How To Make Mini Bonsai Tree Copper Wire Part 01

How To Make Mini Bonsai Tree Copper Wire Part 01

I usually use copper wire gauge 23 and a length of 100cm (1m) We start to make leaves. I’ve done the tutorial and the path is in the description. With this bonsai I will use 26 leaves. To the top of the tree, I form four leaves. Three leaves form a branch. I reinforced two more copper wire into each small branch Keep the braided portion of the coil close to the axilla to hide it. Note all the wires from the beginning, are twisted to the same side. Do the same for the remaining branches. The first leaf layer I gave two small branches. Fix the position accordingly and tighten them to the main body. Tightly twists the trunk to create a long-lasting shape for the tree. The next leaf layer is 3 small branches forming large branches. Twist tight in the same direction as the start. When twisting should be slightly modified for the most natural trees. Select the appropriate location and add the next leaf layer. Twist tight so that the branches blend together. Simple editing to visualize the desired tree. Then tighten the knot to create more beautiful trees. Basic completion of bonsai tree Next we make the tree roots. Split the copper wire into small pieces. Tight twists make up the main branches. Create shapes as we like. Continue to tighten and then divided into small tree roots. Twist tightly and create curves for beautiful roots. Continue to perform for the rest. We have completed the rough piece for the bonsai. In the next video I will choose the right pot for planting. ^^


  1. Tutorials are much better. THANK YOU. You create stunning trees! I hope to be able to create as beautiful trees as you do ! Great work….It takes time to put these trees together and even more time to put together a detailed tutorial. Just want to let you know that is very much appreciated that you find the time to do this and post it online for others to learn!

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