How to make Quilling 3D Heart Box | DIY | Tutorial | Gift Box

How to make Quilling 3D Heart Box | DIY | Tutorial | Gift Box

Hello everyone, today we will make paper quilled heart box ! We will be using automated or manual quiller, pink and silver paper strips (5mm), glue and quilling pin I have shared links in video description below to buy all the materials we have used in this video First lets make silver coils to make the boundary for heart Similarly, I have made all other coils that we will need for boundary Now lets stick the coils around the heart shaped cardboard cut – out So our boundary is ready ! Likewise, I have made 2 more Now making the inner fillings for our box lid Kindly note how we are rolling the paper strip Lets stick the filling material inside the boundary Similarly we will stick other fillings as well So our box lid is taking shape ! We will be sticking silver fillings on the side of boundary now Our heart box lid is ready !! Similarly I have made the base for the box We will be using the third boundary to make the wall of the box by pasting pillars on base I have made other pillars already..lets stick them now Sticking the boundary on the top now This is how it looks side ways Filling the wall of the heart box now As shown, I have made all other fillings already Lets stick them now Our box wall is also complete now ! Now the last part of connecting the box lid with a pin so that the lid can move as well ! Hope you had fun making the heart box. As said earlier you can buy all materials from links below


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