How To Make An Impressive String Bracelet

How To Make An Impressive String Bracelet

Hi. I’m Jessica from the London Jewellery
School, and today I’m going to show you how to make some jewellery. I’m going to show
you how to make a bracelet out of string. All you need for this simple project is a
selection of strings in different colors, a pair of scissors, and some cello tape. First
of all, you’re going to take your string and cut it down to the right size. And you can
use different amounts. But for this project, we’re going to use six
pieces of string in two different colors, making sure that they’re all the correct size.
These ones I’ve cut down beforehand. Put your pieces of string together and tie a knot at
the top. Make sure your knot is nice and tight. Next,
you’re going to take some sticky tape, and take the end of your string down to a table
or surface. Now, I’m going to divide my string into three groups, each one with one of each
color. And then I’m going to begin to plait, putting
one thread over another. You want to try and do this as evenly as possible, to get a nice
even finish on your bracelet. Once you’ve reached the desired length for your bracelet,
you can check it on your wrist to make sure it’s long enough. If you need to do some more, carry on. And
when you’ve reached the end, take the end off the edge of the table and tie a knot at
the other end to secure it. Again, make sure you pull your knot really nice and tight. And there you have the middle of your bracelet.
Again, you can check that it’s going to fit. On one end, I’m going to cut off all of the
blue wires. And I’m cutting them as close to the knot
as I possibly can. With the pink wires, I’m going to tie a knot at the bottom and pull
it right down to the edge. Then I’m going to cut off the excess, leaving one piece of
string in the middle that you don’t want to knot or cut. And I’m going to do exactly the same on the
other side, but with the blue wires. Finally to finish off, I’m going to cut off any excess
leaving a small bit at each end. You can put it on your wrist and do a double knot to secure
it. And there you have your bracelet made out
of string.


  1. ive been seeing comments about how easy and unimpressive this video is, just to let you know she did say it was a simple project. i dont know why people have to be so rude?

  2. im sorry but that could have been ended a million different ways that r much more impressive than that.. please this is an insult..

  3. i would like to learn 2 tho … hope it's from internet so i can deliver it here … don't have anything inside this fking island

  4. Why are people commenting that they can do better. And that they are not fascinated . Don't comment nothing if its not important relating to this video. She just trying to show something others cant do.

  5. I think people may be commenting because the word 'impressive' appears in the video title. A simple braid does not seem impressive to most folks; but then we all had to start somewhere!

  6. Thank you Jessica, this gives me the chance to use all my leftover string, saves a lot of wasted string. You are also very clear in your explanation, you taught me how to make a shamballa bracelet.

  7. This is a very far cry from an "impressive" bracelet. Rename to the easiest and simplest bracelet, easy enough for a child. You would expect higher caliber projects from a jewelry school. So sad.

  8. Please let us know the length of cord. It's such a great tutorial and pretty! thank you! please let me know the length soon, I have a special occasion I'd love to make it for. Nicely done!

  9. Guys if you are wondering how long the string needs to be: just cut it very long at first. then when you're braiding it, constantly check if it is the right size

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