How To Make Money on YouTube Q&A – 100K Silver Play Button Unboxing!

How To Make Money on YouTube Q&A – 100K Silver Play Button Unboxing!

– What’s going on tech
squad, Andru Edwards here, Editor-In-Chief at and today I’ve got a little bit of a different video for you guys. This is a Q and A, a
check-in for you guys. I tweeted out earlier, I was on Facebook asking for questions. I think I also did it on
Snapchat and Instagram, basically I asked you guys,
send in your questions, anything you wanna ask me,
it could be about tech, it could be about gadgets, it
could be about video games, it could be about YouTube, it could even be relationship advice. Anything you wanted to know about, anything you needed me to answer. You sent the questions in, I’ve got it right here in my smartphone, we’re gonna jump in and start
answering some questions. And I’m not gonna leave you guys waiting, let’s just jump in right now. This one comes from Kevin
Nether aka Kevin the Tech Ninja, if you’ve been watching my
channel for any length of time, you’re probably aware of who this guy is. Kevin asks, what are you most excited for, by the way, I know I said I’d
get right to the questions but by the way, forgive
me for my voice, I’m sick. I went to Playlist Live at
Orlando, I went to ClamourCon. Afterwards I flew from Seattle to Orlando, over to Palm Springs for another event and I obviously came home
with a terrible cold. So my apologies if I don’t
sound my best in this video but back to the questions. Kevin asks, what are you
most excited for for E3? I am most excited about the reveal of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, it’s the next iteration of the Xbox One. It’s launching this holiday season, it’s gonna be about twice as powerful as the PlayStation 4 Pro, which was just released a few months ago. I’m a big Xbox fan and despite the fact that I own every game console, Xbox One, PlayStation
4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, although
these days my Nintendo Switch gets turned on even more than my Xbox is, which actually surprises
me, I didn’t expect to be such a big fan
of the Nintendo Switch. Legend of Zelda Breath
of the Wild, fantastic. I’ve been playing some
NBA Playgrounds on there, Mario Kart Eight Deluxe is a great game. So I’m also excited to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve at E3, I’m looking forward to joining
Nintendo in their booth, as well as at any of their
E3 influencer events, I’ve gotta get my hands on
that new Nintendo goodness. But all that stuff from
Nintendo is a mystery and Microsoft, it’s a sure thing, they will be unveiling Project
Scorpio and all the games that are being optimized
for it this June at E3. So I’m gonna be there and I’m actually gonna be meeting up with Kevin doing some cool promotions with
a new company called Unbox. Thanks for the question, Kevin. Let’s move on to the next one. This one comes from Twitter,
@BoredAtWork, aka Thunder E. He asks, can you give your thoughts on channel branding on YouTube. And the answer to that is yes, channel branding is something
I think I’m pretty good at, I’ve actually done talks on it at a bunch of different
YouTube conferences. And channel branding basically
means setting yourself apart. So if anyone out there is inspired by the YouTube channels that they watch, you want to actually
start your own channel and you wanna stick out, what you really need to
think about is your brand. Brand is what you think about when you think of a person or a company. For example, a super easy
brand, Major League Baseball, what do you think of
when you think of MLB? You probably think of
the game of baseball, baseball stadiums,
baseball teams, et cetera. So the brand of Major League Baseball is the American league
and national league teams and the sport of baseball. So another brand that ties into sports but not any one specific
sport would be Nike. When you think of Nike you think of shoes but you also think of Just Do It and then Just Do It slogan is typically associated with people going out and doing challenging things in sports, whether it’s running,
whether it’s basketball, whether it’s tennis, and you associate sports stars with the Nike brand. So here on YouTube branding is the same. When someone thinks of
your YouTube channel, they get a very specific
idea of what it is you do, you can’t serve everybody. Here on my channel I deal
with tech and gaming. So people know what to expect when they hear my name Andru Edwards,
when they go to, which leads you right
over to my YouTube channel or when they see the Gear Live logo, they know that that means you’re gonna be getting great tech and gaming content. Now if I was doing tech and gaming and cooking and makeup
and beauty and fashion, no one would really wanna
come visit my channel because you never know
what you’re gonna get in any given video, so it’s very targeted. So that is my answer on branding and by the way I did mention, that is my shorter URL that takes you right over to my YouTube channel, it’s much easier for me to say than it is for me to say head over to
or slash GearLive, both of those will also
