklace, we just raided our bead stash and pulled out all kinds of beads different sizes and colors. They all look beautiful together and we’re just gonna do a random necklace. It’s endless. It’ll go round and round. You can wear any side of it in the front. So it doesn’t matter where you start or where you finish. We’re just gonna feed the beads on one at a time. So this is the fun part. You just look down and pick out your next bead. We tried to pick beads that were generally the same size. Some are a little bit smaller, like this one’s a little bit smaller, and some are a little bigger, like this beautiful blue flower, glass flower, is a little bit bigger. They’ll just show off a little bit. But for the most part they’re all in the same size range. And you could make this necklace a little shorter or a little longer or a lot longer if you wanted. I don’t want those two next to each other. Do you see that? I’m gonna back that one out. That’s the only rule for this necklace is I don’t want any matching beads next to each other. That you could make it a little longer, a little shorter, but you want to make sure–because we’re not going to put a clasp on it– that the length is long enough that you can put it on over your head. Because we don’t have a clasp, but that makes it very very wearable. So I’m just going to keep feeding on beads until I have 30 inches of beads on my FireLine. So I finished putting beads on our FireLine and I put enough on so that I have 30 inches of the FireLine beaded. And it’s all these beautiful random different beads just put on in any order and they look wonderful. It’s really pretty. And now we want to finish the ends, but we’re not putting on a clasp. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to tie knots in the FireLine and I’ll show you a special way to do that. First I’m going to take the Bead Bug off of the other end and I’m going to carefully feed my needle in through the last bead. So this is the side I was beading on with the needle. This is the end of the necklace that had the Bead Bug. I’m going to go through the last bead here with the needle. Just that last bead. I’m holding the end that came out of that bead and I’m pulling the other side through. So this is how we’re joining our necklace ends up together and now I can take off this needle. I have to pull that extra thread out and remove my needle. And I’ve got two ends of FireLine here going through this bead. This side from here is going through this way. And the side from here is going through that way. I want to check that I’m tight and don’t have too much slack in my necklace. And that feels good. You would hang it and shake it make sure it’s all tight. And now what we want to do is tie a knot on either side of this bead. The kind of knot we’re going to do is called a half hitch. It’s kind of like you make a number four across the necklace thread. So that’s sort of a four and then go around the back and up through the loop that you made on the front. The four shape on the front. Going around like that. And I’m going to pull that tight. And I’m going to do two of those. So that’s called a double half hitch to do two of those. And it’s a little bit tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. It’s actually a knot that you probably tie all the without thinking about it. So that’s that loop I made on the front. I went around the back of the necklace thread and then I’m going to put those two knots together like that. And then what I want to do is put a little bit of glue on that knot. So, this is G-S Hypo. It is jeweler’s glue with a precision tip which means the glue comes out of this tiny little tip here and makes it very easy to put it right where you want it. I’m going to squeeze a little dot or blob of glue out there. And then I’m going to apply it right on top of that knot nice. Isolate the knot there. And I’m just going to put a little glue on the knot and that’s going to give us a little extra insurance and security for our knot. And you can use other brands of jeweler’s glue, but it helps a lot if it has a precision tip like that. And then I want to tighten up my strings a little bit. I could just pull them a little bit to tighten them up. I’m gonna do the same kind of knot on this side. I have less room to work with now because I’ve tightened up the necklace. But I’ve given myself a tiny bit of slack so that I can get behind it. And again, I’m gonna make that loop or four shape and then I’m going to go behind. The loop is in front of the necklace. The end of the FireLine is going to go behind the necklace string that we beaded put all the beads on. I’m going up behind here. It’s easier when you’re not trying to show someone, but I’m trying to keep it visible for you. I’m gonna go up behind here and bring that little end up through that loop. And then I want to make sure that when the knot ties that it falls between those two beads and doesn’t wind up over here. It would be a string across that bead. So there’s that one tied and pull it a little bit tight that way. And then, like I said, we’re doing a double half-hitch. So we’re gonna do two of those. I’m gonna make another loop and then I’m gonna reach around underneath. Maybe this will work easier. Yeah, that’s a little easier to see. So I went behind the string that the beads are on. The loop is in front of the string that the beads are on. And I’m going to pull that to make a knot and then I’m going to reach in that little space. You can see, I do have a little bit of slack in this necklace. As you get better you can tighten that up, but I wanted you to be able to see the knot. There’s a little drop of glue on there. I’m just gonna put a little glue on my knot. Like that. And that’ll give us a little added security. And then what I like to do is, instead of cutting the strings here, I like to take this end and just run it through and straighten it out since we don’t have the needle on there. I like to run it through a couple beads. So this one I can stick in here, oops, I can find a little hole that’s where our knot was, and just feed it through one or two beads. And that way when you cut the end, as it shortens up, It’ll stay inside that bead. It won’t be sticking out the side of your necklace. This is the other end. And I would do the same thing on this side. I’m just gonna run it through one more bead, a very pretty sort of antique glass bead, here, like that. Now I’ve got my necklace joined up, the knots are on either side of this pearl, and now I can cut these ends. I’m just using my little scissors here to cut the ends. And like I said, it doesn’t need to be too tidy because these strings now will fall inside that other bead. And now it’s an endless necklace, because you can wear it with any side facing forward. You can put it on with no clasp. And that is how you make a long beaded endless necklace.


  1. Fireline is both a Superior fishing line and a favorite beating thread. if anyone happens to have a sporting good store near them it is much cheaper to buy there fireline there then from an online beating store and you get more for cheaper.

  2. The colors, different beads and colors give this necklace so much texture. I have so many beads and will be making this necklace. 😊🥀

  3. Great video and great idea to use up my store of beads and great present ideas for friends and family x Thank you for sharing.

  4. I''m so confused about the knot! How do you bring the two knots together? Will you have two small knots on either side of the bead? And do you put a little glue on both knots? Thank you!


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