How To Make Gold With Skinning – Knothide Leather Farming Black Morass

How To Make Gold With Skinning – Knothide Leather Farming Black Morass

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you come
to this dungeon. Just look at all that! Give them a little bit of AoE and you got a nice
pretty little crocolisk flower. Hey there, goldmakers. This is Reckles with
WTBGold, and today we are going to the most amazing dungeon for skinning you’ve ever seen,
Black Morass. Don’t remember it? That’s ok. It’s a level 59-60 Vanilla dungeon and most
people skip this and go straight into Burning Crusade stuff while leveling. The only reason
you would have been here is if you got lost while trying to find the entrance to the Dragon
Sould raid. So, what’s the goal? We’re here to farm us up some Knothide Leather! Why?
Because with everyone out there leveling their professions on alts and insta level 90s, the
prices of old-world mats have skyrocketed and leather is currently at an average of
about three gold each. So without further ado, let’s hang a left at the big dragon,
go on in to the pink trees, and see if we can farm us up a crocolisk or two.
As usual, we did fifteen runs over the course of three hours to ensure that you guys got
the most accurate test results possible. The Black Morass contains three types of mobs:
spiders, crocolisks, and stealthed jaguars. While you can’t skin the spiders, you can
use them to help you aggro the other mobs, so they aren’t a total waste. In the top left
of the screen, I put an overlay of the route I’m going to follow, since this place is pretty
easy to get lost in. The little white stars in the map are the 111 spawn points for the
skinnable mobs. The crocs will always be there, but after a few runs, I started to notice
that the jaguars share a spawn point with the spiders so if you gather every mob in
the dungeon you’ll only get about 75 skinnable mobs. When you start off, zig-zag around the
first little island on your right and then start running counter clockwise around the
stream. As a level 90, you’ll have ZERO aggro radius, so for some of them, at the beginning
you need to pause for a second or two on top of them, but in general the swarm of animals
behind you will pick them up. At the southwest corner, there are a few jaguars, so make sure
you run onto the grass, and then head along northeast along the stream. Here, as you can
see, I slingshot aggro, around the mobs, and they follow up around and it really kindof
speeds up the process. So, if you run along the big pack of mobs following behind you,
just picks everything up, it’s nice and easy. Here at this point, once I get into this little
corner here, I think, honestly at this point I get a little lost. So, starting here, you
gotta forgive me…even this was my best filming of this. but even I got a little lost in this
stupid swamp. So, you gotta forgive me; start following the map rather than what you see
on screen. But, you want to follow along, once you get to the southeast corner of the
map, follow along the mountain range and head northeast along to the little pocket of grass
over in the northeast corner. From there, there are some stealthed Jaguars on that little
pocket of grass there. Head back to the entrance, wait for everything to come back to you. There’s
usually a little train of jaguars that follow you back and uh, just wait for everything
to come back to you. If you’re a lower level doing this, um, just kill everything because
they can start to beat up on you. But I have done this on a lower level and it’s doable
on…not just a level 90. So, kill everything. Do your AoE. The only thing here, I’m speeding
this up, 8x speed. The only warning I’d give here: since there are so many bodies, it does
take about four minutes thirty seconds to skin everything and these guys have a five
minute despawn timer, so don’t take a bathroom break, just skin your heart out, because the
bodies will despawn on you. But that’s it. That’s the run. And if you don’t have a mammoth
and you need to sell, there is a vendor outside in the caverns of time right over here and
that’s it. Let’s see what we got after fifteen runs. This is it! In total, we got 1,428 knothide
leather at 3 gold 10 silver each. That comes out to 476 knothide leather per hour and 1,476
gold per hour. So, a nice little haul from that from old world mats, and a nice little
addition to a routine. You don’t have to do a full hour, but go in there for thirty minutes,
fill up the auction house on knothide leather. And a nice little addition from this dungeon
is we got some middle tier transmog too. Got some boneshredder, which if y’all have been
watching my other videos, you know is my absolute least favorite transmog. It’s ugly. It’s white.
It’s gross. But whatever. We got some warmaul in there. But if y’all just want to D/E this
stuff that’s fine. It D/E’s into arcane dust. But, in total, that stuff comes out to an
additional 1,265 gold per hour and if, here you go some nice little proof that it does
sell. So I did a little run for y’all. But that’s it. Thanks for watching. And remember
that in the end, the secret to making gold is just to Seach. Craft. Post. Every Day.
Now, after Corla, you want to gather up this big pack of mobs here. Grab the Evolved Twilight
Zealot, and hold them back behind this column. They’ll get in a nice little pile. And watch
out for the Evolved Twilight Zealots. They do an ability that will take out half your
health, no matter how much health you have. So, if you’re low on health, just make sure
you stun that abiltiy, it’s called Shadow Strike I believe. Wave at Raz every time he
comes by, that’s very important.


  1. what do you use to make the reds for your transmog? Read through a couple things and really couldn't find anything, I'm newer to the game and have an insta 90 to farm and get money to make characters and not worry about my money.

  2. It's too bad.  I can't give away borean leather on either of the two servers I have skinners on.  

    I had a guildie who, when we were still in BC, was able to mass farm and skin on his paladin, they were so OP.

  3. Yo man. Me again, noticed one thing that you do alot. Missleading with the wrong info and redirecting with comments afterwards.
    Record your voice after making the video, then it can't be wrong 😉

  4. you can farm 600 knothide in 30 minutes doing karazhan bat wing, It is important to use a worgen for the skinning speed, it will save you around 30-40 seconds per run, Also if you use a rogue and get the helm gem and boots enchant for speed and spam burst of speed you basically run at the speed of a mount, a rogues clear time would probably be around 2 1/2 minutes, my hunter did a consistant 3 mintues making use of disengage into speed boost and using disengage + darkflight + disengage for the bat wing.

    a fun thing to note is…A rare ALWAYS spawns every run, its either a bat a hound or a spider, they only spawn if every mob of its type died, basically adding ~4g to your vender trash per run and if they are a hound or bat more knothide leather!

    Another fun thing to note is, its faster to get to karazhan porting to blasted lands and flying there than just flying from stormwind. It dawned on me one day and i was mind blown =)

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