take you to my channel. But goes right
back to that branding, it’s my name, Andru, and
then .tech obviously implies that it’s tech content
that you’re about to see. By the way, big shout-out
to .tech domains, if you’re in the tech industry or want to get into the tech industry, whether it’s a tech YouTube
channel like I have, whether you’re a developer, a designer, .tech domains are the way to go. We all know the .com space is crowded and super hard to find a
.com name that you want, so it’s a really cool
opportunity right now for early adopters in the tech space to get their .tech domain name. If you wanna get your own .tech domain, head to and use promo code Andru1 to register your .tech
domain for one year at $3.99. Or if you’re in it for the long haul and you wanna register your domain for a full 10 years and lock that down, use promo code Andru10 and that’ll only cost you $50 for the whole 10 years. I’ll leave links down
in the description below along with those promo codes, but again, that is what
branding is all about. Thinking about what you
want people to visualize when they think about you or your brand and then doing what you can to
make sure that that happens. Next question is from Daily Tekk, he asks, what does it feel like,
what does it feel like to get your 100K play button? Now I have that actually right here. I know what it feels like because I received it but as you can see, I haven’t even taken
it out of the box yet, I wanted to wait until I was on camera. So by the way, if you
don’t know what this is, basically when a YouTube channel reaches 100,000 subscribers, YouTube will send out an award and it’s the first award that you get for that milestone of
reaching 100,000 subscribers. It is the silver play button. There’s also a gold play button for when you reach a million subscribers and when you reach 10 million, there is a diamond play button. So let me go ahead, there that is, open this up, there it is. There’s the play button right there, silver play button, it says Andru Edwards, congratulations for
surpassing 100,000 subscribers and then it’s got the YouTube logo right there at the bottom. Let me go ahead and see if I can, oh yeah, it lifts right out, no big deal, no need to hold that gigantic box. Boom, there it is, so
yeah, silver play button, gotta find a spot on the
wall to hang that up. But yeah, this is all actually because of you guys out there, you guys liked me enough to hit that subscribe button which I appreciate. Now if you haven’t done it yet though, the subscribe button is
underneath this video on YouTube. Feel free to hit that subscribe button and I promise my voice
will typically sound much better than it sounds right now. But again, there’s the
play button right there. This is thanks to all you guys, I appreciate so much
that you took the time to hit that subscribe
button and indicate that you basically wanna make me
a part of your daily life or however often it is
that you check YouTube. It is very humbling and I appreciate it. So that’s how it feels, I guess
to go back to the question to receive the play
button, it’s very humbling. This is cool, I appreciate it. You’ve probably seen a bunch of these, I’m not the first one to get these by any stretch of the
imagination but it is still cool. However I will say much more important than the physical object
of the play button is the currently over 134,000 who have continued to support me. So thank you guys for that, this is just a cool
token that indicates it but it’s really all about you. So I’ll go ahead and put that down and continue with the questions. Johnny Chin asks, giveaway? And that’s actually a
response that he left to a picture I put on
Twitter of the play button, so no, there will not be a
giveaway of my silver button. But of course I do giveaways
all the time on my channel, we just gave away a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Again, if you wanna be involved
in any of those giveaways, be sure to subscribe down below, tap the notification bell if you wanna be notified when I drop a new video. We do giveaways probably around once a month of major devices. Muhammad Ayeb, I assume
that’s how you pronounce that, asks Pixel XL or Galaxy
S8 or iPhone 7 Plus? Well if you’re asking me
my own personal opinion, I own all of those phones but the one I leave the house with is
this, this is my iPhone 7 Plus. Now I’ve had an iPhone
7 Plus since launch day, I am an iOS user, there are a lot of apps that I use on iOS that
aren’t available on Android, so I’m kind locked into iOS. That said, the Samsung Galaxy
S8 is a fantastic phone, the Google Pixel is a fantastic phone. I also really like the LG G6. However now that we’re
in the middle of May, I actually wouldn’t recommend
picking up the iPhone 7, I would wait until September to see what Apple is gonna drop then. It’s supposed to be a big,
major revision to the iPhone and you don’t wanna buy a
phone five months before this brand new device is coming out. So I’d say if you want an
iPhone, wait five months. If you don’t want an iPhone and you’re on the Android side of things, unless you want the Galaxy
