How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Soldering Silver for Making Jewelry: Part 1

How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Soldering Silver for Making Jewelry: Part 1

I’m D.J. Poye, professional jeweler and gemologist
and I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village. Okay, now what we’ll do is, I need to cut
a few pieces of solder, this is Antimony solder, it doesn’t have the copper in it. So it really,
really is a bright solder. And there’s lots of ways you can solder. You can with small
clips that I really found this wire is really good. I’ve already cut three pieces here.
I always have extra pieces in case I need them. But two is probably all you need. One
of the final steps in order to make sure that you have all the lubricants on you, this is
flux, which will be placed on both of the pieces and this flux is to help the solder
move if you don’t have the flux it just stays in one place. The flux helps the solder go
into place. All right, next we’re going to get the torch going and silver is a little
bit different than gold, it takes a little bit more heat to heat things with silver.
Sterling silver basically, flow point is about 1655 and 14 carats around 1625 so you do need
to have the piece heated up a lot more. Gold just seems like it heats up evenly but with
silver you have to constantly flow the heat to it constantly. So this is a pretty good
piece, I’ll have to make sure the whole entire piece is heated. Okay, make sure you have
your safety glasses on. And here we go. Okay, what I’ll do first is that the little veil,
you always want to kind of go slow because the borax or the flux on both sides needs
to adhere to the metal so as I move back and forth to make sure that the solder and the
flux is like, you know, drying up. Both of the small pieces of solder are now at the
end of the veil. Some people will put the solder on the larger piece first, flow it
into place because usually the bigger piece always takes more heat, but sometimes they
go different places. I kind of life to put them on a smaller piece and then just really
watch what you do so that you don’t burn the small piece up.


  1. I don't understand. When the maker of this video first played it back after recording it – surely she heard that the sound was not working? Why not make another film? Sadly therefore, I wrote this and then wandered off …

  2. Flux keeps the surface from oxidizing when soldering, that's how it enables the solder to penetrate the surface, adhere, and "flow" – she should be a little more accurate

  3. Well, I could hear the video fine, but not really sure what the point of her video was…. basically, heat the piece up slowly?

  4. "gold heats up evenly, but with silver you constantly have to constantly flow the heat"? what kind of "silver" are you using anyway? silver has the best thermal conductivity of all metals, thus it will heat up more evenly than any metal. LoL

  5. @chapmansbg That´s how it´s pronounced in American English. It is because the original Middle English term was "soudour". The pronunciation eventually changed to "solder" in Britain, but because America was isolated it did not change here. Thus, we still pronounce it without the L.

  6. Wow. Not even close. The "best thermal conductivity of all metals" means that each part that you apply heat to will heat up faster, and cool down faster when the heat isn't on it. This makes it more difficult to get an EVEN heat on the whole thing. Best to think about the logical implications of what you are saying before you go and parrot something you learned in science class.

  7. This cartier advert was way to long,over raited rubbish,it realy does reflect a greedy over priced jewllery house taste that is out of touch to most working peoples budgets and tastes in fashionable everyday jewllery.

  8. I feel like some of these people who are supposed to teach you stuff are purposely telling it in a way that you won't understand,leaving out information and actually trying to make it look a lot more complicated.I guess they want you to think that it's impossibly difficult and they're the only ones who can do it.It's like first day of school and the teacher says "ok, now we're taking out our rockets, placing our monkeys inside and getting ready for take off" before writing her name on the board.

  9. Aww… I thought my phone was messing up, but when I tried again I heard the commercial fine, but no sound on the video, unless I put my ear to it, then just a strange screechy noise… Weird. 😕

  10. I can't hear it very well. Connected to another speaker and increased the volume and it's still not clear. Tried another video and sound is working.

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