How to Make Bridal Bracelet With Flowers and Pearls. DIY Craft Ideas.

How to Make Bridal Bracelet With Flowers and Pearls. DIY Craft Ideas.

I greet all the handmade lovers on the Gilda Workshop channel, Today we will create a bracelet with acrylic flowers and pearls in addition to the hair accessory from the previous tutorial, where we made a long vine from the same materials. If you didn`t watch that video, I’ll leave a link to it in the description) Let’s get to work. Take a piece of wire half meter long, fold it in half and twist a small loop. Form a branch with a small pearl on the right just below the loop Put on the same bead and twist the wires on half a centimeter down Do the same with the left side. The next two branches will consist of two small beads and one pearl, In the working process, we do not forget to keep the same distance between the elements. Then, collect a triple mini-twig, at first, twist the wire with a large pearl by half, put a small bead on the same wire after that, I connect two twigs by several turns and I add a twig again with a small bead. put the main bracelet decoration, acrylic flower on the left wire, the pearl after, draw out the wire under the base of the flower, put the small bead And do a few turns a centimeter down. Go to the right side, form a twig with a pearl, and then with a small flower. Do not forget to put the small bead under the base of the flower, otherwise our wires could not be twisted. You can see on the video, how I make the second twig. The principle of operation is the same, but only now I take a long wire and add a little more branches at the very end of the branch. Two elements are ready, now I connect them with the help of a pearl. I spend the ends of the wires in it towards to each other and wind them several times around the bead. Then cut off the shortest tip, and form twigs from the others, thereby filling the middle of the bracelet. In addition, decorate the middle with a large flower, fix it, attach it to the base, And don`t cut the ends again, but twist the branches with pearls. All the cut ends of the wires must be bent with pliers so that they do not hurt the skin. Well, and that the twig could be worn on the arm, attach сonnecting ring with lock-carabiner to one end of the eyelet and a small segment of the chain at the other end of the ring, in order that the owner of the bracelet, in the first place сould fasten the bracelet and in the second, so that the product itself came up to any size of the hand. And in the end, we fix the pearl on the last link of the chain, as a decoration The bracelet has turned out very tender and romantic, now we have a whole wedding-evening set. I spend a little time to create it and I think that there is nothing complicated in it`s assembly. Especially those who watched previous wedding vine tutorial probably noticed, that the working process is completely similar to this video. It is all for today, subscribe to my channel, watch new videos and bye bye!


  1. У вас классные мк!!!)))Просто ШИКАРНЫЕ УКРАШЕНИЯ!!!!
    А цветочек какого диаметра?Класс от меня и подписалась уже давно)))


  3. Yes this is beautiful I do hv one question can I make the flower with a soda can since I don t know we're to order it or it will look odd

  4. Yes soda can I mean coca cola can, sprite can Fanta can any type of can to make the flower petals since I can buy it cn It be possible if I replace it with wht I hv explain? Pls do reply thank you

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