How to Make Beaded Jewelry : Making a Beaded Bracelet

How to Make Beaded Jewelry : Making a Beaded Bracelet

Hi. I?m Robin with making a video
for Expert Village today. We?ve done a folder holder. We have done an ID badge holder and
now I?m going to explain how we do a bracelet. Once you learn the wire wrapping technique
of the dangle which is what we just did. You can use that to make your photo holders or
to make these bracelets and the way that we do that is you started out the same as the
necklace. You crimp it at the end. Add the lobster claw clasp to the end of the split
ring and then you add your beads and in between the beads. Like right here we?ve added a big
bead and then a bunch of seed beads. Put a dangle. Then we?ve add a smaller beads, a
focal bead and then a bunch of seed beads and another dangle. You do the same thing
on a bracelet. On this bracelet we?ve added bicone beads, a pearl, a bicone bead and three
dangles. We?ve added a black bead and some seed beads and three more dangles. Some of
these dangles are just spirals that we?ve made a little bit bigger. Each of them has
a spiral on the end as a head pin and this is how you can make a fabulous, fabulous bracelet;
very easy.


  1. So…………
    When is the video getting uploaded on how to make a beaded bracelet???

    (Don't waste your time watching this pile of crud…)

  2. Video was interesting, but the zoom in didn't show much detail, which made it hard to know what she was talking about sometimes.

  3. Im sure she's great at making jewelry, but (no offense) this is a really bad explanation, all that's said is: you take the both parts of the clasp and in between you add this and that. Well duh..

  4. Is this a joke or just done to make money from the ads? The title says how to make a beaded bracelet, but you assumed we already knew how to. wha?

  5. how to make a beaded bracelet ??? this is how 😀 visit my channel i am a jewellery designer but i have 2 only videos for now check it out ;D

  6. A big bead? A bunch of seed beads?? You put a dangle!? Smaller beads? Focal beads??? More seed beads?!?!? ANOTHER dangle!!
    I've learned so much.

  7. I like the beading board also. My next project will be a beaded bracelet. I just finished a glass bead necklace video and agree that the board really helps.

  8. This was pretty useless. Instructional videos usually include the step-by-step process, not someone just telling you how to do it. Thankfully there are other videos that actually help. I hope you learned your lesson from the comments made here.

  9. I totally agree this was a use less video it was suppose to show how to make a beaded bracelet. Please don't waste your time and my time on nothing.

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