How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs – 3 ways | Jamie Oliver

How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs – 3 ways | Jamie Oliver

What Up food Tubers! Ok, Mr Oliver here. Today we’re gonna cook scrambled eggs three ways. We’re gonna go a la English way, a la the French way and the American way. Beautiful scrambled eggs, so delicious. The chicken egg is the most delicious and cheap form of brilliant protein on the planet, fact. They have loads of micro nutrients and they’re so quick to cook. So, English scrambled eggs. We’re gonna go onto a medium heat. I am gonna go two eggs per person. Um, I’m gonna do it for two. So just whisk those eggs up. Now, one little request – I hate factory eggs, so minimum for me, standard eggs, is barn eggs. And of course free range and free range organic is the way to go. So, let’s do it. I’m gonna go in with a nice glob of butter. Straight in, just with a little salt. In we go. And for me, the perfect thing to move the eggs around is a little spatula like this. So I’m just gonna move it around and very quickly you can see it setting around the base. You can see those little cooked curds and the raw egg. So I’m just gonna leave it. Every sort of five seconds I’ll give it a little move around. You don’t want it to catch too much. Some people put milk in, some people put cream in. If you cook it right you don’t need any of that. This is cooked now but you gotta remember that this pan is still warm and it’s gonna continue to cook. so all I do is, when I get to this stage, I just put it to one corner of the pan and that way it’s not gonna kinda overcook anymore. I get my toast. You can butter your toast but remember we’ve got a nice knob of butter already on our scrambled eggs. So on we go with our lovely, beautiful English style scrambled eggs. You can see it’s medium curds, still with moisture around. Mmm completely beautiful but also still soft in texture. So English eggs done. Soft, gorgeous, delicate. Next, French style. [In a joking French accent] Bonjour, je m’appelle Jamie. J’aime le oeuf. [Pronouncing “Oeuf” in various ways] Oeuf? Oeuf? Oeuf? Anyway, French style eggs. You lightly season four free-range eggs. We whip it up and see here we’ve got about an inch of boiling water. and we’re gonna cook this over a bain-marie, a water bath okay? Now here’s the thing, eggs cook at a very low temperature and it takes a while. Ok, so now you can see there are kind of curds beginning to form, you can see them on the end of here just about. And now is a good time to put a few knobs of butter in there. So I’m gonna go from a whisk now and I’m gonna use a little spatula and you’re gonna start to see a more gentle, delicate curd coming out. So look, there we go. We’re in a good place. On we go and very, very different to the English. When you eat it, it’s very, very fine. It’s very luxurious. So there you go guy’s, French style eggs. They are delicious. And finally Food Tubers we’re gonna finish with the American style eggs. Ok, so we’re gonna start off the same. Put a little salt into our four eggs. We’re gonna use a frying pan. Go in with a knob of butter. Let’s get that bubbling away. We’re gonna go in with the eggs. You’ll see it starts to set and as it starts to set I’m bringing in these beautiful sheets. And you get this kind of rouladey, folded gorgeous diner eggs. See these beautiful sheets happening guys. The same rules apply to the French and the English; you want it to be gentle cooking so it’s a joy. So we’re looking good guys. Last but not least, there’s something quite delicate but substantial about this and you can see the shiny parts where it’s just cooking, there’s cooked parts that arte delicate and sheety . Look at that. Scrambled, American style eggs, so tasty. Now all of these styles; French, English and American, they’ve all had the same eggs, same pinch of salt, same amount of butter but the method that we’ve used to cook them has completely, not only, changed the texture and the look but the taste. So we’ve done the English, the French and the American, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s hundreds of countries from all around the world so how do you cook your eggs? Let us know, we love it. That’s what Food Tube is all about. Take care guys, bye.


  1. You can tell those are fresh free range eggs because they are so yellow. Scrambled eggs have much more flavor when they aren't overcooked. YUM!

  2. Джейми! Я тебе от всей Русской души жму руку! Ты молодец! То, сто ты делаешь = путь к правильному питанию. Очень рад за тебя! Был бы счастлив, приготовить с тобой каое-нибудь блюдо! Обними семью. Ты молодец!

  3. Best egg recipe,

    Step 1 turn pan on until it’s very hot

    Step 2 Put a LOT of butter into that pan and let it do its thing (don’t mix)

    Step 3 mix your eggs around in a separate not hot bowl with a tiny bit of salt

    Step 4 put egg on burner and mix it the whole time it cooks (cook longer than you think) (it’s supposed to look kinda brown/red)

    Step 5 put your egg on some whole grain toast that was cooked on level 3.5

    Step 5 make sure you wash your hands after because it’s super buttery.

    Tips- put as much butter in as if you were gonna deep fry the egg in butter (small pan cover the bottom and maybe 1.5 cm up.

  4. I just cooked those French eggs for my mom who loves soft creamy eggs, and she absolutely loved them! I did a little twist on it once it was ready I garnished the eggs with fresh chives.

  5. Those aren't really American-style eggs. You beat them too much which makes them fluffy, and didn't cook them enough. The end product should have most of the moisture sucked out of them and cut to shreds or little pieces with the spatula. Now, that's real American.

  6. Best eggs for toast is Hong Kong tea restaurant eggs
    It's like American eggs,. But it stays flat , and there is some milk in the eggs

  7. Wrong on American style, the eggs are only whisked enough the break the yolks, but not fully whisked into a uniform mix. And again seasoned after cooking.

  8. American here. I've never seen scrambled eggs that look like that. The way we cook em here you won't have any of that wet cheesy lookin egg. Pour in about 1/6 milk to egg into a pool of buttery goodness, then cook it till it's a yellow, fluffy mountain of dairy excellence

  9. here in brazil, early when I tried to make french omelette, several times it turned to a beautiful delicious scrambled eggs.

  10. Anyone watch Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled egg video first and then see the title of this video, and go, oh reeaaalllyyy

  11. Like Christmas dinners – No one beats the English. (I'm born in Paris France but raised in Australia – thank God)

  12. ohh my girlfriend/wifey like mixing eggs in the hot frying pan …and cook it….not before….probably this is the Slavik way:-)))

  13. I tried the French style, but the glass broke so I ended up with English style scrambled eggs. Why doesn't his glass break?

  14. I made breakfast for dinner and made the English eggs, and it was perfectly made just like the video shows. It was the yummiest tasting scrambled eggs I've ever had

  15. Despite folk wisdom, salting your scrambled eggs before cooking them will result in more tender eggs, as salt dissolves proteins and allows them to create a moisture-binding network. Beat your eggs with salt 15 minutes before cooking for the best results.

  16. As a french Guy, i've Never Seen scrambled eggs cooked with a bain marie ahah, maybe i'm not french enough? Gonna get my baguette, i'll be back

  17. Hungarian way: Roast Bacon, hot dry Sausage, and Green Hot Paprika. Put the eggs on it.
    When its redy serve with white bread, Tomato and Paprika. Bon appetite. 😁

  18. I wanna learn how to make scrambled egg for breakfast since it look easy and take only few minutes to make but I really cannot stomach runny egg. Mine must be perfectly cook. So the 2nd one almost makes me throw up on my phone. Or maybe scrambled egg just wasn't for me. Just gonna wake up an hour early and make some nasi lemak or fried rice I guess.

  19. Jamie: eggs get cooked so quick
    2 mins late :
    Jamie this french style scrambled is gonna take a while until it is done

  20. Question: How much heat should I use for making:
    -English Scrambled Eggs
    -French Scrambled Eggs
    -American Scrambled Eggs

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