How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Making a Spiral Knot Hemp Bracelet

How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Making a Spiral Knot Hemp Bracelet

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village now I’m going
to show you the spiral knot bracelet the set up for the spiral knot bracelet is the same
as the square knot bracelet. With the 2 longer knotter cords and the 2 inner carrier cords
let me secure the carrier cords down to the table. And the knot is really the same knot
except we do not alternate which side we do the loop on, we always do the loop on one
side so choose your side, I’m choosen the right side and make your loop that and then
take your other knotter, go over your first loop, diagonally under, and through, and it
looks just the same, now instead of alternating we’re going to again put our loop on this
side over, under and through and you won’t notice a huge difference until you get a few
knots through. Pull it up nice and tight you can see that’s starting to twist there, under
and through. It’s important to pull the cords taught and evenly, you want to use the same
pressure with each knot that you make so you don’t have some so tight and some so loose,
so you want to have some consistence in the knot so you’ll have a nice pattern. There’s
your loop and go over your knotter, diagonally up and through, now it does get a little bit
complicated the because the work wants to twist, you see how we’re getting that spiral.
Just spin it back, there’s your loop, your knotting looping pass the over the carriers
and through. Now if it starts to twist to much you can take it off your securing loop
and just turn it back and then we’ll just continue on and re secure it, go over, and


  1. it makes it alot easier, not more difficult. its good to just have the wood and the nail because then you can use it every time you make a necklace or bracelet

  2. fred hater8,,just because you can make a necklace in 30 min. dosnt mean your an expert..i can do the same..and im not no expert.

  3. hey i think it's cool we've got video instructions that we can watch over & over til we get right!! i make all kinds of jewelry & sell it also but it's great to have "expert" back-up when i need it!! thanks!!!

  4. how do you tie the knot at the beginning? (the knot where the nail is holding it)

    and this is a very helpful vid 🙂

  5. get get a long peice of hemp. fold it in half once. and then once again. tie a knot at the top where there is 2 loops. then at the bottom there is one loop and 2 peices of hemp. cut the loop at the bottom off.

  6. For people who say: They ffing left the knot/loop out!!! -> They showed us how to do the knot/loop in another video, so stop complaining

  7. how long does the 2 pieces of hemp have to be to make a choker? I cut 2 pieces 5 feet long and it looks like its not going to be long enough to go all the way around the neck…

  8. @shlempnar there is only one knot to start off a hemp bracelet???? its not that hard.
    u just split both strings in half and tie them into a knot.

  9. i personally make my works a little tighter than her, but i guess its all personal choices. anyone know where i can find a vid for the zig zag pattern?

  10. I heard that boiling your hemp necklace can get rid of the little itchy strands. Is this true or will boiling it ruin the necklace?

  11. kk you need to check out the other videos. there is one that says "how to start off" and in case your profanity didn't get you an answer. it's a basic knot. kthx.

  12. my daughter makes hemp bracelets all different colors and sizes with different kind of beads like evil eyes they are so pretty ( not just saying it because its my daughter). i will have her make a video.

  13. I've found a man's hemp multistrand necklace on Fire Montain Jems and Beads and would like to know how it's made. I can't find any videos to help me out.

  14. slip the bead on through the inner strands/chords. Then continue as normal, tying your knots underneath the bead. Hope that helps 🙂

  15. She sounds like a nice, educated lady to me. Either way, why would you say something that would make a person feel bad about themselves?

  16. Awesome, very easy to follow and I especially appreciated the fact that you said it was okay to unhook it and twist it a little once it started wanting to twist. That's what I was doing wrong so thank you!

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