How to Make Precious Silver Metal Clay Earrings

How to Make Precious Silver Metal Clay Earrings

I’m here with Mark Nelson of Rio Grande and you’re going to teach us how to make a really quick pair of earrings yeah very quick mm-hmm takes about five minutes to make a little pair earrings and in a really short firing time so that would be great gift idea that’s a great gift idea too so what are we using we’re gonna use a little fine silver clay mm-hmm and roll it out real quickly mm-hmm this is fresh so true it’s really fresh I know did you have to condition it or anything beforehand how much at all okay but what you do have to do is get a little slippery stuff on your skin and your working surfaces cuz it clay is sticky yeah and it’ll stick to just about everything okay so what I want to do is I want to roll it out about four cards thick okay reason being is own a nice deep texture yeah if I roll it out too thin it’s not gonna take that texture okay so just using a nice roller mm-hmm and I put a little of that uh cool slip on the roller here’s what doesn’t stick okay and that’s um precious metal clay that you’re using yes it is a silver fine silver clay mm-hmm and I just picked any kind of texture you can use any kind texture like and pick a side mm-hmm I like this side so I’m just put on there a little bit on to getting a little bit of a finished texture to it right and then this will help the patina stay a lot longer cuz that’s the fun part that we’re gonna do at the end we’re gonna know they’re gonna Tina’s really not finished there’ll be something a little bit different right the pinna is gonna patinas gonna give it some pizzazz okay so just apply your texture yeah for this one I like the oval shape but you can cut any kind of shape you like and just cut up shape here pop that out pop this up okay of course all the instructions for this project is on the website I’ll be on the website mm-hmm and finding a place to put my ear wires okay so i’m a little red straw mm-hmm nice small diameter anding about a millimeter or two from the top go ahead and poke hole okay I can use this other side to do the other one mm-hmm if for some reason you forget to do with this phase is there a way to do it later certainly you can go into the dry State and drill a hole or you can wait till it’s in metal a little that way too it’s always better to do it now it’s a little easier so after you have that all formed and you have your texture on it you’ve made your holes what do you do as a bit this point do you just let this blow dry yeah you’re gonna set it aside and let it dry mm-hmm and I have one here that’s already dry and how long does that usually take before it dries it really depends on the room that you’re in okay if it’s a very humid it’s gonna take longer to dry like Albuquerque mm-hmm couple minutes this is a second and what you want to do is it’s gonna be a little rough so you take an emery board or some sandpaper and just kind of really quickly lightly you know take off the excess clay yeah your finish and you can do the back too you can stay in the back get that ready and also take like a file or a tool this one’s a diamond coated file mm-hmm and kind of round out that hole a little bit okay what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna let this dry and you ready to fire you can put on your firing and here we have a kiln Jalen uh-huh and slip it in there it’s a particular setting or anything like that you need to well in this kiln yeah we can program a program wine we’re just four p.m. c-plus okay that’s a fastest way okay so it’s all four all the precious metal men you have that setting on so your just adjust accordingly to what kiln you’re using exactly and I’m sure the restructure and how long does that usually take the firing the first wins about 30 40 minutes and then once the kiln was warm you can go much quicker than that okay do you have one that’s already I do right here I’m to either killing the nice frosty white this is a nice thing about fine silver mm-hmm now all you want to do is go ahead and just burnish it lightly either with a brash brush or if you want to get the highlights you can use a burnishing tool I can just rub it real lightly yeah and I don’t think it Silver’s kind of the burnisher is what makes it pop yeah absolutely now here’s a finish the patina which is really neat to liver sulfur patina mm-hmm it comes in a can and these little nuggets mm-hmm basically the recipe is a pea sized nugget for a cup of water okay and you want to use hot water okay and I’m gonna mix it all up exactly here’s a some pre-mixed libera sulfur and to give it an iridescent appeal the blues and Red’s here’s a tablespoon of ammonia and some salt Wow okay you have to mix it or anything or just kind of hot water really dissolves everything solves everything now what you want to do which is important is rinse it in hot water first okay and that heats up the metal which makes the action go quicker mm-hmm and really it’s just going back and forth if you leave it in here too long you can see how fast that happens yeah Wow you can overshoot your color and just so you want to go real slow go back and forth until you get your de color that you’re like mm-hmm and does have some nice Reds yeah so what keeps it that red it’s an it make sure it’s a combination between the ammonia and the salt so those are the two that kind of gives it that color okay so once you have the desired finish that you want that’s kind of glass quilted miss Marie we’re seeing that yeah really blues and reds familiar at this point um I need to make it pop okay some bling so I’m just gonna take my burnisher and go back over it and hit the high points mm-hmm and eventually that will make all the high parts really stand out and that’s how you pick your texture yeah you want it the more texture you have that’s what’s gonna give you your your patterns and stuff and I love that because you can use that same formula but depending on how much you put the patina what colors you wanna achieve you can really make different kinds of things you know with the same formula no definitely she’s pretty Wow and then of course once you have that all done then it’s on to just making it into the earrings that’s right you can put on any kind of ear wire that you like you can even make a pin yeah by putting on a bail that’s perfect and let’s take a look at the one that you brought with you so you can see how pretty that is remember you have options of you know what you want the finish to look like so that was a lot of fun no thank you Wow earrings in five minutes love that thanks mark thank you well next up we’re gonna be going on location


  1. verygood your totorial but i need to know all the material u use here pliaaaaaaaaaaase thanks elsa also i would like to know about tool an oven is my firs tima helllllllllllllllllp

  2. @elsaalcocer1 Hi! I put a link in the video info to a list of materials used on this project. If you need help with your oven, please call our Technical Support team at 800.545.6566. Thanks!

  3. Just getting into this. Have only worked w/ copper clay. I have a SpeedFire Mini Pro kiln. Would I put the piece in a firing blanket or right on the floor of the kiln? Love your videos!!!!

  4. Very nice and informative tutorial. I have a question. I don't own a kiln, and they are kind of pricey for me right now, so do you think I can use a toaster oven to bake this type of clay?
    In advance, thank you so much for your help.
    best wishes!

  5. I love your videos and this clay is so fun..however..I ordered a 9gm package of metal clay for approximately $25 and it was the size of a nickel…
    this is cost-prehibitive! Where can we buy this clay for an affordable price??

  6. I have to be more careful about what videos I watch. After seeing this, I wanted to know more, so I bought some books; then I bought some supplies; then I bought some clay; then I bought some more books; then I bought some more supplies; then I bought a kiln; then I bought some more supplies. Three weeks later I was finally able to make my precious metal clay earrings, and they only cost me two thousand dollars.

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