How to Make An Organic Necklace With Leather Cord And Coral

How to Make An Organic Necklace With Leather Cord And Coral

I’m here with Mark Nelson of Rio Grande and we’re talking about going a little bit greener a little bit more organic using some different materials natural materials and you have a really great project for us I do it’s a it’s an anchor link necklace and we’re using cooperate incorporating a some Greek leather cord and some natural turquoise and red bamboo coral yeah it’s all natural yes it’s great so let’s get started with the project now I love that you using leather yes there’s very nice mm-hmm when you get in a coil like this or anything you can do is you can warm it up in your hands bit kind of straighten it out stretch a little bit makes a little more manageable this necklace yeah yeah this necklace uses out to 15 inch lengths so we measured out real quick there and what I’m going to do I’m going to fold it in half okay and each side has a doubled up side such a set and this is ready it also incorporates a couple little clusters with the turquoise beads and the in the red coral mm-hmm and to do that we just take some head pins and slip it through coral like that and we take our round nose pliers let that far so you’re just making a loop just making a loop mm-hmm pretty tight little dude yeah and a couple of turns around here and then we’re gonna clip off the remainder okay as close as we can we don’t want it to be pacquiao she wanted to be pretty tight mm-hmm my friend of mine I work with evond Padilla she taught me a trick while using the crimping pliers if you have a little point that’s sticking out you can take your crimping pliers and just kind of squish it in and it evens it all up that’s a great kid mm-hmm how can learning new things so there’s one mm-hmm and we do the same with a turquoise I like the turquoise cuz it it’s all different it is cuz you have that natural matrix and then yeah we’re not all this someone’s different I like working with the green turquoise to as opposed to the blue turquoise right so it’s a different color scheme with it that’s great so you’re making a loop on that one as well yeah just the same way perfect those colors look nice together do they do mm-hmm Alexis here just not okay he’s memory trick here then kind of squishes at all it makes it these good in each cluster is a combination of I see three and three is six red ones in 11 blah green one okay what turquoise and i’m using a twisted rope jump ring every time so they just stay on pretty well on to the jump rings they do the twisted rope kind of hangs on to him mm-hmm okay and they’ll just slip right on there yeah adds a little bit of texture tissue the line if you’re the twisted rope I’d open this one up just a little bit yeah you could just score that with your round nose perfect there you go mmhmm yeah that’s nice to know that if you do make your loop a little tighter you can just get you just answered it your round nose and open that up and what you can do is you can to this as an example ok I’m going to start with a bar okay just put down there it’s kind of the connector mm-hmm that’s a kind of a long crimp mm-hmm it’ll keep everything tied together I make sure your ends are even okay so it should be even completely even across even across and about an inch from the end okay and these are nice because there’s a little seam in the back mm-hmm so you’ll make sure they’re in the back and you just kind of fold it over get them started hmm let’s fold it in and you can come in with these Janos and kind of squeeze the middle yeah now keep everything tight perfect okay we’re moving right along and the rest is just slipping these on in and doing the same thing so you’re just slipping on the little clusters that you made and then slipping on little decorative elements and it could be these little spacers and I noticed that you just added that spacer onto just one mm-hmm so some of them do you do one or the other and then together some just depends on your design mm-hmm I like it all in the bottom right that’s when it lays it’ll kind of lay nicely so the clusters just on the bottom and then write the spacers on the top right perfect and now how do you clasp it together at the end clasp it together at the end you’re going to load all the components on know their last thing you’re doing this is really easy it’s a little clasp mm-hmm and as a crimp clasp can you just show them in there I like that dessert that’s a different way of working with leather you know the pose system people tie it or yeah thanks to it yeah it’s the crimp clasper very easy very clean danneel glue and then you just put a bit mm-hmm needle nose and you’re done and it’s gonna hold 20 that’s great so that’s perfect and so then you just combine the two pieces together mm-hmm you’re gonna take the link mm-hmm and here again we have some rope in some plain jump rings right and you know about opening jump rings you always twist mm-hmm it works the same works easier with two j2 pliers yeah and then that of course attaches on tip hook on the other side of it this will actually attached to that link and then this will attach to the other half oh that’s perfect so there either no but link it together in the middle and then actually let’s take a look at the final project so you can see what we’re talking about how it links together in the center and then in the back we have that class that mark was just showing us how to use that’s perfect and nice nice and natural okay thanks so much mark 20 we’re gonna be going on to location decks coming up

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