How to Make Jewelry : Jewelry Making Supplies

How to Make Jewelry : Jewelry Making Supplies

Hi, this is Debra Windsong with Expert Village.
In this clip we’re going to talk about the materials that I use, and what I like to do
is use natural materials most of all–gem stones, seashells, maybe seeds, and stick
with the metal such as sterling silver, gold filled, 14 carat gold metals in the beeds.
What I do is I buy mostly ones that are pre-drilled, because I’m not doing drilling here, although
you can buy a piece that is not drilled and wire wrap it. We’ll talk about that later.
There are so many kinds of things that you can buy. You can actually get spatial beads
that are long tubed, swirly beads, straight beads and there’s all kinds of things you
can do– donut shaped round beads, gold filled, sterling silver. I like to use the natural
products because I also am aware that the gemstones in particular have, some people
feel, their healing properties. That, to me, is what calls me to this work.


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