HOW TO MAKE | Bubblegum Bead Bracelet with Elastic

HOW TO MAKE | Bubblegum Bead Bracelet with Elastic

Hi there! Welcome to Petite Bootique Supplies Video Tutorials. We are based in Australia and today we are
bringing you a video on how to make bubblegum bead bracelets using elastic stretch cord. Well firstly what you need to do is gather
your supplies and if you’re in Australia or you can click on the link below. Alright, so what we have here is our bubblegum
beads and our elastic stretch cord. Now we’re using 0.8mm elastic stretch cord
and both these items and more can be found on our website, so don’t forget to pop over
there. and from home you need a pair of scissors. Alright let’s get started! Firstly, we need to design our bracelet. So what we need to do is take your beads and
line them up. Now you can use a design board – we sell them
on our website aswell, however for the purpose of todays tutorial we are just using this
small tray just to give you an idea on how to make things – and especially fun bubblegum
bracelets! Ok so what I’m doing is I’m just lining up
the design that I like to make. Now with bubblegum beads there are so many
designs, colours and textures that you can choose from… so design yours that reflects
your personality, that lets you shine through, your INDIVIDUALITY *hehe* (sorry!) let that shine through all your creations. Ok there we go, there’s our bubblegum beads
lined up there ready for the cord. Next step, we need to thread the beads, so
we take our elastic and measure it along the length of your beads. What we like to do is to make it easier in
tying off at the end, we actually allow for alot more cord just so I can get those knots
correct. Also, for added security we actually double
thread our bracelets so it gives extra strength especially for children as they will be wearing
them day in day out. They certainly wear our bubblegum bling and
we need to make it strong and durable. Ok there is our elastic ready for our beads
to go on. So take our elastic and what I like to do
is pop the elastic over my pinky finger so that it acts as a stopper and it doesn’t let
the beads roll around all over the table. So let’s get started with threading. Make sure your elastic ends are together – it
just makes it easier when threading your beads. Now what we like to do here at Petite Bootique
Supplies, when we’re making our jewellery for our retail store Petite Bubblegum Bling
is we don’t use spacers and that’s how we like to make ours, but you can use spacers,
small beads, you can use whatever beads you like to make your own designs. For a child aged 3-12 years old
we use 9 beads without spacers. So spacers are smaller beads that space out
the bigger beads in between them. Another very important tip… Almost done, last bead! So there we have it, we have our beads on
our elastic stretch cord. Now what we need to do is we need to tie it
off. So what we like to do here at Petite Bootique
Supplies is when we’re tying off our bracelets we don’t use any adhesive as we have found
that some adhesive actually can eat through the cord and as we want a strong and durable
bracelet. we prefer to stay away from adhesive and ideally
the bracelets need to be able to stand alone without any adhesive, so that’s why we brought
this tutorial to you – to show you how we do it! Ok, so while I was talking I have just tied
one knot and now I am tying a double knot. So that’s just a simple double knot there. So what we like to do is a series of knots
and what that does is with so many knots it becomes impossible for the knots to become
undone so we will show you that now. The first knot we will do left over right
and tie it off so that in effect becomes knot #2. Then we go right over left and tie, bring
the knot down and tighten. Left over right bring that down, so that becomes
knot #4. We like to do about 5-6 knots just so that
it’s durable with extra added security and then we just do the last knot – this will
be knot #5 and tie that off. Pull it taut so it’s nice
and tight. So in effect what you actually have is what
we like to call a caterpillar and with those many knots it will be very difficult for the
bracelet to come undone. So now take your scissors and cut off the
excess elastic cord and you will have a little caterpillar with some tails. What you then need to do is hide the knot. What we do is pull the knot through a bead. As you can see how I am pulling along the
elastic here, this will actually cause the stretch in the bracelet which is what we want. We don’t want a taut bracelet, we need it
to actually stretch to give that move-ability. Just pull the knot through and it is in now. We then need to swish the beads around so
that we know they move until we get back around to the bead with the knot. Ok, so that there is an elastic bracelet using
bubblegum beads. We hope you’ve enjoyed that today, it’s a
really fun and great craft to do for all ages and a great holiday activity. Don’t forget to pop over to our website… Stay tuned for more tutorials. Hope you have fun making bubblegum bead bracelets. Bye Bye!


  1. Thank you for sharing Breena, its not occurred to me to double string before so glad you pointed this out! Lovely bracelets your creations are always so pretty and inspiring 🙂

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