How to Make Bering Sea Gold Nugget Mash with Thom Beers

How to Make Bering Sea Gold Nugget Mash with Thom Beers

So I see the dog sitting
there in the front yard of this guys house
and I roll up to him and I said, man, your dog
almost killed me. And the guy said,
yeah, she does that. [LAUGH]. You know,
you gotta love Alaska. [MUSIC] Hi, I’m Thom Beers and
I’m the executive producer
of Bering Sea Gold. [MUSIC] Today I’m gonna do a
really interesting bit of magic with some
mashed potatoes. Being up in Alaska in the
cold, it’s always good to have a little bit
of comfort food. I’m gonna call this Bering Sea Gold
Nugget Mash. So let’s get started. [SOUND]. Start out with
a frying pan. [SOUND]. And about a quarter
pound of butter. We’re gonna saute
some onions. Maybe about cup of onion. [SOUND]. You’re gonna do these
onions until they’re just about a little
golden brown. I love talking about
Alaska because it’s always my favorite place
to go in the world. The first time I went
up to the Bering Sea, to scout for Bering Sea
gold, I was walking along the shoreline all of
a sudden a pack of dogs came up and
kinda sniffing around and there are about six or
seven of them. And all of a sudden, I kinda put my
hand down and he, she bit me
right on the hand. And it bit hard,
drew blood. And I’m thinking, oh this
is not gonna be good. And then started
circling me. And all the other dogs, then I’m looking
around and there’s not
a soul in sight. It’s just me and eight
dogs and the Bering Sea. And so what I did was
slowly, very slowly started to back myself
into the Bering Sea. To my ankles,
to my knees, and I realized the dogs weren’t
gonna come with me, that they’re gonna
stay on the shore. I backed into
about my waist. You know that whole
nut level thing? It was ugly, man. So I’m standing in there
freezing my buns off. You know?
And waiting for these dogs to leave. And I’m standing there
going, hello, hello. Nobody. About 20 minutes later, the dogs decided
to leave me. And I walked out. Needless to say,
I was pretty pissed. All right so, anyway. What we’re gonna
do next is, I’m gonna take, here’s
a little corn succotash. Onion, green peppers,
red peppers and corn. Then, I’m gonna follow
it up very quickly with about a quarter of a cup
of chicken consomme. So, we’re gonna let those
kinda, simmer along for about three minutes. All right.
So, now, I’ve got this
succotash going. And what I wanna do now
is I’m gonna add about, this is chopped rosemary, it’s about two
tablespoons, and I’m gonna put just
one in the succotash. You know,
you can’t beat that, I love the smell
of rosemary. Now I’m gonna
actually whack it with some more
cracked pepper. [SOUND]. Yeah this is smelling
really good, really good. So, what I wanna
do now is, I prepared about six
cups of mashed potatoes. It’s just
a traditional mash. You know, you can just
basically take your Idaho potatoes and boil
them up and, you know, do all that you gotta do. So, basically, it’s
about six cups of mash. I’m gonna take this mash,
and I’m gonna drop it right
into this frying pan, and I’m gonna stir it in. You know let me
tell you my, my favorite thing about
Nome, my favorite reason to go to Nome is there
[LAUGH] isn’t one man. [LAUGH]. The ends for a means, you know these guys go
up there looking for gold you know they’re
not looking for you know a lovely
home on the beach. Don’t get me wrong
there’s some great people that live up there
year round and I’m not making fun of them,
but for me personally. I mean, it’s one of
the toughest places in the world to live. All right. So I’ve got the potatoes,
it’s all mixed up. The second phase
to this is, I’ve got these
new potatoes. So what I wanna do. And this is why we
call this gold nuggets. Because in essence, what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna saute these potatoes. And we’re gonna put about
four tablespoons of roasted garlic extra
virgin olive oil. And then we’re gonna mix
in with that the rest of that rosemary. So this is about
another teaspoon of rosemary here. I just wanna get
it sautéed and get the flavor starting to
coming out of that oil. Up in Nome, where
