How to Make Quick and Easy Jewelry from Poured Fluid Acrylic Skins

okay guys so this is a real quick and easy type of project it’s something that we can do with those spillovers from our canvasses that have the polymer in them to this system paint that had the pouring medium and I peeled it right off of this plastic coated freezer paper so it’s just regular paper on the backside but it’s plastic coated on the front and so you can peel off this is really thin on this piece right here that see how you just peel that off and if that were a bigger piece like this then i can make jewelry out of it and you’re going yeah how do you make jewelry out of something like that look at those beautiful colors and the texture in here and that was just to spilloff from a canvas while doing an acrylic poor what I’ve got are these glass cabochons and different size frames this one happens to be a bracelet that that will fit like counting sign up so what I’m going to be doing is setting this on top and fighting a cool-looking spot with a bit of what’s that over there a cool-looking spot with a bit of the texture and maybe some variation in color I kind of like about their that looks good let’s see it like that i can get you three or four different gyms cabochons out of this I could have that right there even blue that’s pretty because that’s almost like the leaf wrapping up around a flower maybe i’ll go with that one so then all i’m going to do is cut this out using the glass as my pattern and it’s just like cutting plastic a real thin flexible plastic or like a vinyl we just trim it real quick just like that and then this the company i’ll put the information down in the in the more description more information box but the company Lily DS is where I get this and this is its Lily bees dot-com and this is not a sponsored video or anything this is just I like their product and I like sharing it so now I’m just dropping that right in to the frame and all I did was put some of that glazed in the tray and boy this paint just kick right to it now i’m going to put a drop let’s put a drop of it right here in in the middle that’s probably way too much let’s see if I can use the air and forsook back a little bit of that and I got a little bit so now I’ve got that in the center and I’m just dropping the tree is clear glass right on top of it and that is going to dry crystal clear and it’s going to look like this is a whole gem it’s colored all the way through isn’t that cool and then this just happens to be a frame that is a bracelet loop there it’s a bracelet if you like this little project showing you how to use some of those acrylic poor leftovers click the like button share this with your friends leave me a comment let me know what you thought of this project and subscribe to the channel if you aren’t already i do all kinds of things and this just happened to be a quick project that I thought you might enjoy so go out do something creative take care of yourself so you can take care of those around you bye-bye

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