Note, which isn’t out yet, Galaxy S8 is a great phone, LG G6. I’d probably skip the Pixel and
wait for the Pixel 2 though. Tony Adams asked, right on topic, why is it so difficult to
switch from Apple to Android? Love iOS but Samsung has
the best looking hardware. Well as of today I would agree with that, Samsung does have
amazing looking hardware. But I think it’s more than just the look when it comes to hardware. I actually think it’s easier
to use and hold the LG G6, even though it may not look as
good as a Samsung Galaxy S8. I think the look of the S8 kind of hinders the user experience. Apple has something brand new
coming in September though, like I said, we’re gonna get that completely edge to edge
display on the iPhone, I think it’s gonna be called the iPhone 8 but who knows what they end up calling it. Whether it’s the iPhone
Edition, iPhone X, iPhone 7S, whatever they’re gonna call it, it’s gonna be a major revision. But the reason it’s so
difficult to switch, quite honestly is because there’s a lot of stuff available on iOS that you can’t get elsewhere. Meanwhile the majority of things on Android you can get on iOS. So for example, iMessage you
can only get that on iOS, Google Hangouts you can
get that on iOS or Android. Google Allo you can get on iOS or Android, Google Assistant, iOS or
Android, Siri, iOS only. So if you start using
iOS and you start using all of those services that Apple offers, when you wanna leave,
you have to figure out how to migrate away from those services. If you’re an Android
user and you use Gmail and you use Google Maps
and you use Google Keep and you use Google Docs and all of the Google stuff that you get on Android, they’re all available
for the iPhone as well. So that’s why it’s more
difficult to leave iPhone. Pranay Pathole asks, if you
weren’t have been doing YouTube. If you weren’t have been doing YouTube, what would you have been doing? Okay so I don’t feel like I do YouTube and it’s actually
something that I preach to a lot of other people who do
believe that they do YouTube. If you consider yourself a YouTuber, you’re beholding to the
whims of Google and YouTube and you don’t really have control of your brand and your business. I always recommend to creators, build a business, not a channel. So as you can, as I mentioned earlier, I just crossed 100,000
subscribers a couple months ago, I’m at about 134,000 at this point. I’ve been on YouTube for about 12 years, so it’s actually a pretty slow growth that I’ve experienced here on YouTube but it’s because I’ve never really concentrated on building subscribers, I’ve concentrated on building a business. So whether you’re on YouTube or Instagram or Snapchat or Pinterest or Twitter or Facebook, Instagram Stories, I forget if I already said
Snapchat, I don’t even know. I’m on Vidme, I’m on Vimeo. If there’s a place where
I can put my content and interact with people on
different social networks, I’m there, I am not what you
would consider a YouTuber. YouTube could change the game, YouTube could die tomorrow and
I’d still be completely fine and there’s a lot of YouTubers who wouldn’t be able
to say the same thing. I’m a content creator and YouTube is just one of many places
that my content can live. Now switching gears for a moment though, if I wasn’t doing tech
videos for a living, what else would I be doing instead? I do have my website where I write tech content but if tech wasn’t an option in any
field or any medium, I’d probably be doing food related stuff. I love to cook, I’m
pretty good at cooking, I can pretty much make some amazing meals without even needing to refer to a recipe, I could just look at ingredients and figure out what needs to go where. I’d probably end up doing
something related to food. Next question comes from Ryan
Matthew Pierson on Facebook, he asks, you’re a parent,
what kind of rules do you set on screen time and gadgets? So Ryan, actually Ryan, as a new parent, congratulations Ryan on your new son. So my own personal opinion and obviously everybody’s opinion is different
when it comes to parenting, I don’t necessarily feel a
need to limit time on a screen. I think it’s a very shallow mentality of what you should and shouldn’t limit. Because a screen these
days is so many things. You know it’s different
then in the 80s or 90s when you said I need
to limit their TV time. Well when you limit TV
time, what you’re doing is limiting TV and
movies, that makes sense. But this screen right here and
what I’m actually holding up is a list of the questions
that I’ve been reading. I can leave that list of questions and I can go into Wikipedia
and I can do some research and I can leave Wikipedia
and I can go into a game and I can leave that game and I can go into New York Times and read news. And I can read New York Times
and I can go into MyFitnessPal and I can, you know, do my workout. And I can leave MyFitnessPal and I can go into YouTube, et cetera. So this screen doesn’t just
