How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Making a Square Knot Hemp Bracelet

Hi, I’m Karen, for Expert Village. Let’s start
our bracelet using a square knot. Take one knotter thread and cross it over the top of
the carriers like this. Then take the other knotter thread and put it over the first knotter
thread and string it diagonally under the carrier threads and through the loop that
you made with the first knotter. Now slowly pull it, like this until you see a knot that’s
being tied around the carrier threads. Pull that up evenly and taught. Now you’ll start
with the other side and you make the loop on this side over the carrier threads. Take
the other knotter, the opposite knotter. Coming under the carriers, you’re coming over this
knotter, under the carriers diagonally and pull that knot like this. Now we’ll start
again with the opposite side. There’s your loop, the knotter going over the carriers.
This knotter goes over the first knotter, diagonally under the carriers and through
the loop that you’ve made. Pull that through nice and evenly. And now we’ll do this side.
The opposite side again. The loop comes over the carrier. The second knotter goes over
the first knotter, diagonally, underneath the carrier and through the loop. Pull the
knot up. Now if you forget which one you used last, which sometimes happens, look at the
knot. You can see that there is one side that a piece goes over and then the other side
the piece goes under. For a square knot, you always want to make the loop on the side that
has the piece going over. So again, we go over, diagonally through and you can see the
pattern now forming. After a while, you’ll get a rhythm with this and you’ll work very
quickly. You see the loop here going over, so we know
to make our loop on that side. And you’re basically tying knots over the carrier threads.

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