basically we shoot Bering Sea Gold, you know, a lot
of the guys in the summer just basically are living
in tents on the beach. I mean it’s kinda like
Mad Max up there, it’s the last frontier. You know, guys come
in from, you know, all over the world
to basically try and strike it rich. And walk away with,
you know, millions of
dollars in gold. You know, it’s a,
it’s a great dream. And you know, I’m really, you know,
I, I have a lot of, give a lot of respect and
credit for anybody that goes up
there and does that. Because again, it is singularly one
of the toughest, most brutal places in
the planet to work. So anyway, so we got
that oil nice and hot. We’re gonna drop these
potatoes that have been again, in the microwave
for about four and a half minutes. I just wanna try and get the outside of
them a little crispy. And we’re gonna just
let them saute for a little bit. [SOUND]. While they’re cooking,
I’m gonna finish up with some of my special
ingredients for the mash. I really love sour cream
in mashed potatoes. So this is about a third
of a cup of sour cream, so we’re gonna
mix that in, fold it in to
the potatoes. Just adds a really
nice tart flavor. I’m a big fan also of
cheese, so cheddar. So we’re gonna put maybe
about another half a cup of cheddar into this mix. Remember, I’m still
talkin’ comfort food here, guys. This is like the kinda
food you wanna eat when you’re cold and
miserable, and away from home, and away
from your loved ones. So, basically, I’m gonna
just get these things, the skins on these
just a little crispy. And then they’re gonna
go into a roasting pan, [SOUND] like that. We’re gonna add just
that little remaining of the consomme. And then I’m gonna hit
it with some parmesan. So basically these are
gonna go into the oven at about 350 degrees. [NOISE]. All right, so
I’m gonna take a casserole while those
potatoes are in the oven. I’m gonna mix. I’m gonna basically drop
this blend right into this pan. Oh, nice. The cheese is
all cheesin. The corn’s all
melding up nice. You can smell that, oh, smell that consume
sour cream. This is just good
eatin’ right here. Now these potatoes
have been in there roasting for
about 15 minutes. Mm boy, you smell
that parmesan and that rosemary it smells
really fantastic. So what we’re gonna
do now is we’re gonna basically drop those bad
boys right into this mix. And again, the whole idea
here is these are my gold nuggets in my mash. Mix that up nice, get ’em
all hid up like that. Then, we’re gonna lay
some onion over the top, two tablespoons. Again I’m gonna throw
a little parmesan just over the top, I kinda like it a little
crusty on the top. And, [SOUND] just for
the heck for it I always love drop
in some really nice, whole sprigs of rosemary
right on the top of a dish I think
is real good. So, here you have it, Bering Sea Gold
Nugget Mash. So, it’s gonna go
in the over for about 20 minutes
at 350 degrees. So we’ve been
about 15 minutes. You know, the potatoes,
the mash are in there. So let’s just see
what they look like. You know,
my mouth is watering, the smell in the room
is fantastic. You know, so hey, let’s
see what we’ve got here. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, look at that. Now how beautiful
is that? Crispy on the top. Oh, the fragrance,
the aroma is spectacular. You can smell the,
the onion. You can smell
the rosemary. Huh, the cheese,
this is awesome. The only thing I gotta
do now is eat it. So, take a little bowl,
little spoon. Inside here, we’re gonna come up oh,
it’s all crispy. We’re gonna come up
with some nuggets. There’s your nugget
right there. New potatoes hidden
deep inside. This is exciting. Oh, the top’s crispy and
perfect. To get my recipe,
click on the link below. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I should do this for
a living. I’m gonna be honest, that’s really
fucking good. [MUSIC]


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  5. I like this guy! I always mix mashed potatoes with corn when I have them together so I would love to try this. Nice break from the usual

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