How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Filing The interior Spaces for Making Jewelry

How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Filing The interior Spaces for Making Jewelry

I am DJ Poye, professional jeweler and gemologist
and I am here today on behalf of Expert Village. Okay, here we go once again. And now we are
focused on the filing of the inside of the pieces that we removed and also on the outside.
And we will do different odds again. We will start with a file that will be a little bit
more of a heavier texture to take the bigger pieces down and then we will move to a smaller
file that will really smooth the metal down. We will start out with the center holes at
first and then we will work to the exterior next making to where we really round out the
center ones to make it to where it is a nice pretty. Okay, this is a half round file as
you can tell. It is just like a half a circle and flat on one side. Basically, what we are
going to do is we are going to start filing with this half round circle file to the very
center sections here. And as you file you move away from you with a movement. You want
to be able to go against the grain, but kind of at a angle because if the piercing lines
of the saw are straight, if you hit them straight it is going to take you longer to get the
metal down to where it needs to be. But if you go at an angle it is much quicker and
smoother. So as you can tell I am focused and I am focused at a slight angle. Once again you see that motion that I do at
an angle and then you carry that motion basically on around the piece. Now I can see by what
I am doing in the center here that I am really taking that metal down. And you just keep
on going around the piece. And you can hold this in a ring clamp which is a small device
for rings or anything else, but I find that if the piece is a little bit bigger like this
piece is you do not really need a ring clamp. Sometimes you do if it is smaller, but basically
what this will do is it just allows you to move around with the piece and hold it. And
this half round is really doing me justice here. I am really seeing a lot of work. I
am seeing a lot of the metal come away and a lot smoother metal coming into view here.
And sometimes like I said, once again, with your saw blade you can’t make a perfect circle
all the time so what you can end up doing with this half round file is you can fix that
to make it to where it is a lot more rounded. That is what makes these saw blades so nice.
And then other times is you don’t want it so perfect, like this little hole is kind
of different, then it is okay you don’t have to. That is what makes the whole focus of
having a custom made piece is that it is not always maybe perfect, but that is what the
beauty of it is, is that it is just hand made every step of the way. In my early years I
had to make things so perfect. I feel that I want to make things more organic now and
be able to have more freedom with my pieces. And maybe the piece itself wants to be a different
way than you want it to be.


  1. great, thanks! your videos have been very helpful. to think i was going to pay $400 locally for a class in the very basics.

  2. i cant hear you and your videos seem so great – i wish someone would fix the sound 🙁 it's on MOST all your videos 🙁 will trade sound advice or re-do your vids in trade for knowledge. I can at least boost your sound levels to a level most people can hear.

  3. @1axvn nunca se lima una pieza encima de la astillera de esta manera nunca te puede quedar plana ademas otro consejo el ruido que te hace la lima ya te lo dice todo la lima no tiene que chirrar

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