How to Make Felt Bracelets : Wrapping a Felt Bracelet Linen Cord

How to Make Felt Bracelets : Wrapping a Felt Bracelet Linen Cord

Now I have my section of wool all laid out
but I need to wrap it around my linen cord to get my bracelet shape. So I’m going to
flip it over, so this is my backside or my inside and I’m going to roll it around the
cord. This is a little tricky so just be patient and give yourself plenty of time to fuss with
it. But as I’m starting my roll, I want to go all the way around first on one edge, so
I’m folding the edge around my linen cord and here’s where my ends are going to overlap
a little bit. Ok, so I’ve got it folded around one time, now I’m going to keep rolling. This
sort of reminds me of an old kind of hair accessory that used to have and be in my mom’s
drawer in the bathroom. I’m going to keep rolling around my bracelet and I’m rolling
it into the inside so that I have a nice donut and I want my outer part for my decorations
to be on the outside and then my pink core is going to be on the inside. I’m going to
try and mash it and compress it as much as I can to make sure that linen cord is on the
inside and its not coming out uncovered in any of the areas. That’s how I’ve arranged
my wool. And then I’m ready to add soap and water in our next step.


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