How to Make Bridal Hair Vine Handmade Tutorial. DIY Craft Ideas

How to Make Bridal Hair Vine Handmade Tutorial. DIY Craft Ideas

Hello my darlings, I am very glad to see you on my channel. Today we will make a simple hair accessory, namely a twig from wire, beads and flowers in beige-cream shades. At the first stage we need wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm and 120 cm in length Bend it in half, and make a small loop in the middle by twisting the wires 1 cm down. It is necessary that the twig could be easily placed in hair with bobby pins. So, further I put a creamy small pearl on the wire from the right side and twist. Then I put on the same pearl and twist the wires a few times. After that I do the same thing with the left side … In the next twig I added two small beads and also twisted the wires keeping an equal distance between them. Then, I have collected a triple mini-twig, at first, I have twisted the wire with a large pearl by half, put a small bead on the same wire after that, I have connected two twigs by several turns and I added a twig with a small bead again. We need to twist our ready three branches to the base down After that, I made another twig with the pearl and now we approached to the main details of the whole decoration As shown on the video, I have put an acrylic flower and a pearl, I have brought all of this to the base of the flower, I put one bead on and fasten tightly our element in the same place, as always about 1 cm down. I also continued to grow branches from the right and left sides. Moreover, I added a small flower to the composition, twisted it slightly away from the large flower After that I arranged a big pearl at the base. The remaining branches I have collected in the same scheme, I hope you definitely will not get confused in the process of work!) At the second stage I already taken a wire of 2.5 meters long, that is, twice as much as the previous one, I have also made a loop and collect a twig from two sides again. The sequence of elements is exactly the same as in the beginning, You can certainly replace materials add more colors, or make a pearl thread only, of course, in this case you can use many options. You can also take a long wire, Then your twig will be suitable for Braiding in long hair, for more complex and voluminous hairstyles. So, my long part of the twig grew to 25 centimeters, this is enough for my model Further I have put a large pearl on two wires and I have passed the tips of the wires of another twig into it thereby connecting them together. I have securely fixed the wires near the bead on both sides. The remaining wires I didn`t cut, and also formed twigs to fill the void in place of joining of the main branches and to make the composition complete. Well, my girls, thank you, that you watched this video, as always I will be glad to read your comments, if you liked this video, put your thumbs up, send your works, if you are on my channel at the first time, subscribe to it, so as won`t to miss anything! See you again in Gilda’s Workshop, bye-bye!


  1. hola me ha encantado, me suscribi, esque es hermoso y se ve algo dificil pero lo quiero intentar, pero dime donde puedo comprar los alambres, porfavor ..

  2. Hola!!! justo lo que necesito… accesorio lindo para peinado de damas de honor… solo cambiaré el color y ya está… muchas gracias por su hermoso trabajo!!!

  3. Hi….love ur videos…subscribed ur channel..with notification button on..plzz checkout my nailart channel..hope u subscribe me too..lets support each other..have a nice day

  4. muy bonitos y bien explicados sus trabajos me encanta su canal .una pregunta como se llama el alambre para hacer los tocados

  5. Thank you for going slowly, so us beginners can learn from you. Lovely design, and well taught even though we speak different languages!

  6. Hey glifa plzz plzz plzzz reply me.. I am trying to make it since last night bt I cannot good the wire properly doesn't matter how hard I food it it gets open.. tomorrow is my brothers wedding and I want to wear it.. plzzzz help me plzz tell me how to fold it.. I look the nylon wire which look s like plastic. Plzz reply me plzz or tell me what type of wire to use.. plzz reply me..!!!!

  7. Olá, falo do Brasil e espero que consiga traduzir minha pergunta. O fio usado no trabalho é de aço cirúrgico?

  8. Какой хороший канал! спасибо!

  9. Muito lindo!…. Eu agradeço pela legenda em português!
    Eu sempre amei seus trabalhos mesmo não entendendo seu idioma!

  10. Gracias gracias gracias. Por tu traducción. Valoro mucho tu video excelente saludos cordiales desde Argentina 🌸👏👍😘😎 me suscribi y te voy a seguir. Siempre

  11. все замечательно только музыка очень мешает

  12. Пожалуйста уберите субтитры с экрана, не видно как вы делайте украшение .

  13. Muy bonitos tus trabajos, serías tan amable de decirme donde puedo comprar las flores que utilizas para tus trabajos. Gracias anticipadas y un cordial saludo .

  14. Получилось!!!!!!!
    Получилось!!!(не так конечно!)
    Спасибо огромное!!!!!

  15. Você é maravilhosa! E muito obrigada pela legenda em português 💗😍 estou me inspirando em você. Bjs

  16. Интересная техника но текст закрывает видимость работы в этом минус. Спасибо

  17. Пыталась посмотреть а что мозгов не хватило понять что текст закрывает все ничего не видно и чем же там восхищаются хочется понять

  18. Голос приятный хочется слушать и слушать, а работа молодец, супер, легко и красиво. Браво…!

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