How to make GOLDEN MILK | Fresh turmeric

How to make GOLDEN MILK | Fresh turmeric

Hey Welcome back to my channel what do you get when you turn a MOM upside down?:) WOW !! Yes all MOMS are amazing because we are known for ‘doing it all’ And so no wonder we get so tired and exhausted at the end of each day:( so how about making a MIRACLE DRINK that will give us some comfort and relief and give us energy for the next day?:) but before we do that if you are new to my channel please click on the subscribe button so that you get an email when I post new videos:) so this miracle drink that I was talking about is not a new invention but a re-discovery of our ancestral times or our Grandma’s times!! It is known as GOLDEN MILK or Haldi doodh and recently it has become famous in the West and is called Turmeric Latte Now why should we moms drink it??? There are so many benefits to it First one is thatTurmric milk is anti-inflammatory and so helps with any joint pains that you have!! Second thing is that it gives a good immunity boost! that is definitely necessary because we Moms cannot afford to get sick! Do we?? third thing is that the turmeric and the milk mixture is a great ANTIOXIDANT and so helps with anti-ageing and in keeping our skin clear! and fourth benefit is that it helps in purifying our blood and so helps withgeneral detoxification! and fifth benefit is that if you have this after your dinner it gives a good night’s sleep:) so Let’s take a look at the ingredients We need 1 cup of milk I am using Cow’s milk.You can use coconut milk or almond milk or soy milk or a combination of any of these About 1tsp. of this organic coconut oil and some black pepper and some cinnamon for flavor! and the most important thingTURMERIC! The fist ingredient that we need is turmeric.I am using the fresh as much as possible try using the fresh variety if you can find them or else you can use the powdered version but the thing is that the fresh ones contain a lot of essential oils which are removed when it is powdered! So I am going to use around 1 inch of this turmeric so the main active ingredient in this turmeric is called curcumin which gives us all the benefits now I am going to grate this finely so whenever you cook with turmeric (not only for this recipe) you should make sure that these ingredients are added into this recipe and the first thing is Oil or any sort of Fat the curcumin in the turmeric is soluble in fat or oil so we have to make sure that whenever you use turmeric you should use some sort of oil or fat for cooking so I am going to use around 1 tsp of this coconut oil So to make sure that the active ingredient called curcumin is getting metabolized in our body we have to add pepper around 1 tsp of freshly crushed pepper is all that you need now for some flavor I will add some cinnamon Cinnamon has other health benefits but that is entirely a different video! let us quickly mix all all together so 1 cup of milk and all these ingredients go into this blender jar and now I am going to give a quick mix. Now it is almost ready but I am going to warm this mixture but make sure that it is not boiled A slight heat is required for the curcumin to be active So the next time you cook with turmeric think about these 3 things oil ,pepper and heat these 3 things are important to get all the benefits from turmeric so I guess the mixture is heated look at this! So I make sure to have this atleast twice or thrice in a week Try out this recipe and let me know how it turned out Thankyou so much for watching!! Thumbs up if you liked this video and please don’t forget to subscribe!!:) I will see you in my next video.bye:)

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