How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Buffing Your Piece Of Jewelry

How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Buffing Your Piece Of Jewelry

I’m DJ Poye, professional jeweler and gemologist.
And I am here today on behalf of Expert Village. We’re back at the buffer again. We’re going
to be using a large wheel. We’re tripling on it. The larger the wheel, of course, the
larger movement you can get on the piece and also the higher polish you can get. Once again
safety. Make sure your eyes are on; your hair is pulled back. Got you apron on so you don’t
get this stuff kind of flying on you. We’ll do simple circular motions again but for the
most part we’re just working on trying to get it to the next stage which is rouge. Here
we go. This is the brown triple A that is the compound I use to remove the light abrasives,
scratches. It comes in blocks like this. You can break it up. A sample to show you here.
Here’s a small pieces I’ve been working on for quite some time. So when you put the triple
A on, you’ll start here and you’ll move at an angle. To make sure it all gets spread
up there like that. Then you’ll come in to the teeth. And then just basically make sure
you hold the piece properly. You don’t want it to swing out of it’s way. And you just
kind of cover your basics here. You don’t want to go in all one movement here. You want
to go all in a circular movement. Because if you go in one movement your going to make
a groove that’s like metal. But you want to kind of just float around here a little bit.
On the sides you want to make sure that you really get it to where all the part that you
had with the file will even be smoother. So I’ll be working on this stage for a little
while and I’ll see you at the next one.


  1. Re Volume Problem – Try watching it in HQ (High Quality) with your computer speaker volume high.

    Check to be sure the volume icon under the video is at maximum. The volume icon, shown as a tiny loudspeaker, is located just under the video, to the far right. It is just to the left of the "HQ" button. Click the icon, making sure the switch is set as far towards the top of the slider as possible.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

    I find many of DJ's videos to be quite helpful. Thank you, DJ.

  2. @jiovannileon You can find it at hardware stores, sears always has it too. Rouge is for precious metals and tripoli is for harder metals.

  3. I have a question. What exactly is the tripoli/rouge suppossed to be used for? I thought that it was to clean the black stuff, but it seems to be what actually buffs! I was also curious if someone could tell me how exactly is it suppossed to be used on the buffer. I bought a buffer and noticed that it basically doesn't buff without rouge.

  4. @XYPerfection you use the tripoli 1st, its not supposed to get anything very shiny just to clean the piece of metal your working on. you then use the rouge so get a good shine. you can also get another kind of polish called polinum, which is pretty much in between a tripoli and a rouge.

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