How to Make Felt Bracelets : Carving Felt Bracelets

How to Make Felt Bracelets : Carving Felt Bracelets

I’ve gotten my felt bracelet where it’s almost
done. You can see it’s a lot smaller then when we started as far as the size. It’s still
fairly soft though, so I’m going to fill it a little bit more. Before I do that I want
to cut away some of the sections in, around the outside to reveal that pink color underneath.
We call this carving, or cutting, your felt. I’m basically going to cut the surface. These
are some embroidery, or not embroidery, there applicator scissors so they’re very, very
sharp. I can cut through the surface of the felt to see my other colors underneath there.
That will give me a different kind of a contour to my surface. As I work this, the rest of
the way it will incorporate that cut edge so that it will just look just like it’s a
solid piece of felt. You won’t really be able to see that it’s been cut away. This will
give me a really nice repeated design on my bracelet. At this point I’m really going to
do my last steps. I’m going to roll this and rub these and use a lot of pressure to get
the final hard felt tube for my bracelet. Just take a few more minutes of rubbing like
this almost as hard as I can, pressure wise. I’m not rubbing across real far, but I’m using
a lot of pressure at the last stage. Really pressing and doing small rubbing motions until
my bracelet is nice and hard and smooth all the way around.


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