How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Ending Off a Square Knot Hemp Bracelet

How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Ending Off a Square Knot Hemp Bracelet

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village now we’ll
end our square knot bracelets, untie the carrier lines and just check to see that your about
even and then you might want to take it off and check if it fits on your wrist nicely.
So that’s good, now we’re going to end this bracelet with a bead, I pick a black bead
to go with our of the colors of the bead we have here and you want to trim off the end
so you have straight ends. We’re going to put all of these strings into this bead, so
I’ve chosen a bead with a big hole and it does help to rub a little beads wax on that,
makes it a little bit easier and just pinch it together and put that bead right on, slide
it all the way up to the end of your piece and we’re just going to tie a simple knot
around and through the loop, make sure you have all of the strands and slide the knot
as nice, and if you end up with loose pieces like that you can pull each strand separately
until you find the loose one, or wiggle it around until you get all those piece nice
and tight and really, really pull it nice and tightly. And cut off never cut it off
so close because it’s likely to the knot to loosen and eventually come off. So always
give it about a quarter of an inch to hang off, has a nice natural look and then that
will slip right through your loop like that and your bracelet is finished. That’s our
square knot bracelet.


  1. whew! i finally found the continuation of the first part of this video. i watched the first part but i didn't know how you would end this particular project so i kept on searching until i finally stumbled here. i recommend you put "Part 1", "Part 2", etc on your videos so they're easier to search. very helpful videos though. tyvm!

  2. @macali2009 well, than one went through. i'll try my links again… I had to search for the videos again as that comment you replied to was posted 2 years ago.

  3. @macali2009 ok, it's really not making me post something with a link (don't know why). but to start a square knot bracelet, try searching "How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Making a Square Knot Hemp Bracelet". and to add beads, try searching, "How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Adding Bead One to Square Knot Hemp Bracelet". hope that helps.

  4. @CupCakeMonkey911 u just slide the beads onto the carrier strings and then just continue to make the knots after the bead is on 😀 i had to figure it out myself too 🙂

  5. i use buttons instead of beads and there are multiple videos for this bracelet you just hve to find it.. lolol

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