represent one type of thing, it doesn’t represent entertainment. This can be a learning experience, this can be a reading experience, this can be a gaming experience. I can get creative, I can take pictures, I can make movies, I can make videos, I can edit videos on this. So I don’t think it’s so
much about limiting screens, as it is monitoring what kids
are doing on those screens. Now my son just turned 13
years old a few months ago and quite honestly I’m
kind of confused about what exactly I should be doing
differently with his screens. One product that I will be
reviewing very soon though is the Circle, it’s a product by Disney and you connect it to your home network and it allows you to granularly control any device on your network. In other words, I can tell
Circle to allow my son’s iPad to only access the internet
during these certain hours and I can also say if it’s gaming related, he can do games for let’s
just say 90 minutes a day. If he’s reading books, allow him to do that an
unlimited amount of time. Surfing the web stops at nine p.m. And those are all just arbitrary numbers, but Circle is a cool way to make sure that the content on those screens
is what you’re okay with at the times that you want it to go down. Hope that answered your question. Again, parenting is really something where it’s like to each their own, everybody has different ways of parenting, there’s no one right way,
there’s no one wrong way, do what feels comfortable for you. But you know Ryan, for
someone like you whose child was born right here in what year is it? 2017, you know when your child turns 13, it’s gonna be the year 2030, it’s gonna be a vastly different
world 13 years from now. We might be able to physically
drive our cars anymore because driving may be illegal and it may be all about self
driving cars at that time. Technology’s gonna take
us in many different areas and it’s kind of up to us to
keep up with that technology to make sure that our
children use it appropriately. Next question comes from Jeremy, he asked, do you think Google Lens
can completely eliminate all obstructions surrounding
a picture when you take it? Because I don’t think they can. Jeremy, good question, Google Lens is a new feature announced for Android O a couple days ago at Google I/O 2017. And what it allows you to do, one of the things it allows you to do is to take a picture let’s
just say through a fence of your child who is playing baseball, you snap that photo and Google
will intelligently remove the fence lines from that photo, so all you see is your child as if there’s no obstruction in the way. Google says it works really well, we haven’t been able to play with it. But you know, Google right now I would say is the king of machine learning, they’re doing a lot of stuff, they have a lot of data to
work on these types of problems and I wouldn’t put it past
them to be able to do that. Now it may be similar
to Apple’s portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus where portrait mode can be really amazing if
you do it the right way. If you do it the wrong way, portrait mode looks pretty terrible. So I think it’s gonna depend on what kind of picture you take, what the conditions
are outside, et cetera. Last question, Jeremy also asked, which phone carrier has the
best all around plan right now? I actually was with AT&T starting in 2007, I left Verizon to go to AT&T in order to buy the very first iPhone, which was released 10 years
ago, it was an AT&T exclusive. I stayed with AT&T up until
about 2 1/2 or three months ago when I switched over to T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s network has gotten
a lot of flack over the years because it was pretty
terrible, so they deserved it. But these days they made
a lot of improvements, their network is pretty
much the fastest at data and they just bought a
whole bunch of spectro that they’re gonna be rolling
out over the next few years that’s actually gonna
put them on par with, if not above, Verizon’s network. That said, they are
also fairly inexpensive, taxes are included with T-Mobile. So on my plan, I have a
single phone on there, I pay $70 a month, all
in, including all taxes, for unlimited data with
unlimited tethering, unlimited calling, everything unlimited, I’m a happy camper with T-Mobile. But that said, you need to make sure T-Mobile works in your area. I just wanna thank you guys one more time, almost at 135,000 channel subscribers here on my channel, it’s
kind of mind blowing and I thank you guys
for making that happen. If you’re not a subscriber yet, be sure to hit that
subscribe button down below in order to stay up to date
on all future video releases and tap the bell icon if you wanna get a notification whenever a video drops. If you’re already a subscriber and you like this video
and you like this channel, maybe feel free to tweet this video out, share it on Facebook, get
some new eyes on this content. Again, thank you guys so much. I’m gonna get out of here,
don’t forget is the easy way to find me on YouTube. Thank you so much for your support, I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll
catch you in the next video. (upbeat rock music)


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