How to make Quilling Gift Box in 6 minutes !!

How to make Quilling Gift Box in 6 minutes !!

Hey friends, today we will be making gift box from quilling paper strips ! We will be using white and metallic brown paper strips (5mm) , glue,scissors and quilling tool You can use the manual or the automatic quiller Now lets make strip coils . These coils will form the circular side wall of the gift box I have made all other coils already. I have made around 80 coils from white and brown strips seperately I have also already prepared the box base by pasting brown and white paper strips alternately (23 each) and rolled them Now similarly, we will prepare the top lid for the gift box by rolling brown paper strips (46 strips) and making a coil We will be connecting one strip to another as shown and then make coil from it So our top lid (left) and base (right) for the box has taken shape now ! Now lets stick some quilling petals on the lid to improve the aesthetics ๐Ÿ™‚ We will be using quilling cone to make the outer boundary of the petal. Shaping the circular boundary a bit to create petal shape Please note the paper rolling process which will be used as a filling inside the petal I have already made other fillings. We will be fitting them inside the boundary And the petal is ready!! Similary, I have made 7 more petals already Making the circular region in the centre of the flower by pasting multiple small brown paper coils together Pasting the petals on the lid one by one and our box lid is almost ready We will stick the circular region of the flower in the centre now You can decorate the circular region with any decorative beads you may like Completing the flower And the lid is ready! Creating the quilling paper boundary for the box now by pasting together the coils we made earlier This is how it looks, you can have your own design as well by changing the pasting pattern of coils ๐Ÿ™‚ I have pasted some coils on the inside of lid so that it fixes well on the box So you can use the box for keeping jewelry like earrings, chocolate box or as a coin box among many more! This is how it looks ! Happy quilling !


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